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DreamSexWorld review – is it a legit website?

We would all love to live in our own dream sex world, right? Well, with DreamSexWorld, you really get the opportunity to do just that!

This is a controllable and customizable sex game that can be downloaded directly to your computer. It allows you to live out all kinds of sexy and kinky scenarios, engaging in the dirtiest and most desirable sex acts imaginable!

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But is DreamSexWorld worth trying out, or is it a site that you should give a miss? Is it legit or something that you should avoid at all costs? Well, that’s what I’m going to be diving into in this review.

You might be wondering what exactly makes me so qualified to comment on this, though. Well, I’ve seen more porn websites and tried out more porn games than your average internet user!

I’ve tried out all kinds of sex toys and written reviews for everything from the most filthily erotic sites to full sized pussy and ass replicas. So trust me when I say that I know what I’m talking about!

All I had to do to really put this site (and game) through its paces was to purchase a subscription, and I was away! It was that simple! It was important to me that I experienced DreamSexWorld in exactly the same way as the average horny surfer!

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Here’s What I’ll Cover In This Review

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There’s a whole lot to go through and talk about when it comes to DreamSexWorld. So here are a few of the key points that I’m going to try to hit as I write this review!

  • What is DreamSexWorld?
  • Pros and cons
  • Initial impressions and how I tested it
  • The overall design of the site
  • Company information
  • Subscription tiers and payment
  • Using DreamSexWorld as a paying subscriber
  • Video quality
  • So is DreamSexWorld REALLY a legit site?

I have no doubt that you’ll have all kinds of questions, but hopefully, I provide all of the answers as you read through this review! So enjoy!

What Is DreamSexWorld?

DreamSexWorld is a game that allows you to control your sexual experience in a way like no other! You have the power in your hands to choose exactly what you want, when you want it!

Having that active role in a porn game can really be a turn on, as it means you control the entire fantasy. There’s no one to say no, and no one to get in the way of you living out your most sordid of dreams.

The game provides you with plenty of different women to enjoy in any way (and anywhere) that you want. It’s an easy-to-learn game, and everything feels very intuitive, meaning you can be up and running in no time!

Sure, it’s not a porn website filled with videos and things like that, but it’s something a little different and exciting that will turn you on in a completely different way than usual!

Pros and Cons

As I’m sure you’re aware, all website have their own pros and cons. Things that set them apart from other websites. Well, DreamSexWorld is no different! So here are a few of the highlights and lowlights of the site.


  • Very straightforward homepage
  • Not complicated to use
  • Simple payment options
  • Only three subscription tiers
  • The game is pretty fun
  • Lots of interactive options


  • Not too much to the website
  • Can’t find company information
  • Not everyone will enjoy the 3D animation of the game
  • Not the most convincing of erotic games
  • Doesn’t really stand out from other erotic games

As you can see, there are plenty of different highlights and lowlights to DreamSexWorld. I’ll try to expand on them more in the review, so keep reading to find out my full and expanded thoughts on the above points!

Initial Impressions and How I Tested It

Making initial judgments about someone or something is all part of being human. And that’s why, when first visiting DreamSexWorld, I formed my own initial impressions.

I thought it would be worthwhile to share those thoughts with you to allow you to understand where I started out my journey.

I’m sure that you’ll form your own initial impressions when you first visit the site and try it all out, but here are my own thoughts. Perhaps they will line up with yours, perhaps not. That’s all part of the fun!

Initial Impressions

DreamSexWorld keeps things simple. They don’t need tons of content on their site to get you hooked – all they need is targeted content aimed at getting you to click that all important subscription button!

Because it is a website for a game, there are no rows of videos as there would be on a normal porn website. Instead, you have plenty of animated images of the kind of erotic characters you’ll find in the game.

Alongside that there are quotes designed to whet your appetite and draw you in, as well as a 1 minute long video depicting some of the highlights of the game as well as a bit of gameplay, too.

dreamsexworld welcome page

It gives you a kind of taster of the kind of graphics you can expect from the game, as well as a few paragraphs on how you can customize your experience.

As well as the home tab, there are also tabs to view the gallery, check out the website features, a member’s section, and a join now section for when you’re ready to sign up.

The gallery tab gives you plenty of images to enjoy as well as a much more wordy and in-depth descriptions about what you can do in the game and how it has been designed to please you. I like that they kept this confined to the gallery tab and not spilling out onto the homepage.

dreamsexworld gallery tab

The features tab focuses more on some of the game specifics, highlighting how DreamSexWorld is the erotic game for you, and what you’re going to get if and when you actually subscribe.

dreamsexworld features tab

The members tab is reserved for when you sign up, and you need a username and password to get into there.

And that, in a nutshell, is pretty much everything that DreamSexWorld has to offer. Or the website, at least. It really did streamline things and kept things very simple and to the point.

And I appreciate that – sometimes you need a bit of direct-ness instead of being overwhelmed with videos and content. It’s refreshing to just get down to the good stuff straight away!

What I saw on DreamSexWorld certainly got me interested and made me want to discover more, so I’d definitely say that it made a good first impression!

How I Tested It

When it came to testing DreamSexWorld, I really did want to keep it simple when testing it.

All I had to do was just get in there to really see what erotic treasures the site has to hold. And that’s exactly what I did.

What was the most important thing of all, though, was that my experience was as authentic and realistic as possible: I wanted to be able to experience and use the website in the same way that you or any other person is going to use it.

That way, I could provide you with the most accurate and well informed information as possible. As a potential paying customer, that’s exactly what you need and deserve in order to make an educated decision about the site and the game.

You’re going to have to keep reading if you want my full thoughts and opinions on DreamSexWorld, but you can trust me when I say that I did my best to ensure that I got all the information that you need!

DreamSexWorld my tesking kit!

The Overall Design of the Site

As you may have gathered from what I’ve said already, I think that DreamSexWorld is a very simple and straightforward kind of website, and that’s awesome. There’s no point making things more complicated than they have to be!

Because of that, my initial impressions pretty much cover the design of the site and how it looks and works. I told you it wasn’t complicated!

It’s clear from the get-go that the site itself is designed to tempt you in and make you download the DreamSexWorld game. It doesn’t try to distract you from that fact.

The imagery and the text are all designed to tantalize and titillate, and I’ll be honest – it goes a good job of that!

dreamsexworld homepage content

There are no extra pages to really look at, and no other content for you to browse through and enjoy. It’s all about trying to get you to buy and download the game. Yet it still doesn’t feel too pushy and like they are forcing you to do it!

It’s an efficient and effective way of getting you to download the game, and I appreciate the fact that they’re doing it in a non-pushy way, making you feel like you’re making the choice based off of all the info they’ve given you.

So for me the design of the DreamSexWorld site is simple and direct, and while it might not suit everyone, it will certainly be a welcome change for some people!

Company Information

I could find very little about DreamSexWorld and where it is based. I couldn’t find an owner or a company behind the site, and for me, this is a bit of a red flag.

It’s always useful to know that a website has a legitimate base or an owner who takes responsibility for it. Without these things, it feels very nebulous and unregulated.

I’m not saying that this information is not out there at all, but it is not easy info to come across, and therefore this puts quite a big dent in DreamSexWorld’s legitimacy as a proper secure adult sex game.

Subscription Tiers and Payment

When you sign up to DreamSexWorld, you have three different subscription options to choose from.

dreamsexworld subscription tiers

I’m kind of glad that you only have three subscription packages to choose from. Any more and it just gets complicated and you’re never 100% sure whether you’re getting a bargain or not.

Luckily there is no difference between the three subscription tiers here, apart from the length of time that they last for!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the subscription tiers, plus what savings you can make:

PackagePrice Per DayPrice Per MonthPrice Per Year
1 Month Tier$0.66$19.95$239.40
3 Month Tier$0.55$16.65$199.80
12 Month Tier$0.33$9.99$119.98

As you can see, as with pretty much all subscriptions, you get a better deal if you sign up for longer. With that being said, though, I still don’t think the price is too bad even for the 1 month tier.

For the sake of this review, I went with that 1 month subscription tier. It allowed me to really try out DreamSexWorld and explore it in order to provide you with the best review possible!


A very important part of buying a subscription is the payment. Obviously! Luckily, DreamSexWorld offers up several different payment methods that you can choose from!

dreamsexworld payment options

As you can see, you can go for the credit card or bank payment method, or alternative you can choose to pay via PayPal.

Once you’ve made your selection, you will be directed to this page:

dreamsexworld payment page

All you need to do is fill in your details and make sure that everything is correct so DreamSexWorld can process your payment and get you started with the game!

One word of caution, though! Make sure that the following section isn’t checked, so they can’t add an extra fee onto your subscription when it renews each month!

dreamsexworld added fee

I find it a bit of a cheeky thing to do! So keep an eye out for things like this where they try to trip you up and get you paying more than you actually want to! It’s only a small section, and even I’ve fallen for it before!

Anyway, back to the main point of this section! You can pay via credit card, SEPA transfer, or DirectPay. If you’d prefer you could go for PayPal or an option such as Ukash, ClickandBuy, and CryptoCurrency.

For me, PayPal is the easiest form of payment, and it’s the method that I went for when buying my DreamSexWorld subscription. It was quick and simple, and was done in a matter of seconds.

Also, it’s important to note that all payments are made through Epoch – a company that protects your online payments. this is great, because if anything goes wrong or there are any issues, Epoch can help resolve the matter!

Using DreamSexWorld as a Paying Subscriber

Once you’ve completed your subscription and your payment has been processed (something that should be pretty much instantaneous), you will receive a confirmation email that also contains a link to download the game.

Once you click on that link, the download will begin. It should only take a matter of moments, though depending on your internet connection strength and speed, it may take a little longer. Once it has downloaded, double click the file and allow it to install onto your computer.

It’s generally a very quick and easy process, and you can be on the game in maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Pretty handy if you want to get down and dirty in a hurry!

You start by choosing your character. You can completely customize them, by the way, so don’t be put off if none of the base characters take your fancy. You can change things such as the gender, hair, voice, height, weight age, race, and plenty more. Needless to say, you can really customize things.

As with other games such as SexWorld3D and Virtual Lust 3D, DreamSexWorld is an open world game that you can explore and wander around in, going on your naughty adventures.

I will say that DreamSexWorld doesn’t do much to stand out from the competition, and it sort of feels like if you’ve tried one erotic game, you’ve tried them all. There are subtle differences here and there, but generally, there’s nothing too drastically different.

Luckily though, when it comes to gameplay, there’s a whole lot of ways that you can really get into it and enjoy what’s on offer. Indeed the scenes allow you complete control in a lot of ways.

dreamsexworld gameplay screenshot

Take the above screenshot for example, where I encounter a temptress down a dark sidestreet. I really had the opportunity to try different things and find different ways to enjoy the experience.

I’ll go through the control bar, left to right. You can choose between vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex. These can be mixed and matched at any time, so just select what you want and that’s what you get. You can also switch between teasing, soft sex, and the rough stuff if that’s what you like.

Moving across, and you get a bar of different positions. There are 9 positions to choose from, so don’t be afraid to try them all out. The transition between the different positions is good, and it doesn’t just jump from one to the other.

This is a good thing, as it helps immerse you in what’s going on and make you feel like you’re watching and interacting in real porn rather than just playing a game.

Finally, you have the camera controls. You have three cameras to choose from, with one being a POV camera, and the other two being third-person cameras. You can also zoom in and out so you can get as near or far from the action as you want.

I do love the level of control and I found it very handy that it was all there on the taskbar. It put everything only a click away – very useful when your hands might be otherwise occupied. If you know what I mean!

Plot wise, as with all of these games, it’s pretty thin on the ground. It’s generally all about having fun, and fucking strangers. And really, sometimes that’s all the plot that you need!

I did see a few animation glitches and issues that momentarily dragged me out of the moment. For example some people moved in ways that seemed very unnatural.

Also – and this is a recurring issue with games like this – I can only suspend my disbelief so much. When women are cramming things that shouldn’t fit into places that they shouldn’t go, it kind of makes you stop and go ‘huh?’

Overall though, DreamSexWorld worked well as an erotic game and it certainly allowed me to have a good time. There were definitely drawbacks and things that upset the flow of my enjoyment, but by and large my experience as a paying subscriber was fantastic and I had no real issues.

So Is DreamSexWorld REALLY a Legit Site?

As far as I’m concerned, yes, DreamSexWorld is a legit website that allows you to have a lot of erotic fun on a naughty game.

However, with that being said, it’s not all green flags. There are a few red flags that kind of pull it down. The main problem is that the company information is not readily available. It may make you question why it’s not easy to find.

And while I had a good and pleasant experience with DreamSexWorld, it’s difficult to ignore various other reviews online where people aren’t so lucky, and sometimes go as far as calling it a scam.

So while I had a good experience and there were no issues, I’d still proceed with some caution.

On the other hand, the payment system was very good, and because your money goes through Epoch, it is safe and protected. This is a definite good thing, as you don’t want to lose out on your hard earned cash!

The fact that it tries to sneakily upsell you during the checkout is pretty cheeky and annoying, and I nearly fell for it, so it’s something you’ll need to watch out for!

The site itself is simple and easy to use, but in all fairness, it’s just a front for you to download the game. When you do so, you’ll find that the game is easy to use, and has a pretty standard layout. If you’ve tried any other erotic game, then you’ll know what to expect with DreamSexWorld.

The issues that I DID have were more to do with the graphics and the immersion level of the game itself. There were several things that pulled me out of it…but I’m going to guess not everyone will be ass pulled out of the moment as I was!

So once more, yes DreamSexWorld is a legit website, as far as I can see, at least. It is affordable and fun, and definitely worth giving a try if you’ve never played an erotic game before!

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