Chaturbate Review – Safe and Legit? Here’s My Take…

Like me, you are probably a regular on adult cam websites and have fallen victim to scammers posing as legitimate adult cam platforms. You do not want to take that risk with Chaturbate (CB).

That’s why you are here to get clear-cut answers to some mind-boggling questions.

One: Is Chaturbate legit?

Two: How do you get free tokens on Chaturbate?

Three: Do Chaturbate token hacks work?

I have mastered the art of picking out the best adult cam websites from the crowd. I also use my knowledge to write detailed, unbiased reviews for the platforms I encounter.

This is my expert review of 

So, rest assured that all those questions will be answered in this review. Read on and watch out for token coupons you can redeem at Chaturbate, plus links to free premium shows I have handpicked for you, such as the one below.

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Pros 👍 & Cons 👎

Visiting the site as a first-timer, I was instantly impressed by the layout of the site. Hundreds of live shows were already in session, and I could hop on one before even creating an account. However, doing so meant not having access to some critical features, such as public chat, so I set up an account. 

Besides the more extensive portfolio of girls than any other adult cam website I had used before, Chaturbate had other perks, as I would discover. First was the versatility of the chat section, with models using different bots and apps to customize the experience for visitors. I had not seen this before and was impressed by how it made every room feel unique. 

Another thing I liked was the lively rooms with hundreds of people lauding the proceedings. I, however, noticed that this meant competing for attention when in the rooms of your favorite models. You could take them private, but private shows might be pricey, especially for top models who charge more than 90 tokens per minute. That’s a bummer. Plus, I realized that a model can choose not to include the Start Private Show feature when setting up their profile. That is not to mention I could not use my VR headset to bring the action closer.

Below is the list of all the pros and cons of using Chaturbate. 

Pros 👍

  • Charturbate can be used for free.
  • The most extensive collection of models available online at any given time compared to competitor platforms (5000-6000+).
  • An all-in-one platform for broadcasters and clients. You can start streaming on the site without creating a separate account. 
  • A versatile chat section with different chats and bots for models to customize their rooms. Those mean a different experience in every room you visit. 
  • Add your favorite models to your follow-list for quick access. 
  • It’s not against policy for models to go all out, nudity-wise, during free shows. Not inviting models to private shows doesn’t necessarily mean less steamy shows.
  • Top-notch video quality.
  • Offers on token purchases and account upgrades.
  • Diverse and pinpoint categories & tags organizing women, couples, men, and trans shows by age, region, and others. 
  • Convenient payment methods, including PayPal, credit/debit cards, and crypto wallets.

Cons 👎

  •  No Virtual Reality (VR) support.
  • Crowded rooms may mean competing for attention when in the rooms of your favorite models. 
  • Some top models with high traffic might not provide the Start Private Show feature when setting up their profiles. That eliminates the possibility of a more intimate one-on-one show.
  • No live chat support. 
  • Free users do not get an ad-free interface.

Review Summary

📋FeaturesSend tips, Fan clubs, Cam-To-Cam, PMs, Fun games
🎬ShowsPrivate shows, Cam2Cam, and Free shows
✈️Compatible with VPN?
🆓Free Membership
💯 legit & Safe
💸Value for Money
💳Payment OptionsDebit and credit cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer, and Crypto
🤑Running Promotions
📌Main CategoriesFeatured, Women, Men, Couples, & Trans
⚖️Overall Rating9/10

Is Chaturbate Worth It?

I always say this. Every freemium site is worth checking out for someone interested in what the camming world has to offer.

I mean, just visit Chaturbate, and chances are that you will find a high roller masterminding a fully explicit show, and you can just pop in for free and even send messages via public chat.

Chaturbate Tokens Hack Review 🔎

There have been a lot of discussions, speculations, and confusion surrounding the “Chaturbate token generator legit or not” topic. No one seems to know the truth.

Lucky you because I am here to provide some insights and clarity on the matter before proceeding with this Chaturbate review. 

As expected, my journey in search of a free Chaturbate tokens generator didn’t bear any fruits. I don’t expect yours to be fruitful, either, plus it’s a security risk. 

Simply, the concept of a Chaturbate cheat engine was fabricated by people desperate to acquire CB tokens illegally. The free Chaturbate currency generators you come across are as a result of scammers hopping on the idea, knowing they can easily defraud Chaturbate users by promising free tokens.

Chaturbate’s Opinion About Free Chaturbate Token Generators

Of course, I had to hear it from the horse’s mouth. As expected, Chaturbate immediately clarified that Chaturbate tokens cost money and that anyone who promises them for free wants to steal your information and money. No wonder a Chaturbate tokens hack no survey does not exist since the goal is to collect information from you.

Ways You Could Acquire Chaturbate Tokens Besides Buying Them?

Simply, the idea of getting free Chaturbate tokens is fabricated. But that doesn’t mean other ways to acquire CB tokens don’t exist. Below are ways you could earn CB tokens besides buying them. 

  1. Receiving them from other Chaturbators. You can broadcast yourself at any time on Chaturbate and receive tks from other users. I will provide details about this later.
  2. User referrals. CB runs referral programs where you can earn a commission for what a Chaturbate user earns or spends. 
  3. Sometimes, Chaturbate will offer free token coupons to their affiliates so that they can, in turn, use them to pull in new users. That said, here’s your Chaturbate tokens free coupon:

Chaturbate Top Features (How it Works) 🤷‍♂️

Chaturbate provides every tool an adult cam website user would need to interact with their favorite model.

From a tipping button to a cam-to-cam switch, you will find everything right where you need it.

Below is a list of every tool and feature that makes Chaturbate unique. 

  1. The Chat Section
  2. Send Tip
  3. Fan Clubs 
  4. Cam-To-Cam
  5. PM or DM
  6. Start Private Show
  7. Games & Fun

1. The Chat Section

The chat section is the most intriguing feature at Chaturbate. And for a good reason. 

In a unique twist from what I have seen on other platforms, it allows models to integrate various apps and bots while serving as a public chatting space. These perform every action you could think of, from controlling toys & outlining a model’s tip menu to creating games & hiding messages containing words and phrases that the broadcaster has banned. I was intrigued by how these made every room feel unique, with models experimenting with different apps and bots in their rooms. 

2. Send Tip

Want to show your appreciation for a model’s performance? Use This button to enter the amount you want to send. Of course, the tip you send activates vibrations on a model’s toy if they have integrated a bot or app performing that action. Also, you get a specific username color depending on how many tokens you spent recently.

Tokens SpentUsername Color
1000+Dark purple
250+Light purple
50+Dark blue
Own tokens or purchased tokens recentlyLight blue

3. Fan Clubs 

Upon entering a show on the site, you will notice the Join Fan Club feature next to the Follow button. This is a fantastic way to support your favorite models and enhance your experience by unlocking exclusive perks, such as a green username, whenever you are in that model’s room. Noteworthy, each model’s subscription price is unique, with the typical price ranging from $5.99 to $ 15.99 monthly.

4. Cam-To-Cam

This is an innovative way to switch to two-way interaction by sharing your camera feed with the broadcaster. I particularly liked the cam-to-cam feature on this site because it will enable you to select a preferred resolution before sharing your camera feed. You also know when the model is watching you as the cam icon on your end turns orange. 

5. PM or DM

Unlike public chat, private or direct messaging lets you send confidential messages to the broadcaster. But, you know the drill. It’s not accessible to everyone. This site, in particular, only allows you to access it if you have a supporter membership, a moderator, or a subscriber to the model’s fan club. There is a tab for PM in the chat section, but you can click on users and click on the broadcaster’s username to start a conversation.

6. Start Private Show

Chaturbate is one of the most popular adult cam websites. That means regular/free shows can be pretty hectic. 

Luckily, you can request a private show with your favorite broadcaster. It might, however, be expensive, with some models charging up to 240 tokens per minute for a private show. Some profiles will also not have the Start Private Show option, probably because the broadcasters realized they could earn more during regular performances.  

Chaturbate private show link

7. Games & Fun

The list of available games is endless. Courtesy goes to the extended portfolio of games available on the apps and bots section of the site. Spin the Wheel and Roll The Dice are some of the most common games in chat rooms.

Can you Use Chaturbate for Free? 🆓❓

Let’s face it. It’s not every day you will have tokens to spend. 

The creators of Chaturbate totally get this, and that’s why they extend a free experience for all their users. And you do not have to worry about the models holding back during free shows as the policy doesn’t prevent them from going all out during free shows, as I have seen on some adult cam platforms. The table below reveals the features available if you use the site for free. 

Use public chatYes. However, some models may integrate a bot/app that only allows messages from users with tokens. 
Special requestsNo
Request private showsNo
Enable cam-to-camNo
Purchase videos or recorded showsNo

Who is Chaturbate For and Not For

First and foremost, Chaturbate is not a dating or hookup site. So, not the ideal platform if you are interested in meet-ups, hookups, dates, and the like.

Professionals who get paid to fulfill your sexual fantasies on-screen are what you get here.

Also important to clarify is that Chaturbate is a freemium site. This is an added perk that allows you to get a piece of action premium users pay for without spending a dime.

Is Chaturbate Compatible with VPN Software?

Yes, Chaturbate is generally compatible with any Virtual Private Network software. This allows you to change your virtual location, which can be helpful, as Chaturbate models can block users from specific jurisdictions, especially where they are from.

Turning off my VPN meant I could not access the chat rooms of some of my favorite models. 

Why Chaturbate is One of the Best Sites 🥇

“Is Charturbate one of my go-to adult cam websites?” Well, yes, it is, and I would recommend it to anyone for these compelling reasons:

  • An intuitive user interface. I was particularly impressed by the versatility of the chat section, which enables models to integrate various apps and bots for different actions. 
  • Chaturbate’s immense popularity means a global array of models to choose from. That is not to mention a lively and engaging community of like-minded viewers. 
  • Affordable token rates mean enjoying the platform’s offers without breaking the bank. 
  • Paid shows can be truly unforgettable, but that doesn’t mean you will not find something exciting to watch when you do not have tokens. Below is a gem of a free show I recommend as an expert who has mastered locating the best performances on Chaturbate.
One of the best free shows on

Is Chaturbate Legit? 🤔

Indeed, the online world can be confusing. The opinions about the legitimacy of various services can vary. 

Things are not different when it comes to customer Chaturbate reviews or testimonials. You may become more confused when you type the posed question on your search engine.

However, I have run every possible check on this site over the years I have been using it, and I can confidently say that is legitimate. Here are a few points to support my claim. 

  • Chaturbate boasts a vast collection of seasoned models active on the platform for years. This longevity and loyalty is enough proof that they get compensated for their services. Furthermore, the site has been in operation for more than a decade now.
  • Chaturbate has a customer support team that addresses users’ issues or concerns. 
  • The platform verifies and authenticates models to ensure users interact with genuine performers.
  • Finally, I like how the billing process at Chaturbate is transparent. You get precise information about the charges to your account every time you make a purchase. 

Is Chaturbate Safe? 🧑‍⚖️

Chaturbate is 100% safe for several reasons. For starters, the site is Safe Labeling, ASACP, and RTA-verified. That means you will not find minors on the site. 

Secondly, there is no trace of malware/phishing software, according to legit third-party auditors such as Flashtart and DNSFilter. That is not to mention the fact that the SSL certificate is valid.

Finally, I admired the proactive security measures, such as outsourcing security services from reputable providers like Cloudflare. As a new user, I also appreciated how I kept getting reminders about adding an extra layer of security to my account by activating 2FA. 

Token Cost. Do You Get Value for Money? 💸

You would expect Chaturbate to leverage its popularity and charge higher for tokens. But that’s not the case. 

The token package prices align with what you typically find in the space. So, yes. You get value for your money with the tokens you get after every purchase. Below is a table revealing the token pricing at Chaturbate.

TokensPrice ($)

Payment Options 🏧💳

With a site like Chaturbate, I didn’t expect any issues here.

That said, you will find the typical and widely used options like debit and credit cards like Epoch, Paypal, wire transfer, and even crypto.

My Impressions 🕵️‍♂️

Chaturbate’s tagline is the act of masturbating while chatting online. As this platform’s user, I can attest that they have aced that.

But as usual, I won’t hesitate to point out a few aspects that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

  1. On popular broadcasts, the chat sections can get crowded with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people present. Furthermore, the fact that virtually all the models run multiple apps and bots simultaneously doesn’t help at all when trying to keep up with the chat.  
  2. Given the platform’s popularity, your favorite models will probably have many fans vying for their time and attention. Therefore, getting uninterrupted attention from them can be tricky.
  3. Due to the sheer influx of models, new users might find locating their preferred content a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, this drawback disappears when the algorithm learns your preferences, making the recommendations precise over time. Furthermore, you can add favorites to your follow list and check to see who’s online whenever you are in for a CB session.

Our Opinion 👨‍🦰👱‍♀️ would easily be a frontrunner in a best adult cam websites contest, if not the undisputed winner. And the reasons are crystal clear. 

For starters, the platform hosts an incredibly diverse range of models. This ensures that there’s something for everyone, no matter their taste or preference. 

Secondly, the token prices are friendly compared to what you get on other platforms. Personally, I found the $5.99 super convenient when I just wanted to test the platform as a new user.

Third and finally, the video quality on Chaturbate is exceptional. That might not be the case with all the broadcasters, but I have been using adult cam websites for a while now, and I understand that it’s expected to come across models who cannot stream in HD primarily because of poor internet connection.

Promotions/ Giveaways 🎁

Chaturbate doesn’t leave users in search of bonuses empty-handed. As of the writing time, they have a sweet deal going on. By acquiring supporter membership at $19.95, you get 200 free tokens in addition to the account upgrade. 

chaturbate token giveaway

The Site’s Categories 📋

You get five main categories. Women, couples, men, trans, and featured cams. There is also a section for trending tags for those looking for something specific. Some of these are listed in the table below.


I would have been content with these only to click the Discover button and see more categories, including the most popular cams. Secondly, the footer section has cam suggestions based on age, region, private show cost/minute, etc. Third, you can click the setting button beside the search button to select preferred regions, plus the time it takes for thumbnails to refresh. 

Chaturbate's categories

Types of Shows on Chaturbate 🎬

The table below reveals the type of shows you will come across on the platform. 

Type of ShowDescription
Free ShowsThese provide the base for all the other shows. Models go live, and everyone is invited to watch as they perform. You can either watch commitment-free or tip for special requests as everyone watches.  
Cam2CamUsers with tokens can share their cam feed with models broadcasting on the site for a more intimate experience.
Private ShowsThey give you exclusive access to the model for a more tailored experience away from the crowd. Every broadcaster’s per-minute fee for private shows is unique.

Get a feel of Chaturbate’s private shows by jumping into the one we unlocked for our readers below. Better hurry because it ends in 5 minutes!

Chaturbate free private show hack

Types of Membership on Chaturbate

The basic membership is accessible to all. But there’s only so much you can do with it since it only allows you to use the free cam chat. Most models will even run a bot or app preventing you from chatting on the public chat section if you do not have a token balance. 

Luckily, you can upgrade to a supporter membership and unlock the following perks. 

  • Private messages.
  • Chat room previews instead of the regular thumbnails.
  • Custom chat section fonts. 
  • An ad-free interface.
  • Anonymous tips. 
  • A custom username color. 

Noteworthy, supporter membership should not be confused with fan club memberships. The latter only allows you to support your favorite models while unlocking several perks, such as access to recorded shows, PMs, and a distinctive green-colored username when you are in that model’s chat room.

The Number of Models Online

Chaturbate does not have a live model counter. But I usually check on Camsfinder, and as you can expect with such a popular site, the number of girls online at any given time ranges from 2000-5000. That number can be higher on some days, which makes sense since there are about 4M registered models. 

Reply Rate 📲

You will often compete to get attention since most rooms are crowded. So, the response you get is primarily hinged on your generosity— tipping generously tends to grab a model’s attention.

I also noticed that engaging in pleasantries or long conversations is not the norm in most rooms, especially those belonging to top models. Some will even put up a notice saying they often prefer direct purchases from their tip menus over beating around the bush in DMs.

Overall Rating ⚖️


My rating for is a solid 9/10. I had previously rated Stripchat 8/10, but I find this site better because of its extensive and diverse model selection. In other words, finding what you are looking for is easier here.  

Furthermore, the platform’s popularity creates a more vibrant and engaging community that attracts top-notch talent. The best part? They token prices are friendly and you do not have to even have to commit if you there’s no urge to customize the experience. 

How to Complete Your Profile on Chaturbate

Clicking on the My Profile tab under your username’s menu only offers you a few options, profile completion-wise. You can only edit your bio and link your social media if you want to. However, the latter requires age verification.

Impressively, I noticed that Chaturbate understands the importance of the dark mode. They have included this feature so users can turn it on for a more eye-friendly viewing experience, especially during late-night sessions.

My Journey 🚶

How to Sign Up

I signed up with the Continue with Google option. But you can take the long route and fill in your username, password, email address (optional), gender, and birthday on the signup form.

Chaturbate create account

Paying & Prices

I expected the token price to be higher with such a renowned platform, only to realize they were within the expected price range based on the other top platforms’ charges. I also didn’t expect any delays, tampering, or other issues upon payment, and the site didn’t disappoint me. 

Chaturbate Payment Methods

Finding the Best Cam Model

The platform makes finding the best cam model quite convenient with all the tags and categories on-page. Its backend is also quite intelligent, as it will start suggesting models and shows that align with your interests in no time. 

Chaturbate Free Show Suggestions

Additionally, I noticed that top-performing models or those with the most viewers are conveniently placed at the top of the home page. These are often the best porn cams and rarely disappoint once you hop on. 

How Chaturbate Works

Chaturbate operates like a typical adult cam website. Find a suitable show (this site has, for example, found the 10 best lesbian couples channels on Chaturbate), tip for special requests, and even hop on private shows for uninterrupted sessions. Additionally, you can subscribe to model fan clubs or upgrade your membership for special perks. 

How are the Models on Chaturbate?

Chaturbate boasts a diverse array of models from all corners of the globe. This makes it a top talent hub in the camming industry. So, expect to find models with a knack for running engaging and entertaining shows.

However, like in any platform, I also expected to stumble upon models who are less experienced when it comes to engaging with their audience. But that’s the charm of it—a mix of seasoned pros and those still finding their footing to guarantee something for everyone’s preferences. 

Customer Support 📨

Unfortunately, there’s no live chat option. So, you must fill out a general support form to report an issue.

To the site’s credit, there’s a comprehensive support page detailing everything you want to know about the platform, plus everyday troubleshooting hacks. A customer support agent also gets back to you within 24 hours after submitting a request. 

How is the Chatting Service? ⌨️

Chaturbate offers a unique experience in every chat room. Credit goes to the various apps and bots, which models can use to personalize the chat experience. 

While some rooms may allow all members to send messages freely, others may have a bot or app that restricts messaging to users with tokens. Some models may even employ bots that require free users to solve a simple quiz or task, such as a math problem or typing a phrase, before sending a message. 

Also noteworthy, the chat in top model chat rooms can be fast-paced and challenging to follow, given that thousands of viewers are present. 

Review of the Private Shows 🤫

There is a dedicated tab for all the models on private shows. You also get notified if a free show host accepts a private show request. 

As for the review of the private shows, the fact that the model can switch off the spy feature on request always comes in handy when I want total privacy. 

Chaturbate Private Shows with no peeking option

There is no question about the quality of the services you get here since models are not held back by the thought that someone is watching them. The models also know they have to make the per-minute rate you pay worthwhile.

Is it Possible to Record Models?

I am yet to encounter a camming platform where you cannot use third-party software to record models. So, yes. People record shows on However, videos will only get much distribution if you are a woman doing something exceptional or a public figure.

Chaturabate Leaks

Leaks are more common with Freemium sites. That’s because the policies on these websites allow models to go all out, nudity-wise, in the presence of everyone during free chats, where it’s likely that a person is waiting to record and leak the content on Telegram, Twitter, and other nude content-friendly platforms.

Chaturbate is no exception, but some models exercise caution by only accepting the most extreme requests in private chats.

Any Scam Complaints or False Information Online?

You will come across reviews like the one below. 

CB is probably the best such site on The Net from a technical viewpoint. Inter-cam

transfers are efficient, and the payment system works well. The model display windows have a well-working system. There’s quite a variety and lots of regulars…”

But you will also come across negative ones like this:

Chaturbate is designed to bleed horny men out of their money. The prices are bumped at the last minute, so you don’t know how much you pay for the session😡😡. The girls are better, and the service is cheaper on…

As you can see, most negative reviews will try to redirect you to another platform, where you will probably get scammed. That raises a question about their legitimacy. 

However, I have used Chaturbate for a long time, and I can assure you that there is nothing to fear, legitimacy-wise.  

The Community boasts a remarkable community that is perfect if you seek a vibrant and diverse group of like-minded individuals to connect with. 

Comparing Chaturbate with Alternatives

The list of best cam websites is a long one. In other words, Chaturbate isn’t the only option for someone looking to explore what the camming space brings to the table.

In this section, I will not only reveal Chaturbate’s alternatives but I will also compare it to each so that you can see which serves you best.

Before that, here is a table revealing what position I think Chaturbate would take if there were a best camming sites listing based on critical factors such as the friendliness of the policy, quality of customer support, and the quality of the performers on-site, among other factors.

#Best Adult Cam SiteMy Rating

On to the side-by-side comparison now.

Chaturbate Vs. RoyalCams

RoyalCams, BongaCams sister site, has a lot in common with Chaturbate, including a huge selection of talented girls who stream in HD and a complete interface with every tool you might need to interact with models on a camming platform.

So, which is the better of the two?

Well, it all comes down to personal preference. You could find yourself drawn to one site than the other and you can’t really explain why.

Chaturbate Vs. BongaCams

BongaCams is RoyalCam’s more renowned sister site. So, the same advice as above.

Instead of choosing which site to abandon between Chaturbate and BongaCams, use the sites side by side whenever you are after some camming action. Case in point, both sites are pretty decent, offering a seamless experience for users. The best part is that you do not even have to commit unless you want to customize the show or switch to a private chat away from the rest of the users.

Chaturbate Vs. Camsoda

Chaturbate is the more popular of the two, but this isn’t an outright indication that it is the better site.

Most people just prefer Chaturbate because it is the more familiar site.

However, ignoring Camsoda means missing out on some incredible features, such as Split Tip and Versus mode, to mention a few.

So even for the die-hard Chaturbate user, Camsoda is still worth checking out, especially on those days when you just keep scrolling and never seem to find what you are after.

Chaturbate Vs. Stripchat

Stripchat is just like bubble wrap for me. You just don’t want to stop!

Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Stripchat was the platform that initiated me into the camming world.

So, there’s no question about it. Personal preference drives me to pick Stripchat over Chaturbate.

However, I always check to see who is online at CB while enjoying Stripchat’s top-of-the-line features, such as VR compatibility.

Chaturbate Vs. is way younger than CB.

Probably why Chaturbate comes out on top.

However, I like what the up-and-coming is up to, so ensure you have it open in a separate tab once in a while to check out what the models, or cherries as the site nicknames them, are up to.

Chaturbate Vs. MyFreeCams

You have to give props to MyFreeCams for being one of the pioneers in the camming space.

I have one problem with the platform, though. Seems the designers of the site never did anything to keep up with the times.

So, from time to time, I venture out from the likes of Chaturbate and Stripchat to check out what MyFreeCams’ award-winning talent base is up to while trying very hard to ignore the outdated aesthetics.

Chaturbate Vs. Jerkmate

Comparing a freemium site to a premium one is always a tough ask. But one’s that necessary so that you can see whether the premium site is worth it when you are ready to whip out cash for the full experience.

That said, you are better off with Chaturbate if you are just exploring what the camming space is all about.

Chaturbate is a freemium category site, meaning paying users can orchestrate a fully explicit show in the presence of everyone, including the non-paying users, during free shows.

That is unlike Jerkmate, a premium site, where the models are hesitant to go all out in the presence of non-paying users since the policy doesn’t allow it.

So, is Jerkmate worth checking out when you have gotten a feel of what the premium experience is like commitment-free on freemium websites and want to orchestrate a show of your own?

Definitely! The site hosts incredible talent around the clock courtesy of the renowned Streamate Network.

Chaturbate Vs. LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin is another top premium cam site. It has a lot going for it including the aesthetics and unique features, such as in-show snapshots, customized texts, and a store where you can buy and ship real gifts to your favorite performers.

So, how does it fare when pitted against Chaturbate?

Well, Chaturbate is hands down the better site, with traffic receipts being one of the things to show for it. While LiveJasmin gets about 200 million visits, its rival triples and even exceeds that.

But do we just ignore the 200 million visits as if it is nothing?

Absolutely not!

LiveJasmin is doing something remarkable for the premium crowd, and you can only find out what it is by committing cash.

Chaturbate Vs. SlutRoulette

SlutRoulette is just Jerkmate renamed. So, same opinion here.

The Streamate Network has a lot in store for you if you are down for fan club subscriptions to unlock content, inviting models to private shows, and other privileges exclusive to paying users.

Chaturbate Vs.

The convenience’s toy vibe feature offers is hardly unmatched by any other platform, premium or freemium. I mean, you can just click on the feed to buzz the model’s toy!

Impressive, but the site struggles for another feature to show besides that.

So, it wouldn’t matter if was transformed into a freemium website like Chaturbate. It would still be the underdog.

Doesn’t hurt to add to your list of premium websites to try once you get the wherewithal, though.

My Thoughts From a Model’s Perspective

For every camming site I use, I have always been interested in seeing how things work from both sides of the camera. This section provides useful insights if you want to earn on Chaturbate. 

How Much Do Models Make on Chaturbate?

The tokens you earn on the site can be converted to cash at $0.05 per token. Also, models can make more through fan club subscriptions, recorded show sales, and subscriber contests. 

How Much Can You Make as a Cam Model on Chaturbate?

There is no limitation to how much you can earn on Chaturbate. How much you earn depends on several factors, such as consistency, engagement level, etc.

I also came across models who stream simultaneously on Chaturbate and Stripchat. These two are arguably the most popular and best-paying combo. And split-camming on two sites is a surefire way of earning more than someone who broadcasts on one website.   

How to Become a Model on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is the easiest platform to join as a model, bar none. You do not even need a separate account if you are registered on the site. Just click the Broadcast Yourself button, verify your age, and you are good to go!

Testimonials from the Models on Chaturbate

I ventured outside the site to see what the broadcasters had to say. Below is one of the reviews I came across. 

Natasha says:

“I have no issues with CB. They have paid me on time, and I can cash out every day if I want to. Getting your money can take a few days, but it’s better than waiting two weeks.
I have been on there for almost two months and made 1k, which isn’t “great,” but it’s pretty good, considering I have never done camming before and have never made money online. I hope it will be more money the longer I am on.
They are fine, and many models are on the homepage from the day I joined. They wouldn’t stay on there if they weren’t getting paid.” 

Earning From the Site

Payout Methods

I expected variety, payout method-wise, and I wasn’t disappointed. You can cash out conveniently using Bitcoin, Skrill, Canada EFT, Check (by mail), Direct Deposit (USA only), Wire Transfer, Paxum, and CosmoPayment.

Payout Frequency

You can request a payment twice every month. But you can qualify for daily payments, as I later discovered. The only thing you need to do is have a history of 2-4 normal cashouts. 

Payout Percentage

Charturbate pays you $0.05 for every token you earn. That is equivalent to $5 for every 100 tokens you make. Given that customers purchase 100 tokens for about 10.99 USD, it’s clear that Chaturbate takes about 50% of what a model earns. 

Types of Models

Chaturbate accepts models from every part of the world. Of course, whether you get accepted or not depends on whether you abide by the T&Cs, including providing your government-issued ID.  

Language Translations

The site is available in 10+ languages. Models can also use third-party translators in case of a language barrier. 

Background Information

Who Owns Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a trademark of Multi Media LLC. The company’s address is 23600 El Toro Rd # X344, Lake Forest, California 92630, US.

Other Site Reviews

  • Scam Detector Trust Index: 100/100.
  • Scam Adviser Trust Score: 67/100. The only reason it isn’t 100% is because Chaturbate has very serious policies that sometimes prevent third-party auditors from accessing and analyzing the content on-site.
  • Trust Pilot: 2.2/5 based on 12 reviews.

How Much Traffic Does Chaturbate Have? 

According to SEM Rush, Chaturbate enjoys about 744M visits every month, ranking 67th in the US with an authority score of 85. That’s super impressive!

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