Shower Enema Attachment

If you are an anal play aficionado, enemas and douching might be a regular part of your repertoire. If you douche regularly, shower douche attachments can offer an efficient alternative to bulb douches. You can install them in your shower and they are ready to go at a moments notice.

While they may be handy, shower enema attachments come with a higher risk than other anal cleaning methods. This post will take you through all the aspects of using a shower enema, including recommendations and safety considerations. I’ll also offer some safer alternatives to get your rear ready!

Do I Need an Enema Before Anal Play?

Before we get to down to the nitty gritty of using a shower enema, it’s important to note that douching before anal play is totally optional. I won’t get too far into the biology here, but you can find a more detailed explanation in this whole blog post dedicated to anal cleaning. Essentially, poop is stored further up in the colon, meaning the last section (where you insert a penis or sex toy) should be mostly clean. So for most people, a thorough wash in the shower will be enough.

However, some people prefer a deeper clean before anal sex, pegging or using anal toys, such as anal dildos or anal beads, and that’s where douches and enemas come in. Others simply enjoy the sensation of douches or enjoy it as part of a kink.

What is a Shower Enema Attachment?

Shower enemas come with a hose that attaches to your shower’s water supply and a nozzle that you can use to clean your anus externally or insert and clean your rectum internally. The nozzle attaches to a hose that you attach to the water supply to your shower. Some also come with a valve that lets you easily switch between using your enema attachment and the regular shower.

What are the pros of shower enemas?

  • They stay set up in your shower, so they are ready to use whenever you need them
  • Shower enemas can help you feel extra clean and help you feel more confident in enjoying anal play

Are there any risks involved?

Unfortunately, using an anal shower attachment, especially on a regular basis does come with a few risks. Here are the main ones to consider before deciding if a shower enema attachment is right for you:

  • It is much harder to control the pressure and temperature, making it easier to tear the sensitive skin. Small tears put you at a greater risk of infections and STIs.
  • Unlike a bulb douche, you can’t control the volume of water going into the colon in the same way you can with a bulb or bag douche. Over filling the colon can be dangerous and even lead to rupturing the colon, which is very dangerous.
  • It’s more difficult to control the depth of cleaning. If you insert water past the sigmoid colon, you are actually likely to make more mess for yourself as the water will mix with feces stored higher up in the colon that would have otherwise stayed out of the way during sex.
  • Using water to cleanse internally can lead to an electrolyte imbalance or disturb the balance of the natural flora.
  • Using enemas too often can be drying.

Shower Enemas

Given the risks that come with using a shower enema, it’s not something I would recommend. However, if you do decide that a shower enema attachment is the best option for you, here are some options:

Cleanstream Shower Enema System

This shower enema attachment from Cleanstream comes with two different size nozzles — a thinner, 2 inch long nozzle with a single hole and thicker, 5 inch long nozzle with multiple holes. The hose it 6 ft long, so you have plenty length to reach from the shower head to your butt. It also comes with a diverter valve, so you can easily switch between using your regular shower head and the enema attachment. The stainless steel makes it easy to clean and durable.

Sport Fucker Shower Kit

If you prefer a softer, more flexible nozzle, this shower kit from Sport Fucker comes with a 6-inch silicone nozzle. It also comes with a 6ft hose and a diverter valve.

How to Use a Shower Enema Attachment

It’s best to use your shower enema at least an hour before you plan on having anal sex, as this gives plenty of time for everything to work its way out.

  1. Attach your shower enema attachment, following the instructions that came with it.
  2. Stand in the shower and turn on the water supply. Adjust the temperature until it is lukewarm. You should always test the temperature first — somewhere sensitive, like the inside of your wrist is good. Just remember that your rectum and colon are even more sensitive!
  3. Adjust the pressure to make sure it isn’t too high — a gentle stream is enough.
  4. Do NOT adjust the temperature or volume with the nozzle inside you, as it can be unpredictable and take some time for it to stabilize.
  5. Place the nozzle at the entrance of your anus and let the water gently clean from there. You can also insert a clean, lubed up finger beforehand to help relax the muscles. If you want to clean internally, insert just the very tip and clean the lower section of your colon.
  6. Let a small amount of water flow into your anus, hold it, and then release it into the toilet. You may want to repeat the process a couple of times, but try to keep it to a minimum.
  7. Give all of your equipment a good clean.

A Safer Alternative to Shower Enemas

As I’ve said, and will continue to say, internal cleaning is not a necessity. However, if it gives you peace of mind, then you it’s ok to do as long as you follow the guidelines and you don’t do it too often. Bulb douches come with some of the same issues as shower enemas — overuse can also damage the tissue and cause imbalances, but they are generally safer for a few reasons:

  • It is much easier to control the temperature, pressure, and volume of water with a bulb enema, greatly reducing the risk of injury.
  • Bulb enemas are portable.
  • They are cheaper and easier to replace.

Top Picks for Bulb Style Douches

Ultimate Cleansing System — Cal Exotics

The Ultimate Cleansing System from Cal Exotics is made of 100% silicone, making it non-toxic and non-porous, and it can even be boiled to be sterilized. The curved angle also makes it easier to reach your behind!

Tracey Cox Supersex Flexible Tip Anal Douche

This anal douche from Tracey Cox also has a flexible, silicone tip which is more gentle on your sensitive skin, but this one has the more traditional straight up design.

Other Ways to Minimize Mess During Anal Play

Aside from enemas and douches, there are a few ways to keep your rear clear and ready for fun! Here are my top ways to prepare for anal play:

  • Try to empty your bowels before anal play.
  • Have a good wash in the bath or shower. You can also insert a lubed up finger into the anus to see if it comes out clean. Just make sure you don’t have any soap or any other products on your hands.
  • Keep some wet wipes next to your bed.
  • Make sure you get enough fibre. Fibre helps to create firm stools that slip through your system without leaving a trace — the famed ghost poop!
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Exercise regularly to help keep things moving.

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