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I’m back and bringing you more great options for ethical feminist porn in this review! Marketed as a “new wave, sex positive porn,” Bright Desire features a whole range of erotic content, including movies, erotic stories, and audio erotica.

As well as prioritizing ethical production, Bright Desire aims to create intimate porn that showcases real pleasure and puts the joy and fun back into sex.

In this review, I’ll bringing you all you need to know about Bright Desire as well as my personal opinions of the site. Here’s everything you can find:

What is and is it legit?

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Bright Desire was created in 2012 by Ms Naughty, an erotic filmmaker and writer with a passion for authentic and ethical erotica! She’s won multiple awards for her movies and writing and also writes informative articles about all things porn.

I can happily confirm that Bright Desire is a legit site that allows you to access porn that’s both ethically made and safe for your computer!

Ms Naughty brands Bright Desire as intelligent porn that offers it’s viewers erotica that’s stimulating in every sense and goes beyond the cliched mainstream porn that’s often devoid of connection. Bright Desire offers sensual, engaging porn that’s great for the viewer and the performers!

There’s a wide range of content on the site, and although it’s feminist porn, it’s porn for anyone that values quality erotica! Although Ms Naughty originally featured porn aimed at the heterosexual female gaze, she has broadened to include porn across the spectrum of genders and sexualities.

As well as original short movies shot for, you can watch well-shot real-life couples porn, audio porn, erotic fiction, and solo masturbation sessions with voiceovers from the performers, so there are plenty of ways to get yourself in the mood!

On top of the erotic content, you can also access behind the scenes footage and interviews and enjoy the Bright Desire blog!

My Review:

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Next up, I’ll share my honest opinions of Bright Desire, starting with the pros and cons. I’m also going to share who I think would get the most out the content. The Pros and Cons


  • Ethical, feminist porn with transparent rules and guidelines
  • A lot of exclusive movies
  • Focus on genuine pleasure and connection
  • Includes award winning short movies and real-life couples porn
  • Some body diversity
  • Range of formats: movies, audio, fiction
  • Performers free to choose what they want to do on screen
  • High quality HD videos available in multiple formats
  • Able to download movies
  • Movies available in different lengths (e.g., a 10 minute or 20 minute version)


  • Website design is dated
  • Production value seems a little low
  • Not the biggest selection
  • Not a lot of content added on a frequent basis
  • Limited selection of queer movies
  • Not the most diverse performers
  • Pricing not clear
  • Only one subscription option Review: A Little More Detail

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What did I love about

Firstly, their whole approach to porn is something I can definitely get behind! I love that actors have the freedom to choose what sex acts they want to perform and that you get to enjoy real passion and pleasure on screen.

On top of that, they are committed to ensuring the well-being of the performers and they are transparent in their practices.

Also, I love that there’s a range of different formats to enjoy! You can enjoy audio, movies and fiction all in one place, depending on your mood!

What didn’t I love?

Compared to other sites, it does seem like there’s a smaller collection of movies available. Plus, the FAQ’s state that the site is updated with a new movie at least once a month, which isn’t a lot, especially as the library is small to start with. While, I understand that making good quality, ethical porn takes time, but it could be easy to find yourself running out of options you want to watch.

I also thought that the website as a while feels a little dated and the content doesn’t feel the highest quality in terms of production value.

The content is also less diverse, with fewer queer videos and less representation of bigger bodies, and less racial diversity among the performers.

That being said, the website is relatively easy to navigate. The only thing that was difficult to find was the pricing, which is pretty important information! I figured out the only way to find it was by going through to their payment sevice CCBill, as it will give you the prices in your local currency or a currency of your choice. However, even on this page, the information was very small and could have definitely been made clearer.

Who would I recommend Bright Desire to?

I would say Bright Desire caters more to those who want to watch cis-het porn. While there is some queer content on Bright Desire, there’s definitely more straight, cis-het content on the site, so I would say this is the primary audience.

There is some diversity in terms of body shapes and race, but not it’s not the most diverse range of performers. The majority of performers are white and straight sized, so that’s something else to keep in mind when deciding if this is the porn site for you!

In terms of taste, Bright Desire tends to be more sensual and doesn’t have a great deal of kink, BDSM or fetish content.

How much is a subscription?

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As I mentioned earlier in this review, the pricing isn’t clear on the website. You have actually click through to the billing partner’s page to see the subscription rates.

Once you click through, the subscription prices are there, but they aren’t particularly clear. Also, there isn’t any real explanation of the pricing systems.

There are two different payment options, both of which give you full access to the content on the site.

Monthly subscription: $27.27 for the first 30 days and then $11.83/month

One off purchase for 90 days: $45.09

Payments are all private and secure and you can cancel at any time!

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