Svakom Nymph — Test & Review

Wet For Her Rainbow Strap-On Dildo Review.   Vern Holland
May 19, 2023

Wet For Her Rainbow Strap-On Dildo Review.

Vern Holland
: 24
: Advanced
: Non-binary
: Queer
: We-Vibe Melt

  • Are a beginner looking to bring a little fun to your foreplay
  • Want a toy that can add a little vibration, but not overwhelm your body
  • Enjoy stimulation across erogenous zones (like nipples, nape of your neck, clitoris, perineum, etc)
  • Want to explore a unique toy that can be used internally and externally

  • Are on a tight budget
  • Need a toy with a longer battery life
  • Prefer rumbly vibrations over buzzy ones
  • Favor a wider array of vibrations


The Svakom Nymph is a toy built for foreplay. With soft, silicone, moving fingers and a vibrating rounded head, it’s a delicate new friend for the bedroom! The Nymph is designed to stimulate your erogenous zones and add to your foreplay experience. This vibrator isn’t made to get you over the edge to a climax, but rather assist you in growing your arousal. It allows you to take your time. Using this toy is like giving yourself a gift, it’s not a necessary tool but it makes you feel truly pampered. You’ll be seduced by this elegant little toy!

Svakom Nymph -

The look of the Svakom Nymph alone made me curious enough to want to give it a try! It’s unique, with a bulbous head on one side and moving fingers on the other. I hadn’t come across a vibrator that is promoted as a foreplay toy before, as so many others are meant to bring you to orgasm in new and exciting ways. The Nymph makes you take a step back and really ease into the pleasure of foreplay, of building your arousal rather than pushing you over that edge. It really made me take the time to rediscover my body’s desires!

The Foreplay Master… Or Is It?

Lately, I’ve been really interested in de-centering the orgasm during masturbation or sex. That societal idea that the climax is always the end goal adds unnecessary tension to my sex life. It’s as if the stress of trying to cum makes me edge myself and takes me out of the moment, leading to more frustration. Using the Svakom Nymph helps add to my foreplay, whether alone or with my partner. While it has been fun testing it out, I wish there was a little more to it, like softer fingers or an easier way to change the vibration settings, to give me more control and variation.

I’m Conflicted

The Svakom Nymph’s design is award-winning, but I was surprised at how much of a learning curve I had with the fingers. The mechanical arms inside of the fingers goes almost all the way down to the tips, much firmer than I had anticipated. Because of that, the Nymph has repeatedly pinched my nipples and clitoris. It took some time to find the right angles fit for my body. Even so, I don’t care for the fingers that much. They’re cool, unique, and are fun to play with while using it with a partner, but they don’t really do anything for me. On my own, I stick to the rounded head. I love the softness of the silicone and love how it warms in my hands (not a warming setting, more so it heats up from my own body temperature fast, which I really enjoy! It’s almost lifelike that way). Using the rounded head like a tiny massager across my erogenous zones, as well as using it for some penetration, is really where it’s at for me.

The More the Merrier!

I enjoy the Svakom Nymph most as a tool to aid other toys or a partner. After a bit of teasing with the Nymph’s fingers, I like to use the rounded head for penetration while using a clitoral suction stimulator, like my lucky We-Vibe Melt, or my partner’s mouth in tandem with it. It’s soft, seductive, and a solid addition to anyone’s treasure trove of toys. If you are interested in trying light sensation play, the Svakom Nymph is for you! This is a great beginner toy for folks who don’t often divulge in kink but are looking to still bring that extra spice to the bedroom.

Svakom Nymph -

The Svakom Nymph is award-winning for its design. It’s made for seduction, to bring that extra spark that you didn't realize you needed. The silicone is soft, not too firm and just enough squish that I absolutely love. The flexibility around the head of the toy was one of my favorite parts of the Nymph. However, I was a little surprised by how hard the fingers were. Just by looking at the toy, I assumed they’d be mostly silicone and fairly flexible, but the fingers' mechanical arms go almost down to the tips. This led to it pinching my skin more than once, a little frustrating!

Svakom Nymph -

With only two buttons and a pinhole for a charger, this toy is extremely easy to use. Plus, it’s totally waterproof! I really enjoy the simplicity of the Svakom Nymph, and how easy it is to flip through the different vibrations and patterns between the head and the fingers. I found a lot more joy in using this toy with a partner during our foreplay, having someone graze the others’ erogenous zones to get more in the mood, or on my own by just using the vibrating rounded head inserted as a vaginal plug.

Svakom Nymph -

The Svakom Nymph is a great quality toy. The silicone is 100% medical-grade, super soft, and not too firm or squishy. The motors for the head and the fingers aren’t too loud (though a little louder than expected), and the vibrations of the head are buzzy, but not numbing. It’s definitely created for foreplay, too much of the buzzy vibrations or getting pinched by pushing the fingers against your body a little hard can easily take you out of the moment.

Svakom Nymph - <

Personally, I do think this toy is a bit overpriced. But, then again, it’s like choosing Coldstone Creamery over a store-bought tub of ice cream. You’re paying for that extra step, something to treat yourself with! While I may not recommend this toy for everyone because of that price, it's great for folks who are looking for a beginner toy to boost their foreplay.

Svakom Nymph -

The Svakom Nymph hasn’t died in action yet! But, then again, I don’t seem to be using it for very long before wanting to go further into my sexy sessions. It charges for an hour, and you get a little less than 40 minutes of play time. While it doesn’t last as long as other toys on the market, this one isn’t built for the long haul, just to help get you started and to add a little attention to erogenous zones here and there.

Svakom Nymph -

When I look at the pristine white, silver, and pink box, all I can think of is how pretty it is. I even love the cut out inside of it that fits the toy perfectly. This toy isn’t just good for beginners, but collectors too who like to keep their toys on display when not in use. I know that’s what I would do if I didn’t love the good quality toy bag that came with it!

Svakom Nymph -

In the box along with the Svakom Nymph is a sleek toy bag, a charger, and the manual. Not only is the toy simple in its design, but in its materials as well. No frills, just the basics in a modern look. To keep the Nymph clean, make sure to wash it with hot water and soap, or your favorite toy cleaner, before and after each use. If you’re going to use lube with this toy, make sure it’s not a silicone or oil-based lube as that would damage its silicone.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns5
Length6.14 inches
Width1.59 inches
Weight0.27 lbs
Battery Life40 minutes
Charging Time60 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePink

Svakom Nymph -

You won’t see fingers like these on your average toy! The Svakom Nymph’s unique feature are these three digits opposite its rounded head. These fingers are soft at the tips and meant to help stimulate all your erogenous zones, a light tickle or gentle rub against your soft skin to help aid your foreplay. While I have been repeatedly pinched by the toy, my partner hasn’t. It’s dependent on body types and the angle you hold it, so prepare for a bit of a learning session to find the best way for you to feel pleasure with it.

  • High-quality, ultra-soft silicone
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Super cute, very unique design

  • Short battery life
  • Not as quiet as it looks
  • The fingers can pinch your body if angled wrong
  • Hard to find the buttons if you're not looking
  • Only comes in that soft pink color

The Svakom Nymph is a little treat. It is another toy to aid some self-care sessions, to really pamper my body and let me feel the moment. Paired with other toys or using it with a partner really adds to its enjoyment! I’ll be sure to show it off too, as it is a beautiful and very unique toy. You can’t deny that it is eye catching! While I wish it was a little quieter, and for the fingers to be more silicone and less mechanical arm, I’m really happy with its feel and design. It’s soft, gentle, and the buzzing vibrations don’t numb my body. It’s the toy I never knew I wanted, and I look forward to pulling it out in the future. It's aided in a few orgasms and brought some fun and laughs to the bedroom. What more could I ask for?

This toy isn't meant to bring you to climax, but rather aid in your foreplay and getting in the mood. However, of course it's possible! I'd say testing it out for yourself and finding what aspects of it you enjoy most is your best bet.

Anyone! This toy is great for all kinds of bodies, especially for folks who might be particularly sensitive to feather touches and buzzy vibrations. It can be used vaginally, anally, across clitorises and perineum galore!

It's waterproof, so no need to worry about submerging it. I'd recommend cleaning it with warm or hot water with a light soap, then wipe it dry with a cloth. Or you can use your favorite toy cleaner! Personally, I love to use my Sliquid Shine for an easy clean.

I adore using toys together. Some toys that could help aid the Svakom Nymph in bringing you to orgasm, or just adding some more fun to the bedroom, could be a clit stimulator, a trusty dildo, or a c-ring, the choices are endless!