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AdultWorld3D review – Is It a LEGIT Website?

Some people love 3D virtual reality porn, and some people love gaming, and AdultWorld3D combines the two worlds into one super arousing interactive game!

This is not your typical porn website – this is for those that want to really play and enjoy the experience of having a seriously immersive erotic adventure.

But you may find yourself wondering one thing: is AdultWorld3D a legit website that is worth visiting?

Well, that’s the question I’m going to try to answer in this review! I’m going to explore all that this site has to offer, while providing you with my detailed and honest thoughts about everything I find.

Oh course, there’s only so much you can do without paying! So in order to really discover everything about AdultWorld3D, I also purchased a subscription so I could 100% get in there and thoroughly test it.

But here’s a little teaser, just to whet your appetite!


Sure, AdultWorld3D promises a lot, but does it deliver? I certainly couldn’t wait to find out! so I set about on my enviable quest to discover if AdultWorld3D is the porn site for you!

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Here’s What I’ll Cover In This Review!


With so much to look at and explore on AdultWorld3D, I’m going to break my review down into smaller sections. Here are a few of the bigger main points that I’m going to be discussing:

  • What is AdultWorld3D?
  • Pros and cons
  • Initial impressions and how I tested it
  • The overall design of the site
  • Company information
  • Subscription tiers and payment
  • Using AdultWorld3D as a paying subscriber
  • So is AdultWorld3D REALLY a legit website?

I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions as you go through this review, but hopefully I’ll be able to answer all of them for you and put your mind at ease! It’s all about making sure that you have all of the information so you can make an informed decision on AdultWorld3D!

Pros and Cons

All porn websites have their upsides and their downsides. So, I’m going to talk you through a few of the pros and cons that I noticed while exploring AdultWorld3D!


  • Clearly set out
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fantastic overview video
  • Easy to use game that is very intuitive
  • Fun customizable sex scenes
  • Familiar game layout for those that enjoy open-world kind of games


  • No company information
  • Subscription tiers are the cheapest ever
  • Tries to get you to subscribe to another website
  • Not the best or most action packed game
  • May not be one that you revisit too often
  • Not much extra to do outside of the game
  • A computer-only game

Keep on reading to find out my full thoughts and opinions on the website! I’m going to go into a lot more detail!

Initial Impressions and How I Tested It

You tell me that you don’t form first impressions when meeting people or doing something. Well, it’s exactly the same with porn websites!

I went on to AdultWorldVR and started poking around and immediately began to form my own first impressions based on what I was seeing.

So here’s what I thought of this erotic gaming site, right off the bat.

Initial Impressions

Right away, AdultWorld3D hits you in the face with what it has to offer. Almost literally!

Right there, on the landing page, are 3 computer-generated women with more than ample breasts! Alongside them, in large text, is displayed ‘VOTED #1 ADULT SEX GAME IN THE WORLD!’

They really don’t beat around the bush! They’re proud of what they have to offer and they aren’t afraid to let you know that!

Unlike other porn sites, this one is not dedicated to videos that you can simply sit back and enjoy. This is an actual playable game, and as such, it tries to make the game look as awesome and tempting as possible!


It gives you a kind of taster of the kind of graphics you can expect from the game, as well as a few paragraphs on how you can customize your experience.

As well as the home tab, there are also tabs to view the gallery, check out the website features, a member’s section, and a join now section for when you’re ready to sign up.

Just by briefly exploring these few tabs, I was able to get a good handle on what AdultWorld3D is and what it has to offer. It’s all very simple and straightforward, if not a little wordy in some points.


I was certainly intrigued by what I saw on AdultWorld3D, and it gave a good first impression. It most definitely made me want to explore the site a little further.

How I Tested It

It really is as simple as you might think when it came to testing AdultWorld3D (or any porn website, for that matter!)

It’s just a case of rolling your sleeves up and getting in there to really see what erotic treasures the site has to hold. And that’s exactly what I did.

What was the most important thing of all, though, was that I experienced and used the website in the same way that you or any other person is going to use it. I wanted to be able to provide you with information on the kind of things you will see and experience as a paying customer.

I’m not going to comment yet on my full experience with AdultWorld3D (you have to keep reading for that), but you can trust that my experience was authentic!

It is these authentic experiences that I based this very review on!

The Overall Design of the Site

So now it’s time for me to dive a little further into AdultWorld3D and more closely inspect what it has to offer!

As soon as you arrive at the homepage, you are greeted by the aforementioned three large-breasted animated women who give you a good idea as to the kind of thing you can expect on the site. It literally sets its stall out right there and then, as if to say, ‘Okay, here’s the kind of woman you can expect! Enjoy!’


This is also partly an advertisement to get you to subscribe straight off the bat. It immediately invites you to join now, and in all honesty, it’s a pretty tempting offer

Scrolling down a little, and you are met with a 1 minute 10 seconds long video that gives you a brief overview of AdultWorld3D. It shows off the graphics as well as a little of the gameplay.

I actually LOVE that they included this, as it wastes no time in showing you what to expect. They don’t hide anything, and you can go further into the site knowing exactly what you’re going to get.

Continuing down, you’ll find a few images and infographics about the game, as well as info on customization.

It also lets you know that you get multiple camera angles in order for you to really control the scene, as well as regular updates to keep the content fresh and up to date.

At the bottom of the page, there is some large text, again trying to tempt you to subscribe. Finally, underneath that are a few infographics and text that inform you that AdultWorld3D provides discreet billing, privacy protection, and a secure checkout.


These final things really help settle your mind and reinforce the trustworthiness and legitimacy of the site.

Heading over to the gallery tab, and you will find plenty of screenshots from the game, alongside (possibly overly wordy) descriptions.

You’ll find 14 of these images, which will give you plenty to get your teeth into. Similarly on the features tab you get more images and text, all designed to woo you and get you interested in subscribing.


It’s blatant manipulation to big up everything that you can do with AdultWorld3D, and do you know what…it actually kind of works!

Overall the design of AdultWorld3D is fantastic, and although it is very image-based, it really does a good job of sucking you in. I love the video that gives you an overview of the site, and you really get the flavor of what’s on offer.

Sure, some parts are overly wordy and drawn out, but that’s not the worst thing in the world. It explains everything to you. Maybe too much, but still! That definitely beats a website that keeps you guessing.

Company Information

It’s always good to know where any company is based. That way you know who you are dealing with and that they’re not just some nebulous and strange entity that you can’t pin down.

But try as I might, I couldn’t find anything about AdultWorld3D’s parent company information. I did a thorough search across the internet, but it yielded no results.

This doesn’t automatically mean that the site is bad or a scam, but it doesn’t help the credibility of the site, either.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a red flag, but it’s a curious omission on the internet that certainly left me – and others, it seems – scratching our heads.

Subscription Tiers and Payment

It seems that AdultWorld3D aims to keep things simple when it comes to subscription tiers. There are only 3 to choose from!


Luckily, 3 is going to be more than enough for what you need, with you being able to choose from a monthly subscription, a 6-month subscription, and of course a yearly subscription.

The longer your subscription is, the more of a saving per month/year you make. It’s just a little bit more of an incentive for you to subscribe!

There are no discernible differences in what you get, it’s literally just the length of time that you are subscribed for. You still get high speed downloads, high definition videos, and weekly updates no matter which you choose.

When it comes to the actual prices themselves, they are pretty affordable. While it’s certainly not the cheapest set of subscription tiers that I’ve ever seen, they are still not extortionately priced.

Here’s a little breakdown of AdultWorld3D’s subscription tiers and their various prices!

PackagePrice Per DayPrice Per MonthPrice Per Year
1 Month Tier$0.66$19.95$239.40
6 Month Tier$0.33$9.99$119.92
Yearly Tier$0.25$7.76$91.97

Although I went with the 1 month subscription tier for the sake of writing this review, I don’t think the yearly subscription is too bad at all. As you can see, there are definitely savings to be had!


When it comes to online payments, you have to be sure that you can do it in a safe and secure way. In fact, that is not a statement that is exclusive to AdultWorld3D.

But does purchasing one of the subscription tiers on the site keep you safe and secure? I’m going to take a look into that right now!

When purchasing your subscription, you have plenty of options:


Firstly, you can pay via credit card, SEPA transfer, or DirectPay. You also have the option of PayPal, plus other payment options such as Ukash, ClickandBuy, and CryptoCurrency.

If you select the choice of credit card, you then have the option to pay via Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, or Maestro. So as you can see, you are spoilt for choice!

Also, the screenshots above indicate that all purchases are made through Epoch, meaning that your money can be traced and refunded if needed. It’s just another form of protection when paying for things online.

The fact that AdultWorld3D does its level best to ensure that everything remains as safe and secure as possible is a very good sign, and proves that they are trying their best to keep the customer – you – safe!

Just be careful, though! They try to add an extra charge for a 1 month membership to to your subscription when you buy. The box is automatically checked, so just be sure to uncheck it before completing your purchase.


Using AdultWorld3D as a Paying Subscriber

As soon as I bought my subscription (which was extremely quick and easy, in all fairness) I was redirected to the AdultWorld3D member page.

There I was prompted to download the actual game itself, as this is obviously a game that has features that can be used through the internet as opposed to an online-only game.


Once the game is downloaded, you get pretty much thrown into things. It is very reminiscent of a Grand Theft Auto kind of game. It’s an open-world design that allows you to wander around and explore. You get a map in the corner and everything, which helps you navigate around the world.

You can even go and interact with NPCs (non-playable characters) who offer some small conversation.

The main point of the game though is to find your lost virtual girlfriends. How you do this is up to you, and you have to follow various clues and signals in order to find them.

There are multiple branching paths and endings, influenced by the player’s choices in pursuing their virtual girlfriends. I think this is pretty cool as it’s not completely linear and predictable.


Of course, the reason that everyone downloaded this game is for the erotic content!

Once you locate one of your lost virtual girlfriends, you can start to have some fun! I found the sex scenes to be pretty bland, to be fair, and this was hindered by the relatively rudimentary graphics. Often times body parts would clip through other body parts, and it would generally pull you out of the scene.

Still, one thing that I did like was that you can really customize the sexual experience. You can choose between vaginal, anal, and oral sex, as well as switching between three different camera angles for different points of view. There is also the option to zoom in and out, for a closer look at the action.

You have a wheel in the bottom right hand corner that allows you to select what sex act you get up to, with there being 8 different positions and acts to choose from.

You even have a ‘cum meter’ that has to be worked up before you can actually cum. It’s a great incentive to try out all the different positions and styles in order to see what builds up that ‘cum meter’ best.


The game itself is not the most exciting or sexually action packed, but it’s enjoyable for what it is. It’s definitely more of a novelty than something that you will return to time after time.

The animations are pretty cool though, and while it might not be the most believable thing you’ve ever seen, it’s certainly something different that will set it apart from the other games that you’ve ever played!

Outside of the game itself, AdultWorld3D doesn’t have too much that it can offer. There are extra tabs at the top of the member’s page that you can explore, though none of them really offer anything substantial.


One thing of note is that there are a few other bonus games. These include – and brace yourself for the names – Faptitans, Cunt Wars, Cunt Empire, and Affect3D Store.

Thankfully all of these are in-browser games, meaning you don’t have to download anything or do anything extra to enjoy them. You simply click on one and it will open up.

Each of the games has a preview video/trailer, as well as a thorough writeup about what the game is. Again, these games are nothing extraordinary, but they’re fun enough little bonuses.


There is a live cam girl section too, if that’s your thing. It will redirect you to though, and in order to interact, you have to buy tokens. As it’s not part of AdultWorld3D I’m not going to go into detail about that, but you can watch along for free if you really want to without interacting.

Overall, I don’t think AdultWorld3D completely delivered on the promises that it made before I became a paying subscriber. Sure, it was fun and I had a great time exploring it, but it did such a fantastic job of bigging itself up beforehand, that the final experience was always going to fall short of what I had imagined.

So Is AdultWorld3D REALLY a Legit Site?

As far as I’m concerned, yes, AdultWorld3D is a perfectly legitimate website that you can safely and securely visit.

There are many green flags that indicate how above-board the site is, and it really helps reassure you.

The only indication that the site might not be legitimate is that I could find no company information about it. But then when balanced out with all of the positive information about AdultWorld3D, this is not as big of a deal as I might have initially thought.

The payment system is all very secure and above board, and your money can be tracked, traced, and stopped if needed. They don’t try to hide they payments or anything like that, AdultWorld3D is as on-the-level as any other website out there, on that particular front.

Content-wise, I was not blown away. There are many issues with the graphics and the believability, and it really can affect your enjoyment of the site. You often feel far too aware that you are playing a crudely animated game to get fully immersed in the sex scenes.

There is not much more to enjoy, outside of the game, although in all fairness, the website is all about the game and doesn’t really promise any other features. So in a way, while that’s a downside, I can’t really complain too much about it!

So my overall conclusion is that yes, AdultWorld3D is an extremely legitimate, safe, and secure site that allows you to enjoy an erotic open-world game at a relatively affordable and palatable price.

It certainly has its drawbacks, but there are sure to be those who find it to be as fun and exciting as the website promises.

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