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Joy Love Dolls Review

Our comprehensive review of

Our Joy Love Dolls review will give you a comprehensive look at their website, selection of sex dolls, and so much more. That way, you’ll have all of the important information you need before deciding where you want to spend your hard-earned money.

Joy Love Dolls Review: About

Landing page

I find it extremely important, when writing a review, to include a little something about the company. Unfortunately, Joy Love Dolls has a blank page when you click their “ABOUT” link.

Additionally, I searched every social media page, review site, and blogger review I could find. And I still cannot find how long they’ve been in business.

However, under their Terms & Conditions, I did find a location that isn’t mentioned anywhere else. And that is Finland, Helsinki.

Nevertheless, Joy Love Dolls displays a United States address as follows:

1202 N Orange Street Suite 7466

Wilmington 19801-1186

So, the good news is that this address shows an office building that allows for virtual offices. Therefore, as with most sex doll websites, Joy Love Dolls maintains a virtual United States office, rather than a brick-and-mortar store.

Is Joy Love Dolls Legit?

Another important aspect of the Joy Love Dolls review is whether or not the site is legit. And in looking at verified reviews, I’ve come to the conclusion that they are above board.

On top of that, after happening upon their manufacturer’s certificates by accident, I can confidently say Joy Love Dolls is a licensed reseller of the brands they sell.

Now, if you want to see their brand certificates, go to the doll in which you are interested, and scroll to just under the photos.

Then, you will see a tiny link, which I have circled in this photo:

Joy Love Dolls certificates 1

Next, when you click the link, the certificate and license number will pop up.

Joy Love Dolls certificate 2

Therefore, when ordering, you don’t have to worry abut getting a fake, knock-off sex doll. Finally, Joy Love Dolls is a verified seller through The Doll Forum.

And that, in and of itself, speaks volumes about Joy Love Doll’s legitimacy.

Joy Love Dolls Review: Selection

The Joy Love Dolls review wouldn’t be complete without discussing their selection of merchandise. That’s because buyers rely on their sex doll vendors for companion products, repair kits and so much more.

So, let’s take a look at the merchandise that Joy Love Dolls offers.

Joy Love Dolls Selection of Companion Dolls

Love dolls are the main reason potential customers will visit the website. And although their selection isn’t as large as some sex doll vendors, they do carry a respectable selection of brand-name sex dolls.

But more on that later.

Best of all, Joy Love Dolls has one of the largest selection of male sex dolls among large scale sex doll vendors.

Sex Doll Accessories

Joy Love Dolls heads

Joy Love Dolls has a wide variety of love doll accessories for the continued care of your companion doll. For example, Joy Love Dolls sells the following:

Joy Love Dolls: A One-Stop Shop

One thing that makes Joy Love Dolls stand out above other sex doll vendors is that they have an extensive collection of sex toys and lingerie. In fact, they have such a large selection, it’s divided into toys for her, him, couples and BDSM toys and accessories.

Plus, you can find sex toy brands such as Satisfyer, Playboy, Doc Johnson and Lush. And, their lingerie selection for both feminine and masculine desires is unsurpassed for a sex doll seller.

So, if you thought Joy Love Dolls was just a doll vendor, you are probably surprised to learn they are a one-stop shop for all of your sexual playtime needs and wants!

The Joy Love Dolls Website

While researching for the Joy Love Dolls review, I gave their website a good once-over. As a result, I learned some good and not-so-good things.

However, these things really don’t have an effect on the quality of the products they sell.

The Good Stuff

First, the good; the site is laid out well, and is extremely easy to navigate. Further, their top bar navigation includes drop-down menus that provide you with more choices.

For example, when clicking the “SEX DOLLS” tab, it expands to show you several ways to shop, like by brand, gender, body type, genre, and more.

Plus, they have a huge selection of sex toys, lubricants, cleaners and doll accessories. And everything is laid out in a simple, easy-to-navigate way.

In summary, Joy Love Dolls is a straight forward, no-frills website, and a great place to purchase a sex doll and sex toys.

The Bad

Unfortunately, Joy Love Dolls simplistic website lacks information companion doll buyers want to see. For instance, their website is lacking an about page, FAQ page, doll care information, and customer or warehouse photos.

Furthermore, information that should have its own page, or be front and center, take a bit of digging to find. The best example of that is the way they display their manufacturer certificates – buried on the sex doll pages.

Additionally, they claim they price match and, if you find a lower price, they will return your down payment. However, there is no explanation how to take advantage of this offer, leaving potential customers confused.

Last, but certainly not least, there are spelling errors and an unprofessional aspect to the website as a whole. For instance, their office address is different from one page to another, and there are misspellings throughout the site.

Worse yet, on their return policy page, they mistakenly stated it will cost “$79,000” to modify your sex doll order, once it has been placed. Well, at least I hope that’s a typo!

In the end, the site may have unprofessional aspects, while lacking important, post-purchase care content. However, it’s still a legitimate place from which to order.

Joy Love Dolls Brands

Now, Joy Love Dolls doesn’t carry an unmanageable amount of sex dolls. However, the brands they do carry are the most popular, and most well-made love dolls available.

For example, Joy Love Dolls carries WM, Irontech, Zelex, Starpery and more. Plus, you can find a nice selection of AI and robotic sex dolls too.

So, check out Joy Love Dolls brands on this chart:

SEX DOLL RETAILERSJoy Love DollsSexy Real Sex DollsSex Doll GenieSilicon WivesReal DollSexy Sex Doll
Website Exclusives X X X
Starpery X X X X
Sino X X X X X
Zelex X X X X
Irontech X X X X X
Sanhui X X
Piper X X X X
Climax X X
AI Tech X
Doll House X X X
Jarliet X
Sex Doll Retailer Brand Comparison Chart

Doll Prices at Joy Love Dolls

Yet another important aspect of the Joy Love Dolls review is the actual love doll pricing. After all, their prices are extremely competitive in comparison to other vendors.

Therefore, I’ve created a chart so you can see a small selection of brand prices from their site and others.

SEX DOLL RETAILERSJoy Love DollsSexy Real Sex DollsSex Doll GenieSilicon WivesReal DollSexy Sex Doll
WM$1,139-$3,499$1,199-$3,699$990-$2,348$999-$3,199 X$977-$2,629
Starpery$1,509-$2,399 X$1,237-$2,183$1,999-$2,499 X$1,889-$2,900
YL$1,347-$1,999$1,499-$2,800$999-$1,782$1,549-$2,699 X$1,065-$2,500
Sino$2,319-$3,919$1,799-$3,600$1,969-$3,520$2,299-$3,899 X$2,596-$3,599
Zelex$1,489-$3,899$1,999-$3,599$1,023-$2,854$1,999-$2,799 X X
Irontech$1,037-$4,099$894-$4,999$986-$3,481$2,199-$3,199 X$1,716-$3,200
Sanhui X X$1,327-$2,832$2,499-$3,199 X X
6YE$1,699-$3,290$1,899-$2,899$1,075-$2,365$1,899-$2,490 X$1,199-$2,608
HR X X$1,045-$1,800 X X X
Piper$1,579-$3,599$1,299-$4,399$1,661-$2,090 X X$1,232-$3,907
JY$1,599-$2,999$1,149-$3,899$737-$2,310 X X$1,144-$1,679
Climax X X$995-$1,355 X X$1,558-$2,899
SE$1,539-$3,699$1,447-$3,099$1,175-$2,475 X X X
SY X$999-$2,899$797-$2,376 X X$899-$2,600
AI Tech X X$2,332 X X X
Doll House$1,899-$2,658$1,799-$2,800$1,056-$1,309 X X X
AF$1,399-$2,799$1,899-$2,800$652-$1,760 X X X
AS X$1,899-$2,499$665-$1,726 X X X
Jarliet X X$836-$1,357 X X X
Website Exclusive X X$1,849-$2,399
Sex Doll Retailer Brand Price Comparison

How to Order from Joy Love Dolls

Ordering from Joy Love Dolls is simple, when it comes to choosing sex toys, lingerie and love doll accessories. That’s because you simply click “add to cart” and you’re finished.

However, ordering a sex doll is a bit more complicated. You see, this is the part of the Joy Love Dolls review that’s a wee bit negative.

But what kind of reviewer would I be if I weren’t completely honest with my readers? So, here goes….

Ordering Sex Dolls from Joy Love Dolls: Be Careful!

You must be extremely careful when ordering a sex doll from Joy Love Dolls. And that’s not because of the authenticity of their products.

On the contrary, the way each doll is listed is, what I would consider, a bit “bait and switch.” And here’s why:

This is how the WM love dolls are listed:

Ordering from Joy Love Dolls 1

First off, as you can see, the dolls are displayed beautifully with their name, brand and price clearly shown. So, let’s take a look at the Rebecca doll.

Joy Love Dolls review: ordering 2

Next, this doll is listed with a retail price of $1,899 and a sale price of $1,399. However, that price IS NOT for the doll pictured.

So, this is where you need to be careful when ordering a sex doll from Joy Love Dolls!

Joy Love Dolls review: ordering 3

Finally, the price shown is actually for a torso, or partial, sex doll. See, it’s listed as “2’8 F Cup, no legs”. Therefore, the price shown of $1,399 is for the partial sex doll.

How to Order the Correct Doll

Now, in order to get the complete, life-size doll, you’ll need to either use the pop-up list at the bottom, or click the correct size in the upper menu.

And that’s listed as “5’2 B cup (as photo)”. Therefore, when you do, this happens:

ordering 4

Once you have chosen the correct doll size, the price changes. In this case, Rebecca, as pictured, is now $2,199 with a sale price of $1,589.

Then, you can go down the page and add any items you want, to customize Rebecca. That’s because the price shown only includes what’s listed in the following photo:

sex doll add-ons

So, unfortunately, if you don’t go through each and every add-on, you’ll miss any specials and freebies that the manufacturer has going on. In this case, it’s the WM brand.

Furthermore, if you click the “SALES” tab at the top of the page, you’ll find manufacturer sales. For example, at the time of this Joy Love Dolls review, this is the WM special:

WM extras from Joy Love Dolls 9-2023

In the end, you must go through each and every add-on, in order to receive the WM specials. Otherwise, you’ll get a stripped-down WM doll, with no extras.

And that, dear readers, is why I feel Joy Love Dolls is a wee bit deceptive in their pricing.

What Payment Methods Does Joy Love Dolls Accept?

Another important aspect of this Joy Love Dolls review is knowing all of the payment options available to customers. And those are:

  • You can buy now, pay later with Klarna financing.
  • Sezzle is also accepted and is another way to break up those payments.
  • PayPal and PayPal credit offer a layer of protection, other methods do not.
  • They also accept Visa, Mastercard credit and debit cards, as well as American Express.

Joy Love Dolls Discounts

Joy Love Dolls discounts

Now, before choosing a doll, your payment method, and checking out, be sure and look for those discounts!

  • First, watch for the game wheel to pop up and save you a % or cash on your order.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom of the page, sign up for their emails and get $50 off your first order of $350 or more.
  • Finally, don’t forget to click on the Joy Love Dolls “SALE” tab to see all of the manufacturer’s specials that can save you thousands on a sex doll purchase.

Where is the Joy Love Dolls Warehouse?

Joy Love Dolls has warehouses in the United Staes and Europe. And although I cannot find exact locations, they claim dolls will be delivered in 2-5 days.

Unfortunately, according to their US warehouse landing page, in-stock dolls are not eligible for any discount codes. Therefore, if you’re not purchasing a custom doll, don’t waste your time signing up for that $50 off, or spinning that wheel.

That is, if you’re not purchasing additional merchandise.

Joy Love Dolls warehouse

Joy Love Dolls Shipping Time

Joy Love Dolls offers free shipping on any purchase over $49, and free international shipping with purchases over $99. But it’s important to mention that shipping times vary, quite a bit, between sex toys, in-stock dolls and custom sex dolls.

Here is what their site says:

Joy Love Dolls Review delivery times

Does Joy Love Dolls Have Discreet Shipping?

The Joy Love Dolls site describes their shipping like this:

“Products are shipped inside boring and labels are kept discreet for buyer protection.”

No, that’s not my typo. It really does say products are shipped inside a boring.


Most likely, their dolls ship in the typical, long cardboard box, with no identifying markings outside. Now, that’s the common way the custom dolls are discreetly shipped.

However, understand that some couriers aren’t the best at handling packages. So, unfortunately, things like this CAN happen, although rare:

bad delivery

Yikes, I’m feeling second-hand embarrassment just reading that!

In the end, it’s best that you are home when the delivery arrives! And yes, Joy Love Dolls offers store-to-door tracking, so you know when your love doll will be delivered.

Joy Love Dolls Return Policy

The Joy Love Dolls return policy is similar to that of other sex doll vendors, in that they do not accept returns. Additionally, you must report any damages to a sex doll within 24 hours of receiving the doll, and must include photos.

Here is their return policy, in full:

return policy

Customer Support and Contact at Joy Love Dolls

Customer support

Another important aspect of the Joy Love Dolls review is their contact information. They offer a 24-hour customer service line, as well as accepting emails at

Unfortunately, there is no live chat. However, in the bottom, right corner, you can click the conversation bubble and send a message.

Joy Love Dolls Reviews

Joy Love Dolls reviews can be found in numerous places, as well as on their site. And customer reviews are the best way to determine whether or not Joy Love Dolls is the right vendor for you.

So, here are a few, recent reviews, posted directly on their site.

Joy Love Dolls reviews

The Joy Love Dolls Reviews on Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot gives Joy Love Dolls a 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 56% of the 198 reviews being 5-star. With that, here are a few of the most recent reviews:

JLD trust pilot 1
JLD trust pilot 2
JLD trust pilot 3

The Doll Forum

The Doll Forum is the largest and most popular forum for love doll enthusiasts in the world. And if they give Joy Love Dolls the thumbs up, you can definitely trust the site.

In addition, members of the forum leave reviews of the websites (from which they order) for others to read. Unfortunately, there aren’t any recent reviews, but here are a few that I found:

JLD doll forum review 1
JLD doll forum review 2
doll forum review 3

My Joy Love Dolls Review Summary

To close my Joy Love Dolls review, all in all, they are a good site to order from. That’s because they are easy to use and offer competitive prices.

And although they lack FAQs, company information, and post-care for sex dolls, reviews reveal that their dolls are from legitimate manufacturers and arrive in a timely manner.

Besides, you can find guides to sex dolls all over the internet, including here on Bedbible!

So, if you’re looking for a great deal on a sex doll, Joy Love Dolls is an excellent place to shop! Plus, with an enormous sex toy shop from which you can purchase, you’ll have a reason to come back again!

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