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13 Best Chubby Onlyfans Creators

You know the popular saying that goes, “Real men don’t eat bones”? And since you’re here I bet you believe this quote too. A little flesh here and there adds up or in fact, completes the whole experience.

As they also say, “Chubby girls give the best cuddles because their fluffy bodies provide the warmest and softest feelings. And that’s a fact! So, are you ready to check out the best plump angels on Onlyfans?

The Hottest Chubby Onlyfans Chicks

Let’s take you on a jolly ride to see some of the best thick girls Onlyfans has to offer. If you love them with thick thighs and extra warm pussies, then you would love this list of the 13 Best Chubby Onlyfans Creators.

Quick look:

  1. Bouncy Britney
  2. Lilly Pink
  3. Una Cakes
  4. Blair Winters
  5. Olivia’s World
  6. April Fox
  7. Curvy Khloe
  8. Jade Nicole
  9. Kelly
  10. Kinky Katie
  11. Tabbyvon
  12. BBW JJ Jewel
  13. Iris Skye

13 Best Chubby Onlyfans Creators

1. Bouncy Britney – Big Tits Chubby Onlyfans Account


  • Likes: 710,100+
  • Ranking: 0.2% of creators
  • Media: 10,000 photos, 1,100+ videos and 101 livestreams

Where to follow:

Hearing the word ‘bouncy,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you guessed big jiggling boobs and an ass that claps without much effort, then you’re absolutely right.

Bouncy Britney is one chubby Onlyfans chick with a body and personality that checks all the boxes. She describes herself as ‘your curvy girl next door with an absolutely perfect pussy’.

One thing she loves is hard cocks like yours and the view of them erupting huge loads while you moan loudly. She also enjoys boating, hanging out with family and friends, and being a naughty wife. But most importantly, her favorite activity is pleasuring you, and for no cost at all.

Yes, her account is free!

Price: Free

2. Lilly Pink – Freaking Horny Chubby Onlyfans Girl


  • Likes: 681,300+
  • Ranking: 0.40% of creators
  • Media: 13,200+ photos,13,800+ videos and 29 livestreams

Where to follow:

This chubby Onlyfans chick is your cock’s best friend and let me tell you why. Lilly Pink is fucking filthy, in every sense of the word and she loves everything wild and freaky. Doesn’t that convince you to subscribe yet? In fact, on her page, she guarantees that your cock is going to love her.

Here’s a bit of what to expect from her list of forbidden adventures:

  • Sextapes
  • Lesbian porn
  • Solo & Fetish
  • Anal & Fuck machine
  • Feet Fetish
  • Roleplay

But that’s not all, her talents are too numerous to mention. To see more, you can head over to her Onlyfans page and get yourself mesmerized by her naughty and sinfully sexy photos and videos.

To top it off, she gives all these on a platter for free.

Price: Free!

3. Una Cakes – Large Booty Chubby Onlyfans Account


  • Likes: 410,500+
  • Ranking: 0.50% of creators
  • Media: 12,400+ photos, 8,600+ videos, and 27 livestreams

Where to follow:

With an ass like that, I can see why she’s the #1 creator on Onlyfans. Her ass is definitely as huge as two watermelons and you’ll love every moment when she shows it off on her page. Her ass tattoo even boldly says “Bite Me” and I’m sure you’ll love to oblige to that request.

Asides from her juicy ass, she also runs one of the naughtiest curvy Onlyfans pages with exclusive content such as:

  • B/G & G/G
  • Squirting
  • Dick ratings
  • Foot fetish
  • Titty fuck, and so much more.

Once you subscribe you can be sure to get everything uncensored and quick responses anytime you send her a message. The best part? It’s all for free!

Price: Free!

4. Blair Winters – Natural Tits Thick Onlyfans Girl


  • Likes: 400,700+
  • Ranking: 0.87% of creators
  • Media: 502 photos and 96 videos

Where to follow:

Blair’s all-natural boobs and a plum ass is all you need on a cold and horny night. Her thick girl Onlyfans page with over 500k photos has everything you need to get started on working that boner. 

When you follow her account, you get to see all the hot stuff like:

  • Naked TikTok
  • Full nudity
  • B/G Sextapes
  • Blowjobs & Facials
  • Creampies
  • Feet fetish
  • Anal play
  • Dick ratings.

Her page contains no spam or ads, and you can always cancel your subscription at any time. However, I don’t see any reason why you would need to.

Price: $12/month

5. Olivia’s World – Big Bellied Chubby Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 218,800+
  • Ranking: 1.10% of creators
  • Media: 1,000+ photos and 373 videos

Where to follow:

Big, bold, and beautiful are the three words that best describe this chubby Onlyfans chick. At first glance, her large boobs and low-hanging belly steal the spotlight, but we can’t also forget to mention her gorgeous face and amazing hair. 

To top it off, her naughty content is unique, which makes it even more worth it. Let me give you a snippet of what to expect:

  • 44H Natural mommy milkers
  • The fattest FUPA show
  • Anal
  • Topless dick ratings
  • Custom requests

Aside from her naughty, and super-exciting hot stuff, you can also expect new uploads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Once you’re subscribed you get full access to hundreds of her X-rated content that is a little bit too hot for social media.

Price: $25/month

6. April Fox – Naughty British Chubby Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 198,900+
  • Ranking: 1.59% of creators
  • Media: 3,900+ photos, 164 videos and 25 livestreams

Where to follow:

Talk about a chubby chick with large tits, tattooed shoulders, plus a fat ass that could easily swallow up a 10-inch cock, and you’d have your Easter bunny, April Fox.

April is that girl who looks a little mysterious but there’s nothing else she’s thinking of other than being your naughty British BBW girlfriend, showing you her naked body and how nasty she can get for you.

On her page, you’ll find all sorts of X-rated content to pick from, such as:

  • B/G & G/G
  • Solo sessions
  • Threesomes

Is there something else, you’d specifically like her to do for you, like to make custom videos and talk dirty to you? All you need to do is subscribe for free and shoot her your cum, I mean, message.

Price: Free!

7. Curvy Khloe – Large Natural Chubby Onlyfans Account


  • Likes: 190,900+
  • Ranking: 2.20% of creators
  • Media: 1,600+ photos, 735 videos and 24 livestreams

Where to follow:

With boobs bigger than any of your dreams, Curvy Khloe is truly one of the hottest and best chubby Onlyfans models.

Now, let’s talk about those natural 38 Double-K boobs that happen to keep her fans glued to her page. Just picture those juicy melons bouncing all over in careless abandon, while she rides on a fat cock, or better still, imagine her bouncing on your swollen cock. Worth every penny if you ask me.

Khloe shares her explicit content on her page with over 1000+ photos and 700+ videos, so subscribe and make her your favorite BBW Onlyfans girl.

Price: $11.99/month

8. Jade Nicole -Curvy Redhead Chubby Onlyfans Account


  • Likes: 174,800+
  • Ranking: 3.40% of creators
  • Media: 1,400+ photos and 112 videos

Where to follow:

A thick redhead cutie like Jade with full boobs and an ass that begs to be spanked is all you need to turn a bad day around.

This thick girl Onlyfans creator is blue-eyed, and a red-headed milf next door with huge DD tits and a juicy pierced pussy that can be all yours.

If you enjoy homemade and amateur porn, then you’re right at home with this hottie. Once you get in, you’ll get immediate access to full nudes, explicit content, freebies, 1-on-1 chats, and exclusive offers sent to your DM. Inside you’ll find:

  • Loads of sexy photos & videos
  • Uncensored videos clips
  • Super quick responses

You can also purchase a 3-month subscription for 40% off, which comes with a free full-length sex video. If I were you, this is an offer I would not pass on.

Price: $14.99/month

9. Kelly – Fat Kitty Chubby Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 169,200+
  • Ranking: 3.71% of creators
  • Media: 6,300+ photos, 442 videos and 80 livestreams

Where to follow:

Kelly is your very own Scottish BBW redhead with massive tits and a fat pussy. She also has one of the most engaging and personal pages on Onlyfans.

Here’s the best part: you not only get to enjoy 100+ sexy media posts, but you can also have the best time chatting with Kelly, getting to know her better, and most importantly, learning how she can help ease the tension in your pants.

She personally loves dishing out lots of insights from her goofy personality and her page mainly contains solo content, such as video chats, sexting, cock ratings, and custom videos.

What to ride in on this naughty train? Subscribe for a slash price of $4.40/month and a regular price of $10.99 for subsequent months.

Price: $10.99/month

10. Kinky Katie – Cum Thirsty Chubby Onlyfans Account


  • Likes: 168,500+
  • Ranking: 4.11% of creators
  • Media: 3,700+ photos, 628 videos and 138 livestreams

Where to follow:

Do you sometimes crave a sweet midwestern church mom who could also act as a cum starved slut? If that’s you, you have your answer right here in Kinky Katie. She’s that home girl with an innocent side but also knows how to help you feel better and turn that headache into a fulfilling orgasm.

Here are three reasons why you should join her page and why she’s worth every of your penny:

  • She goes live every Friday night doing what she does best
  • Daily content to her re-billers
  • Regular specials and crazy cheap PPVs.

So, are you ready to fulfill that naughty desire that’s been haunting you? Subscribe now.

Price: $12/month

11. Tabbyvon – Cock Rating Chubby Onlyfans Chick


  • Likes: 143,600+
  • Ranking: 4.40% of creators
  • Media: 1,100+ photos, 55 videos and 10 livestreams

Where to follow:

Tabbyvon runs the best thick girl Onlyfans and you can tell she’s absolutely got what it takes to be that girl. Her massive all-natural tits, round belly, and equally fat ass are the stuff that always gets her fans so excited and just so horny.

Do you love to get naughty? Then allow this hot chick to help you pitch a tent in your pants and help you reach that perfect orgasmic release. All she expects from you is to send her a DM and be ready to peel off those freaky and wild layers you never even knew you had.

Here’s what you can expect from Tabbyvon:

  • Daily posts
  • Custom photos & videos
  • Sexting
  • Cock ratings and more.

She replies to all messages by herself so don’t be scared to talk to an agent instead.

Price: $10/month

12. BBW JJ Jewel – Curvy Milf Onlyfans Creator


  • Likes: 120,500+
  • Ranking: 5.10% of creators
  • Media: 2,100+ photo, 218 videos and 10 livestreams

Where to follow:

Chubby milfs are just on another level of sexy and oh-so smoking hot, and this BBW hottie is exactly all that. JJ is a 44-year-old single milf with a huge size 40M boobs and an ass that wobbles as she walks. Sounds so tempting already, right? There’s more!

Some of her best sex related content include:

  • B/G & G/G
  • Sexting sessions
  • Regular fresh milf content
  • Dick ratings
  • Solo milf
  • Custom videos

I can bet that this chubby milf promises the best experience and some of the memorable adventures you would ever have. What’s more? It’s free!

Price: Free

13. Iris Skye – Natural BBW Chubby Onlyfans Girl


  • Likes: 92,100+
  • Ranking: 6.62% of creators
  • Media: 286 photos and 2 videos

Where to follow:

Hairy, thick, and a natural BBW milf are the first words you’d see when you view her Onlyfans page. Iris Skye has a high sex appeal that just draws you to her, and it’s no wonder she continues to rank up many numbers in likes and followers on her page.

She’s also only 5’5 and with a thick ass that looks almost too good to be true – that’s probably her biggest selling point.

Her page features mostly fetish friendly, 4K solo and partnered content. But she’s likes you to know that she’s also a great genuine provider, no matter what your needs are, she is always ready to help.

Her DMs are open 24/7, so there’s no stopping you from reaching out at any time to request for favors or just simply a chit chat.

For the first month, you can get a subscription for a discounted rate of $4.50/month. Isn’t that so sweet?

Price: $8.99/month (regular price)

How Can I Find the Best Chubby Onlyfans Account?

If you’re looking for exclusive content from your favorite chubby girls, you’re surely going to find them on OnlyFans. Forget about the ‘Chubby Onlyfans leaks’ rumor people pander on the internet. Bed Bible has got you covered with the best-rated Onlyfans accounts you can follow.

If you want to enjoy access to other top Onlyfans creators, we have multiple guides to help you discover the best Onlyfans accounts tailored to your fancy. Stay in this space to enjoy exclusive content about Onlyfans creators!

Are There Free Chubby Onlyfans Accounts?

You can enjoy access to multiple chubby Onlyfans accounts without paying a penny, but discovering free accounts is a challenge. This guide has already presented a list of some of the hottest top chubby Onlyfans creators you can subscribe to for free. Please go here for the best mature onlyfans.

How Can I Join Onlyfans?

Joining Onlyfans is simple! Visit the website and fill in the required information, including your full name, email address, and password. You can also sign in with Twitter or your Google account. Alternatively, you can use the passwordless sign in feature. Please note that you’ll be required to enter your payment card information before you can subscribe to any account on the platform.

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