SquarePegToys Mega Milk’it Prostate Massager — Test & Review

   Allen Wiltshire
Apr 9, 2024

Allen Wiltshire
: 28
: Advanced
: Male
: Bi
: Mr. Hankey’s Toys BFG — Test & Review

  • You like LARGE toys.
  • You want intense prostate stimulation
  • You are at an advanced level when it comes to anal play.

  • Are new to anal play.
  • Like toys with a gradual taper.
  • Don't like squishy toys.

The Mega Milk'it is a 100% platinum grade silicone prostate massager/butt plug. It's overall length is 5.5 inches and at it's widest is 2.25 inches. It offers two different types of sensations, either using the bumpy side for heavy prostate stimulation, or the smooth side for a standard full sensation. The Mega Milk'it comes in two different colors, graphite or bronze.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

The Pictures Don’t Do It Justice.

So I made a slight error when getting this toy, when I was first offered to review it, I didn’t really do any due diligence on the toy, I saw the pictures of it and thought, “hey that looks interesting lets try it”. I didn’t give it any thought until it arrived, and then my only thought was, “Oh dear god what have I done”. The Mega Milk’it is huge! For reference, the main body of the Mega Milk’it is roughly the size of the base of the Mr Hankeys BFG that I reviewed. Needless to say, I was extremely scaroused by this huge butt plug. After it arrived and I got over my new-found anal excitement, I was able to really give the toy a good look over and see what I was about to get myself into. The Mega Milk’it while giant was also surprisingly squishy. I don’t have the most experience with squishy toys so this was new territory for me. The shape of the toy was also completely out of left field, and after my research on SquarePeg Toys this makes total sense as the owner of SquarePeg Toys is also a sculptor and designs all of their toys himself, if his aim is to make outstandingly different anal toys, he’s doing one hell of a job. Speaking of the design, can we talk about the spikes? The spikes, or nubs, bumps, ridges, whatever you want to call them were a bit frightening at fist glance, but it turns out they are the same level of squishy as the rest of the toy, so instead of being hard and pointy as one would think, they’re more like extra soft and extra large speed bumps. Now that I had fully examined the Mega Milk’it and gotten over some of my apprehension it was time to get this big boy in me.

Push It To The Limit.

Did I mention that the Mega Milk’it is huge and squishy, because it’s huge and squishy. I’m no newbie when it comes to anal play, and my normal warm up with an anal speculum usually gets me ready for most toys, just not the Mega Milk’it. As I mentioned, it’s huge…and squishy, which already doesn’t lend it self to easy insertion, but the biggest problem I ran into, is that there is very little taper to it. This along with it’s size and its squishyness creates something similar to trying to fit an elephant through a really strong normal sized doorway. The Mega Milk’it squishes soo much that no even when I was pushing on it a lot, it didn’t move much, instead it just bunched up on itself. After a few minutes of this with no change in sight, I had to change up my approach. Eventually I figured out to grip and squeeze it in the middle while trying to insert it, this actually created a taper on the toy and made it much easier. Even though I finally started to get the toy in me, it wasn’t a cake walk and once it was in I felt just about stretched and filled to my limit, but oh my god did it feel good.

I Need To Cum NOW!

It should be known that I’ve owned a dozen or so toys marketed at stimulating my prostate, and they’ve all done more or less the same thing. Whether it’s the Njoy Pure, or some random vibrating butt plug with a curved end “designed” to hit my P-spot, when they work its the same feeling, a small amount of pressure on my prostate and I have to have everything positioned and situated just right to feel it. This was not the case with the Mega Milk’it prostate massager. As soon as I got the Mega Milk’it all the way in, I think my brain short circuited. With most of the prostate based toys I’ve tried the sensation is there but it’s generally small, not weak, but centralized to a fine point. The Mega Milk’it due to it’s overall size and its concave side with ample ridges felt like someone was simultaneously fisting me while trying to squeeze my prostate.  It was intense in the best of ways and the first time I actually thought to myself, “holy shit this might be too much of a good thing”. After the initial sensation overload I knew I had to hurry up and cum or else I might not last with everything I was feeling down there. Thankfully and to no surprise, it didn’t take long, and it was one of the strongest orgasms I’d ever had.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

The design for the Mega Milk'it is wild. Never in a thousand years would I think to take a massive butt plug, take away almost half of the main body material in a crescent cut, and then add ridges and bumps to the concaved part of the plug, but that's what they did and it works. The design is wild and the toy looks freaking weird, but it excels at what it was meant to do, and that is stimulate prostates. The Mega Milk'it is truly function creates form.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

At the end of the day, the Mega Milk'it is a butt plug, its not the same as every other butt plug, but it does function the same. All of that is to say that there is nothing new to using it. Lube it up, and stick it in. Does that mean it's easy to use? No, not really. The Mega Milk'it is massive as far as butt plugs go, so already it's going to be a challenge for anyone who isn't advanced when it comes to anal play. Another issue that goes hand in hand with it's size is that the Mega Milk'it is squishy, squishy enough that when you try to put it in, it will bunch up on you if you hold it from the base. This meant that the best way to hold it for insertion was in the middle and to actually squeeze it to make it more narrow. It also doesn't have much of a tapper to it, so you'll need a lot of warm up and even then there is some work to do to get it in.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

The quality is great. It's all 100% platinum grade silicone, and there are no defects from the mold. The only odd thing I found when it came to quality was the engraved brand and product name on the sides of the base. I can't tell if someone took an engraver and wrote the brand and product name by hand, or if someone wrote both by hand, and transferred it to the mold. In either case, I don't love it, but I don't hate it.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  - <

Most definitely. For the price point of $70, this is a great value for a plug of this size and quality. The Mega Milk'it is made of platinum grade silicone, and there is almost a pound of it. On top of that you can tell when you use it that a lot of time went into R&D to make sure that the Mega Milk'it feels amazing.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

Yes yes and yes. The Mega Milk it 100% lives up to the claims that Square Peg Toys has for it. It is not only massive, but stimulates the prostate in a way that I've never felt before.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

The packaging is minimal, and homey. The Mega Milk'it comes in a clear ziplock bag that acts as a storage bag, which is a nice touch that not many toy manufactures offer, but the even nicer touch is that on the care instructions and what lube to use is printed on the bag, which is such a nice touch and shows that SquarePeg Toys really wants to do good by their buyers. One more nice thing that was added to the packaging was a set of vinyl stickers from Peep Show Toys, which is who the Mega Milk'it was ordered through.

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

The materials for the Mega Milk'it are 100% body safe platinum grade silicone. For those unaware Platinum Grade silicone is silicone that uses platinum as a catalyst agent in the mold process. The toy is 100% waterproof and submersible, and comes in its own storage bag that has care instructions written on it. This is what SquarePegToys has to say about cleaning the Mega Milk'it: "Hot soapy water is simplest and best. Soaking in 10% bleach water, or boiling/autoclaving to sterilize are safe under 175c(350f). All lubes are fine, but silicone ones will make the toy harder to hold in and to clean. Never store any silicone toys with vinyl ones or where they have been: the chemical softeners and their residues can dissolve silicone. Store upright if possible, or lay flat on smooth surface with like toys, and without creasing or indentations which can become permanent. Silicone is derived from silica, a natural substance that can allow for mold growth if stored wet. Use this bag when transporting your toy to prevent surface cut or scratches which can grow into tears."

MaterialsPlatinum grade silicone
Length5.5 inches
Diameter2.4 inches

SquarePegToys Mega Milk'it  -

  • Intense prostate stimulation.
  • Gives a great full feeling when in.
  • Easy to clean.

  • Can be difficult to insert even for experienced users.

If you're an experienced size king who wants big filling toys and amazing prostate stimulation, then here you go. Boasting a large 2.25" diameter, a generally bulbus body, a 5.5" length, and several massaging points throughout the plug, the Mega Milk'it is a wonderful choice for advance players who really want intense stimulation with their orgasm.

There’s no manual available SquarePegToys Mega Milk’it. As it’s a large anal toy, you should warm up with a smaller toy, take it slowly, and use a good amount of lube!

Per the directions on the storage bag, any lube can be used, but silicone based lube should be a last resort as it makes the toy harder to clean.

Warm soapy water, boiling, or your favorite toy cleaner will work.

The ridges on the one side of the Mega Milk'it while pointed, do not hurt and are made of the same density as the rest of the toy, so they are quite squishy. They do however create a peculiar sensation.

Platinum silicone is a type of silicone that uses only platinum (precious metal) as a catalyzer, which increases its quality, apart from silicone's other properties.