DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints — Test & Review

   Dani Adams
Jun 24, 2024

Dani Adams
: 31
: Intermediate
: Trans Fem
: Bi-Sexual

  • Like bondage
  • Want to be restrained somewhere other than the bed
  • Want a restraint system that cant be broken out of

  • Do not like bondage
  • Do not want to be standing during play
  • Have hands that fall asleep easily

The DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints is a restraint system designed to attach your sub vertically to a door. This product comes with an X-shaped strap, 2 wrist cuffs, and 2 ankle cuffs. The cuffs and straps are made out of leather and while not the most elegant or softest material, they are quite durable. This product does contain nickel, so if you have a metal allergy, do not buy this. Once you have enjoyed making your sub stand at attention, release the hand and ankle cuffs from the door and use them to restrain the sub somewhere else.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

Strap-In For The Ride

Good restraints should be easy to find with how many products are out there. Sadly, that is not the case. Many restraints are very cheaply made and can be broken with very little pressure on the cuff links. Not the DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints, however. I put as much pressure as I could muster on the chain links and they did not so much as bend. While the material is not the softest you can find, it is worth the sacrifice for the durability.

Setting Up

Set up is quick and easy, just slide two of the stopper bars over the door and two under the door so the restraint straps form an X and then close the door. the wooden stop bars will keep the restraints from sliding out and falling. One word of warning though, If you have cheap doors there is a chance you could chip them so be warned about that. Also, if there is a gap in the top or bottom of the door your sub will be able to slide their arms and legs side to side. This is not a flaw in the product but just comes from poor building designs in most houses.

Detachable Cuffs

The cuffs of the DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints are not attached to the restraint straps. This gives you the opportunity to use the cuffs with any other restraint system you might have in place. Mix this with the great durability the cuffs have and you have a product that gives you way more value than just a door restraint. We used the cuffs with spreader bars and under the bed restraints all while not having to stop to change the equipment we were using.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

The design and feel of the product are very good. While not the most luxurious in terms of softness of the cuffs, the design of the product more than makes up for that. It is a more basic product but crafted with the durability of an advance product. The only thing keeping the design from a perfect score is that I wish they'd included a piece of hardware to stop the sliding on loose doorways.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

This is a very easy restraint system to use. Simply slide it over the door, place the cuffs on the sub and attach them to the rings on the straps. While it is simple to use these restraints, I would say you are looking at a learning curve to make wonderful use of them. Anybody can strap someone to a door, but knowing how to make that exhilarating is where the learning curve comes in. If your sub has a hard time keeping their hands above their head (for instance, if their hands or arms fall asleep easy), this product may be very uncomfortable to use with them.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

When you place the cuffs on your wrist, you will think this product is cheap and not reliable, as they will feel very stiff. That is until you attach to the hooks and try to pull your way out. The metal in these restraints will not budge. I could not even get them to bend when I stress tested them. The product is also silent if you don't move a lot, so you can use it discreetly. I took off some points because the cuffs could be way more comfortable, but that doesn't take away from this being a good buy.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints - <

For $70, this is a good restraint system to buy. As the cuffs are hard to break, they should last you a good while and they can be used in place of other cuffs with other toys. You do get what you pay for, as the product comes in a clear bag with just the cuffs and restraints, nothing else. I wish it was made with non-allergenic materials, but that does make it slightly more durable so at least it comes with a plus.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

Can you restrain your partner to a door with this product? Yes. Great, it lived up to expectations. What I was not expecting was the ability for the cuffs to be used with other products and for the cuffs to be so hard to damage. The only way to get hurt using this product is keeping your hands above your head for to long. That or let the master/mistress hurt you to their hearts content, of course.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

The packaging of this product is the shipping box. Seriously, you open the box and inside is a clear plastic bag with your product inside it. No papers, no protection, just a bag in a box. This to me is fine as the website has videos of how to use it and various ideas.

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

The biggest concern with the materials is that the metal contains nickel, which some people are allergic to. Heavy duty metal with rough-feeling leather keeps this product right in the middle of the quality spectrum. The best thing about restraint systems like this is that cleaning is as simple as wiping them down with a wet wipe! Since it is leather, you should also consider using leather conditioner every so often to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

LengthStraps: 100 inches, Wrist Cuffs: 12.5 inches, Ankle Cuffs: 17 inches
DiameterWrist Cuffs: 8.25 inches, Ankle Cuffs: 11.5 inches
AdjustableYes, Straps adjustable from 53 to 105 inches
FasteningBuckles, Carabiner Clips
MaterialsLeather, Metal
Storage Bag IncludedNo
AllergiesContains Nickel
Colors AvailableBlack

DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints -

  • Very durable
  • Multi-purpose cuffs
  • Delivers on all promises

  • Material is not soft
  • Nothing extra in the box
  • Can make hands fall asleep easily
  • Contains nickel

The easiest way to sum up the absolute joy of the DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Restraints is as simple as saying two words: BUY IT! Seriously, if you are into any kind of adventurous sex, this toy is for you. Humiliation, teasing, light bondage, heavy bondage, and any other kink or fetish you can think of — this product will be a must for your bedroom playtime. I have never had a restraint system this simple be this effective before, and for the price, you cannot beat it. When it arrives, be sure to strap your sub to the door and admire the position they are in and the new found power you have over them.