43 Best Onlyfans Feets Accounts to Follow

It can feel surprising when people get aroused by non-sexual parts of the body like the feet, legs, or even shoes, but that’s what makes human sexuality unique, right?

Some people get turned on when exploring fetish fantasies. If you’re a fan of fetish, you can find a lot of Only fans feet accounts to follow.

The Best Feet Onlyfans Creators

Are you looking for the best foot fetish Onlyfans creators?

This article shows you the best Onlyfans feet models in 2024. Enjoy!

Quick look:

  1. Stella Cardo
  2. Angel Youngs
  3. Denise Anders
  4. Naughty Autie
  5. Sofi Alien
  6. Sofia Parker
  7. Paula Flores
  8. Sandra Teilor
  9. Julia
  10. Veronica
  11. Valeria (Nice Baby)
  12. Monica
  13. Posh Babe

Top 13 Feet Onlyfans Accounts

1. Stella Cardo – Overall Best Onlyfans Feet Model


  • Likes: 280,800+
  • Ranking: 0.09% of creators
  • Media: 1,400 photos, 40 videos, and 400 livestreams

Where to follow:

Stella Cardo is the best feet Onlyfans creator in every sense of the word. What stands her out is her ability to blend many adult desires into a mesmerizing haven for sexual pleasures on her Onlyfans and other social accounts.

You can never run out of excitement and the “horny” feeling following Stella. Below is a sneak peek into what she has in store for you:

  • Onlyfans feet worship content
  • Unlimited nudes
  • Mesmerizing striptease
  • Join in the shower and bath show
  • Barbie doll pussy pics
  • Sex with toys
  • Lesbian
  • Straight and hot sex
  • Sexting

Guess the icing on the cake? Stella allows her subscribers to request custom pictures and videos. Check her thousands of uploads and live sessions, you’ll know this Onlyfans feet model isn’t here for play.

You know the best part? Subscription to her account is free, meaning you get to enjoy one of the hottest Onlyfans’ big tits without spending a cent!

Price: $9.99

2. Angel Youngs – Pornstar Onlyfans Feet Model


  • Likes: 229,900+
  • Ranking: 0.11% of creators
  • Media: 1,800+ photos, 546 videos, and 34 livestreams

Where to follow:

Angel Youngs is not just a popular Onlyfans footjob creator, she’s a sex goddess! If you are looking for raw porn without any parts hidden, you’ll access it on Young’s account.

Wondering what’s present in her uploaded photos, videos, and livestream sessions? They are nothing short of mesmerizing, highly sexual content that will get you horny and longing for the warmth of a partner.

Aside from her affinity for foot fetish sexual fantasies, you can also expect other sexual escapades like:

  • Solo sex
  • Threesomes and gang sex
  • Squirting
  • Anal
  • Sexting
  • Dick rates
  • Signed polaroids and panties
  • Custom sexual content

Want to experience sexual excitement like never before on Onlyfans? This foot fetish Onlyfans creator might be your solace.

Price: $9.09/month

3. Denise Anders – Muscle Mommy Foot Fetish Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 74,900+
  • Ranking: 0.20% of creators
  • Media: 420 photos and 134 videos

Where to follow:

Denise is a classy Onlyfans feet worship creator but not anything short of an experienced porn star! She’s got it all from big boobs to a round butt, and an amazing muscular physique that doesn’t make her less of an attractive woman.

When Denise is in control, you’d wish you were her object — sounds funny, but her followers’ comments suggest nearly everybody wishes to have some game time with her.

Here’s what you can enjoy from Denise if you follow her on Onlyfans:

  • Fetish
  • Lesbian sex
  • Straight sex with BBC
  • Nude and flexing pictures
  • Custom videos
  • porn-grade sex videos

Denise is very engaging, and you’ll enjoy chatting with her.

Price: $8.4/month.


  • Likes: 92,800+
  • Ranking: 1% of creators
  • Media: 1,300 photos, 135 videos, and 101 livestreams

Where to follow:

Autie, from the south, is a popular sexual content creator ranked among the top 1 percent on Onlyfans. More than that, she brings entrepreneurship into her craft with a high level of engagement with her fans and juicy offers for followers that meet certain conditions.

Let’s leave her entrepreneurial mindset aside and focus on her sexuality. Autie is a king in her craft, knowing how to hold her followers spellbound to her sexual explorations.

Below are some adventures to expect if you follow Autie on Onlyfans:

  • Foot fetish
  • Solo Play
  • BDSM sex
  • Worn panties and bras
  • Custom sexual content, and more

Autie’s highly engaging nature makes her monthly price worth all the pennies. You can’t have a dull moment consuming her mesmerizing sexual content!

Price: $20/month

5. Sofi Alien – Hottest Onlyfans Feet Creator


  • Likes: 33,600+
  • Ranking: 1% of creators
  • Media: 410 photos and 98 videos

Where to follow:

Sofi is petite with small tits but is an extremely hot fetish Onlyfans star, ranking among the top 1% of creators on the platform.

She performs a lot of solo sexual content with lots of toys, but you can never get bored in any of these solo sex sessions by Sofi. Ask the thousands of Onlyfans subscribers who already consume her content regularly!

Sofi is dedicated to helping her users relax in the evenings, by offering them tip-top sexual content including the following:

  • Different fetishes
  • Lots and lots of nude
  • Barbie doll pussy
  • Solo sex
  • Sex toys
  • Blow job
  • Custom sexual content based on request

I really think Sofi loves being naked. You can hardly catch her with her clothes on.

Price: $4.99/month (Juicy offers available)

6. Sofia Parker – Petite Foot Fetish Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 64,600+
  • Ranking: 1.20% of creators
  • Media: 444 photos and 81 video

Where to follow:

Sofia is one of the youngest Onlyfans feet models who has made her way into the top 1.20% of creators on the platform, by uploading mesmerizing and entertaining videos and photos.

Sofia is more reserved on her other social platforms (like Twitter) and hardly displays her sensitive and attractive body. If you think she’s like that everywhere, you’re wrong!

On Onlyfans, Sofia has no care about anything. Her goal is to give her subscribers premium satisfaction, and her videos and photos are nothing short of outright-explicit.

Talk of:

  • Footjob
  • Solo content with toys
  • Custom content
  • Explicit nude content
  • Blow job
  • Anal

Sofia’s got all these to offer and much more!

Price: Free

7. Paula Flores – Busty Best Feet Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 24,100+
  • Ranking: 1.30% of creators
  • Media: 198 photos and 38 video

Where to follow:

Paula’s bust is perfect and unforgettable. Whether she is flaunting her boobs or butt on Onlyfans, you’ll find yourself craving more.

This best Onlyfans feet creator stands out on the platform as one of the top 1.30% of creators with many highly explicit video and photo uploads to keep her fans glued to her page.

Apart from being an expert at different fetishes, you can also find Paula creating content including

  • Solo sex
  • Blowjob
  • Custom sexual requests
  • Sexting and more!

Price: Free!

8. Sandra Teilor – Nimble Onlyfans Feet Girl


  • Likes: 43,200+
  • Ranking: 2.40% of creators
  • Media: 254 photos and 10 video

Where to follow:

Sandra has a naturally seductive look, but she is one of the few Onlyfans girls obsessed with fetish sexual explorations. You’ll often catch her with high-heeled shoes, socks, leather pants, or other costumes that give a strong sense of fetish.

You’ll most likely get along with Sandra if you are a fan of rhymes, chemistry, romance novels, and movies. According to her, discussing these titles makes her get really wet for you! You know what that means, right? Aha!

Ready to enjoy all Sandra has to offer? You can subscribe to her profile for free!

Price: Free

9. Julia – Pink Lingerie Onlyfans Feet Creator


  • Likes: 71,800+
  • Ranking: 3.80% of creators
  • Media: 182 photos, 21 videos, and 12 livestreams

Where to follow:

Julia is an attractive fetish Onlyfans girl with a special love for colorful lingerie and artistic skillfulness when it comes to exploring her sexuality.

Perhaps, her seductive abilities are because of her commitment to studies as a college student, with a long-term goal of being a teacher someday.

This highly engaging Onlyfans feet girl keeps her fans engaged with fresh videos, photos, and mouthwatering live stream sessions, where she offers fetish sexual acts and other kinds of fantasies.

Life never gets boring when there’s a Julia to follow on Onlyfans!

Price: $9.99/month

10. Veronica – Pretty Feet Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 13,100+
  • Ranking: 1.80% of creators
  • Media: 237 photos and 55 videos

Where to follow:

Veronica is naturally beautiful with a charming smile that can melt any heart and transform the most sullen mood. But more than that, she’s a master at stimulating sexual desires and excitement.

One thing that helps her stand out is her commitment to engaging with her followers on Onlyfans. She’s always willing to chat. Moreover, Veronica uploads fresh content daily leaving her subscribers with something new to enjoy always.

  • Fetish
  • Sexting
  • Solo sex
  • Nude pictures and videos

Price: Free

11. Valeria – Sleeping Beauty Onlyfans Feet Account


  • Likes: 82,500+
  • Ranking: 1.90% of creators
  • Media: 394 photos and 1 video

Where to follow:

Valeria, from Ukraine, is a simple and beautiful feet worship Onlyfans creator. She loves using, lingerie, pop socks, or leather clothing, which look amazingly good on her.

Like many other Onlyfans creators, Valeria also focuses on building a personal relationship with her subscribers. That is, she’s always available to chat, explore sexting, and respond to comments from her uploads.

Apart from feet worship, Valeria also specializes in other kinkiness, such as:

  • Foot fetish
  • Sexting
  • Nude body display

Price: Free

11. Monica – Teen Onlyfans Fetish Girl


  • Likes: 9,600+
  • Ranking: 2.90% of creators
  • Media: 144 photos and videos

Where to follow:

Monica is a 19-year-old Onlyfans creator making a name for herself as a foot fetish sexual content creator on the platform. With her sweet and innocent appearance, it may come as a surprise that Monica is a singer and a model student at a music college.

But what sets her apart from others is her boldness and confidence in exploring her sexuality and femininity. Monica finds inspiration for her music and performances while chatting on Onlyfans and playing her digital piano naked — what can be lovelier!

According to Monica, she is eager to learn more about her desires. Do you want to join Monica in her sexuality discovery? You’ll be glad to be part of the train as she unveils exciting things about her sexuality you don’t want to miss.

Price: Free

13. Posh Babe – Yoga Queen Onlyfans Feet Creator


  • Likes: 85,400+
  • Ranking: 3.30% of creators
  • Media: 356 photos and 2 videos

Where to follow:

Meet Posh babe, a multi-talented Onlyfans fetish creator once crowned as Miss Ukraine in 2022. She’s such a catch if you’d love to talk with someone who turns you on, as she’s quite knowledgable and passionate about fitness, tennis, and yoga.

Her sultry content on Onlyfans has gained her a huge following, but what sets her apart is her dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Posh (or Anastasia) believes it’s vital to take care of both the mind and body, and often incorporates her love for fitness, tennis, and yoga into her fetish content.

With her unique combination of interests and talents, Posh Babe has captured the hearts of many subscribers on Onlyfans. WARNING: You’ll fall in love with her if you look at her photos for more than two minutes. Hahaha

Price: Free

How Can I Find the Best Onlyfans Feets Models?

Onlyfans is home to many kinky foot fetish creators with interesting personalities and exciting sexual escapades up their sleeves. These best feet Onlyfans creators know exactly what subscribers need, and they go all out to give their fans and followers all the sexual satisfaction they need.

Aside from helping you discover the best footjob Onlyfans creators, we have many other reviews, such as the best redhead Onlyfans. With these reviews, you can access top Onlyfans accounts to help increase your sexual excitement.

Are There Free Onlyfans Feet Worship Creators?

You can subscribe to some of the best fetish Onlyfans creators and consume their content for free once you’re registered on the platform! This review shows you at a glance all the basic features of the best feet Onlyfans creators, including their pricing model.

How Can I Join Onlyfans?

Visit the website to join millions of other subscribers already enjoying tip-top exciting content on the platform. Input your email and full name, and select a password that’s easy to remember. Alternatively, you can log in with Twitter or Google, or leverage the Passwordless sign-in option.

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