Shush Life Review — Becoming a Pioneer of Pleasure!

Curious about Shush Life’s fun and flirty sex ed courses? I was too!

Of course, we do our best here at Bedbible to give you practical and honest information about sex and pleasure, but learning certainly doesn’t end there. I’m always on the lookout for great courses to recommend for all experience levels.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review Shush Life’s online sex courses on self-pleasure, blowjobs, building intimacy and more! I watched them all through, and here’s what I thought…

What is Shush Life?

Shush Life is, in their own words, “the sex education you wish you’d had”!

It was created by Sh!, a small UK-based company that started off as a brick-and-mortar sex toy store in London. Built on the foundations of fun, honesty and empowerment, not even the pandemic and the closing of their physical store could stop them from educating and advising! Sh! is now an online sex toy store, and to go along with it, they created these courses.

There are three courses available: ‘Becoming Orgasmic’, ‘Mindblowing Blowjobs’ and ‘Light My Fire’, all presented by Shush Life’s sex expert Evie Fehilly. She has a wonderful voice and a real older sister vibe that is sure to put anyone at ease! All three are made up of 7-9 videos each, all only a couple of minutes long. They are a mixture of interesting anatomy lessons, mythbusting, toy recommendations and inspiring tips.

Almost all of Shush Life’s lessons are from a vulva-centered perspective. ‘Becoming Orgasmic’ especially is about learning to orgasm and self-pleasure if you have a clitoris and g-spot to pleasure. That being said, they are very dedicated to using inclusive language, and these tips can be used by anyone, regardless of gender and identification.

Plus, at less than $20 a course for life long access, it’s a real bargain!

Are Shushlife’s Courses Worth It?

Shush Life Review

I think so! The courses start off very basic, so they’re great for beginners and those who haven’t been exposed to very much pleasure-focused sex ed in their lives. However, there are so many tips and tricks stuffed into them that I came away with a lot of things to try, too!

It reminded me of Beducated in a way, another company offering lots of sex ed courses. However, the Shush Life courses felt much more intimate and fun. It’s just like if you were to ask a sex-knowledgable friend for advice. Every course takes a practical approach, and they spend a good amount of time busting all kinds of myths about female pleasure and sex that so many of us still believe.

Each lesson has homework with an assignment. It could be trying out a new technique or toy, or just spending some time thinking and fantasizing by yourself! If you watch them back-to-back like I did, then these won’t be so relevant, but it does give you ideas for later. They also ask you if you want to buy a ‘homework kit’, which is a collection of toys and accessories.

Get each Shush Life course for just £15 (just over $17). The really great thing about them is that you’ll never lose access! Rather than paying for a subscription, you just purchase access to the different courses, and you’ll be able to see them forever.

The Shortcomings

Where I feel like these courses fall short is when Evie starts to talk about and recommend specific products. It could be kegel balls, vibrators or even something like arousal gel. As I was reviewing each Shush Life course I realized that the information wasn’t always complete or accurate.

There was a lack of safety warnings, and no mention of which sex toy materials are body-safe or not. For that reason, I think this could be a good place to hear about things you might not know existed. However, you should definitely do more research before buying anything (perhaps on the Bedbible blog!).

Becoming Orgasmic

For this Shush Life review, I watched each course in order. The first was ‘Becoming Orgasmic’, a course on discovering a variety of ways to experience pleasure and explore your orgasmic potential.

It’s a beginner’s course to masturbation and pleasure for people with vulvas. I thought it was especially good for those with little experience or those who have had difficulty orgasming in the past.

It takes a very science-based approach, which is fantastic! You learn all about the anatomy of the vulva and the internal clitoral structure (of which the g-spot is a part). Side note: I need a vulva puppet ASAP!

In addition to the science lesson, there are also lots of practical tips throughout. They’re on everything from finding your turn ons to how to touch yourself. Unfortunately though, she does suggest using arousal oil, which for many can be pretty useless, or even painful!

When it comes to vibrators, there is a good explanation of buzzy vs rumbly vibrations, something that many people struggle to understand. However, the information isn’t always totally accurate. For example, she states that ‘pebble’ vibrators tend to be rumblier than bullets. This is not something I’ve ever experienced — just look at the off-the-charts rumbliness of the We-Vibe Tango X!

Get lifelong access to Becoming Orgasmic for less than $20!

Mindblowing Blowjobs

The next course is less self-focused — it’s all about how to pleasure a penis!

Again, it starts off with a detailed but approachable anatomy lesson. This could be especially great for those who don’t have a penis themselves. There are also lots of visual demonstrations (on a dildo) to help you master each technique mentione. Luckily, though, it rarely feels cringe-y, which I was very happy about.

The ‘Mindblowing Blowjobs’ course might feel a bit slow for those who are just looking for some new tricks to try, but there are plenty of them included that you’ll be dying to give a go. Cock yoga was certainly new to me! I was also glad to see a mention of safer blowjobs, and how to keep them sexy! A special mention goes to the tutorial of how to put a condom on with your mouth.

It wasn’t all blowjobs, either. There was a small section on other kinds of pleasure for penis-owners, including how to approach prostate massage.

Learn how to give mind blowing jobs for under $20!

Light My Fire

The final Shush Life course to review was the broader ‘Light My Fire’ course. This one’s all about sexual confidence and communication in a partnership.

It’s not just sex tips! There are ways to build intimacy, and how to find what makes you feel sexy and seductive. I appreciate how they included tips for shyer people, but a big part of this course is also about embracing the awkwardness!

Again, I felt that it fell down about when talking about and recommending products. Plus, some of the lessons felt like they were in the wrong order. For instance, the sexy massage lesson came after the lesson on how to get aroused. The last lesson is also mostly things that were mentioned in the other courses, but that could be a great refresher if you’re taking time between each one.

Unlock your sexual confidence with the Light My Fire course for less than $20!

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