MyFreeCams Review – Safe and Legit? Here’s My Take…

As a very frequent cam site user, I can assure you one thing. You get lots of options when exploring the camming world.

MyFreeCams is one of them, and I bet you are here looking to discover whether it is legit.

I know I did before using it the first time…

I have been using the platform for a while now, and in my opinion, MyFreeCams is both safe and legit.

And, I’m not just any user, actually I’ve used and reviewed all the top cam sites.

But, back to my opinion of MyFreeCams.

Speaking of the site’s offerings, I know you want details regarding several crucial aspects.

These include token pricing, the available payment methods, and what to expect with the models on the site, to mention a few. 

I will delve into that in this review, so read on!

As usual, I know you want me to help you discover the best performers on the site as someone who has been using the site for a while.

I got you, so here’s one of the top MyFreeCams performers you should check out for one of those shows where you struggle to keep goingl if you know what I mean 😉.  

You are also not left out if you are after the best offers on premium shows and token purchases. Here’s your first MyFreeCams coupon. Reveal it; it will be applied automatically when signing up or logging in on the site.

Watch out for more coupons and premium and explicit performances along the way.    

Pros 👍 and Cons 👎

Let me start with the first impressions; MyFreeCams is one of the worst-looking platforms I have come across, to be honest. There’s always the sacrificing aesthetics for functionality argument/excuse, but that’s complete BS in this day and age.  

Still, some people might be into the old-school vibe that oozes from the platform. The terrible aesthetics also don’t mean that the talent and performances on the site are substandard, as I later discovered. That is why MyFreeCams is one of my go-to sites as a regular adult cam website user.  

You can find the complete list of MyFreeCams’ pros and cons below.

Pros 👍

  • MyFreeCams can be used for free.
  • Free show previews for everyone.
  • The number of models online at any given time is 500+. 
  • You get offers on token purchases.
  • There are various banking options, including Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal.. 
  • Friendly token pricing.
  • Prompt customer support. 
  • Add your favorite models to your friends list for quick access. 

Cons 👎

  • No virtual reality support. 
  • The platform is not available in all regions. 

Is MyFreeCams Worth It?

If regular porn is getting monotonous for you, you could spice things up with adult cam sites.

Adult cam sites could also be perfect to introduce you to the adult content world.

If any of these scenarios describe you, MyFreeCams won’t disappoint, as hundreds of girls are waiting for you no matter the time of day or week you visit the site.

Some of the “naughty” requests they can accept from you include flashing, undressing, Ahegao, dildo riding, and fingering, to mention a few.

Don’t sweat it. There’s always a performer for you, whatever you are into!

The best part about it is that MyFreeCams is a freemium website, meaning chances are that there will be premium users already orchestrating tens or hundreds of fully explicit shows without taking the performers private.

You can just hop on any of the shows commitment-free.

Review Summary

📋FeaturesWhiteboard, MFCShare, Public Chat, PM, Automatically Click Through to the Next Chat Room, and Tip
🎬ShowsFree shows, Private shows, Voyeur, True Private, Group shows, and Club shows
✈️Compatible with VPN?
🆓Free Membership
💯 legit & Safe
💸Value for Money
💳Payment OptionsCredit/debit cards and eWallets like PayPal
🤑Running Promotions
📌Main CategoriesMost popular rooms, Trending rooms, Miss MyFreeCams, etc.
⚖️Overall Rating7.5/10

MyFreeCams Top Features (How it Works) 🤔

There’s a particular collection of features, tools, or buttons that make a camming platform complete. And there’s no compromise. A site either has them or doesn’t. 

Luckily, MyFreeCams offers every tool you would need to interact with the models on there. This section discusses all of them in detail. 

  1. Whiteboard
  2. MFCShare
  3. Public Chat 
  4. Pvt. Message
  5. Go Private
  6. Group
  7. Profile
  8. Menu
  9. Automatically Click Through to the Next Chat Room
  10. Tip

1. Whiteboard

This is where you will find the chatroom’s rules, tip menu, and links to exciting extras like the model’s OnlyFans, Amazon wishlist, Discord, and other socials. It’s like a brief roadmap to getting the most out of your experience in every room as you connect with your favorite models beyond the camera.

2. MFCShare

MFCShare extends a model’s profile, inviting you to dive deeper into their world. You can browse through albums and tip menus, join fan clubs, check out token goals, and watch recorded shows.  

One section I particularly like on MFCShare is Items on Sale. It’s simply a gem—think model polaroids, Nintendo/Switch friends, and yes, even panties up for grabs!

It’s not just about one model, either. MFCShare allows you to catch up on what other models are up to. 

3. Public Chat

The public chat allows all members to send messages to the model. However, models tend to mute guests and users without tokens. So, you might need some tokens to make your voice heard on public chat.

4. Pvt. Message

The public chat might feel like a bustling marketplace with messages and chat room announcements flying left and right. This is where the private messages premium feature (highlighted in the image below) swoops in as a ticket to a one-on-one conversation with your favorite broadcaster.

5. Go Private

It’s normal for models to hold back or turn down some requests in the presence of everyone during free chat. Luckily, the go-private feature (highlighted in the image below) allows you to switch to a one-on-one show where it’s just you and the model away from the public gaze.

6. Group

This feature lets you pool your tokens with others to initiate a shared show. It’s a cool way to enjoy a more exclusive performance without going for a whole private show.

7. Profile

This shortcut lets you in on the model’s info, including their sexual preference and body stats, their most recent pic & video uploads, whom they have befriended on the platform, their interests and hobbies, and what others said about their performances. 

8. Menu

Clicking the menu button lets you see the chat room’s topic and links to various items, including what the model currently shares on MFCShare. You can also see where the model is from, pm them, and switch to a pop-up screen view of an ongoing show. 

Menu Chat pop-up is also available on the homepage while scrolling through ongoing shows alongside PM, menu, profile view, and previews, which appear when you hover over the camera icon (📷).

9. Automatically Click Through to the Next Chat Room

You can manually or automatically switch to the next room after a custom duration of 5 to 120 seconds. What intrigued me most is the option to customize the rooms you want in your lineup based on popularity, region, and models you have bookmarked or befriended.

10. Tip

This is perhaps the most important button in the chat room’s UI, allowing you to use your token balance to customize an ongoing show or appreciate models for their performances. I particularly liked MyFreeCams’ quick tip feature that allows you to set a custom token count you can always send to any model with a single click.

Video Quality on MyFreeCams 📷

This platform offers lots of options, stream quality-wise. Forget the regular 360-1080p option. 

MFC gives you the power to choose from various stream types, which are illustrated in the table below. 

Stream TypeDescriptionPerks Cons
HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)This streaming protocol breaks the video into small chunks to allow adaptive bitrate streaming. In other words, it adjusts the stream quality depending on your internet strength for a smooth viewing experience. -You will be able to stream even with a poor internet connection.  
-Adaptive bitrate, plus you can switch seamlessly to suit the strength of your internet connection.
-Highest latency/streaming delay of up to 5 seconds.
LL HLS (Low Latency HLS)This real-time communication protocol combines both low-latency and high-quality video in streams. – Lower latency (up to 3 seconds)-Only one bitrate-Sensitive to network fluctuations, meaning you might be unable to stream if your internet connection is poor. 
WebRTCThis real-time communication protocol combines both low latency and high-quality video during peer-to-peer communication. -Lowest latency (up to 2 seconds)-Only one bitrate
– Sensitive to fluctuations in internet strength. 

Can you Use  MyFreeCams for Free? 🆓❓

The site lives up to its name— it’s free to use.

You don’t even need an account to start exploring, which explains the swarm of guests in almost every room.

However, creating an account is necessary to unlock the full suite of MyFreeCams’ features, including tipping your favorite models. Hop on the free show below while it lasts!

Is MyFreeCams Compatible with VPN ✈️🌎

Like most camming websites, MyFreeCams allows models to block users from specific regions if they wish to. So, experimenting with your VPN is good when filtering models by region.

Still, you may get flagged, experience video lag, or have difficulty accessing some of the site’s features when using VPN software.

These are all common issues you might experience when using any camming website using VPN software.

A good rule of thumb is always to test the VPN to see how it plays out with each platform. 

Why MyFreeCams is One of the Best Sites 🥇

MyFreeCams may not claim the throne as the absolute best, but it has a lot going for it to keep users, myself included, hooked. 

That said, you might also like the site for the following reasons.

  • An extended lineup of models who have mastered the craft of camming. Furthermore, the algorithm conveniently brings the cream to the top of the homepage, saving you the struggle of sifting through to find the ideal show even if you are new. 
  • The token pricing is nothing outrageous. Plus, the token packages come with some sweet offers. Currently, new users can snag premium membership with their first token package. 
  • Even without live chat, the site’s customer service is surprisingly prompt. 
  • As mentioned, MyFreeCams lives up to its name, not requiring you to pay a dime to enjoy live cam shows unless you want to customize the experience.
  • stands out with its comprehensive approach to giving users diverse video quality options, including HLS, LLHLS, and WebRTC, with each having different settings to suit varying internet strengths. I haven’t seen this kind of dedication elsewhere.
  •  The site takes cross-platform compatibility very seriously, meaning you will get a seamless experience, no matter your device. Mobile users even get a separate site fully optimized for optimal device performance. 
  • Then there’s the numbers game—500-1000 models online at any time, and it can shoot up even more, especially on weekends. It’s simply a buffet of options that ensures you never run out of something new to explore.

Is MyFreeCams Legit? 👨‍⚖️ is 100% legit. Here’s why:

  • The longevity speaks volumes—two decades in operation is no small feat. Besides surviving, the site has thrived over the years and has solidified its reputation as a go-to site for live camming services.
  •  The diverse range of models regularly performing on the site indicates the site’s credibility. After all, they wouldn’t keep coming back if they weren’t getting compensated for their services on the platform. 
  • Users are not required to provide payment details upfront. True to its name, the site allows users to simply visit the site, jump into live cam shows without a fuss, and only decide to add a payment method later if they want to tailor their experiences. 
  • Leonid Radvisnky, a renowned figure in the adult entertainment space, owns the site. He is the majority owner of OnlyFans. 

Is MyFreeCams Safe? 🔒

MyFreeCams is a safe platform. Below are the reasons why you should trust it. 

  • The site boasts a valid SSL certificate from DigiCert, a recognized issuer. This means the information you provide is encrypted, making it less vulnerable to potential hackers.
  • Independent auditors like DNSFilter and Trend Micro consider the site to be safe. 
  • Payments-wise, as long as you play by the site’s terms and conditions, it’s smooth sailing. is pretty transparent about the charges on your account. 
  • Top players in the website safety space, such as Flashstart, have labeled MyFreeCams as free of phishing activities. So, rest assured that your safety is a priority on the site. 

Token Cost. Do You Get Value for Money? 💸

The token pricing is quite competitive compared to what you get on other camming websites.

You get 200 tokens for every $19.99 you pay.

The only thing I didn’t like is that the site lacks a variety of differently-priced token packages to choose from, like on most camming websites I have used. 

However, it’s not a significant concern, especially considering the perks.

For instance, you can get a free upgrade to a premium membership with your first token purchase.

Follow the link below to reveal even more surprises on token purchases at

Payment Options 💳🏧💰

MyFreeCams offers total convenience when it comes to payment options.

You can use various bank cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. 

I specifically liked the inclusion of digital e-wallets like Paypal, which save the day when you do not want to pay directly with your card or when you want to use some of the spare funds in there.

My Impressions 🙋

Would I recommend MyFreeCams to someone looking to venture into the camming world?

Or someone looking for an additional website to use?


And here’s why:

  • The site’s name isn’t just a catchy phrase; It’s the real deal. You can dive into any live show without any commitment. 
MyFreeCams shows
  • The token pricing is another win—friendly on the wallet so that you don’t feel like you have to empty your pockets whenever you want to customize your experience. 
  • The performers here bring a unique flavor, offering something you won’t find anywhere else. It’s like a distinctive vibe that keeps me coming back for more. Here is a gem of a show I found for you at Jump on it before it ends!

However, I must point out that the platform’s aesthetics are a miss for me. It’s like a time capsule from the 90s, and in a world where sleek UIs are the norm, it stands out in the wrong way. This might not bother everyone, but aesthetics matter to me, especially when I’ve seen what the competition is up to. 

Also, the lack of diverse token packages could be a downside for some.

Who is MyFreeCams For and Not For?

It is easy to think that you could get hookups or dating services on a site like MyFreeCams. But that is far from the truth.

Girls here get paid to satisfy the sexual fantasies of the site’s visitors virtually. Think of regular porn, only that you get real-time action instead of prerecorded shows.

Our Opinion 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️

We aim to guide you toward the best possible experience in the camming world. In that pursuit, we wholeheartedly recommend 

It’s a 100% safe and legit site with a solid track record since 2004.

True to its name, it offers a commitment-free journey into the world of live cams.

You only need to commit when you want to customize the experience to your exact desires or when you want to appreciate your favorite performers. 

Promotions/Giveaways 🤑

MyFreeCams isn’t shy about giving back to its users.

While it may not be bursting with constant promotions now, it’s running a sweet deal that offers an automatic upgrade to premium membership with the first token purchase.

MyFreeCams Promotions

The Site’s Categories

The menu in the top right corner is the starting point.

It unfolds a world of options, with a panel that can be customized to show the 10 popular rooms, the ones you‘ve recently visited, trending rooms, or even various tags and topics.

MyFreeCams categories

The latter is my favorite, allowing you to bring up results for various topics, such as sexy, young, natural, hot, cute, toys, natural tits, nice ass, etc.

And it doesn’t end there; you can hit the settings button to filter and sort the models on the home page by region, cam score, number of people in their rooms, and newest on the site. 

MyFreeCams categories

That is not to mention that there is a direct link for new models on the homepage. 

Types of Shows on MyFreeCams 🎬

MyFreeCams offers various show types catering to different preferences and budgets.

The table below discusses each of them. 

Show TypeDescription
Free ShowsAll users can join for a glimpse of what each model offers. Those with tokens can tip models or request items from their tip menus.  
Private ShowsDive into a personalized, one-on-one experience with any model for a per-minute fee, typically 60tks per minute. What stands out is that the shows get recorded and saved in your archives at no extra cost. 
VoyeurYou can peek into a model’s private shows for 20 tokens/minute. 
TruePrivate ShowsThis private show variant guarantees total privacy by disabling the spy feature for the rest of the users. 
Group ShowsPool your tokens with other paying users for an exclusive performance away from guests and free membership users. You can request it anytime using the Group link, with the model getting prompted to accept when three or more other users do the same.  
Club ShowsExclusive performances for those already subscribed to the model’s clubs on MFCShare. It’s like a VIP experience for the dedicated fans. 

Noteworthy, free shows embody the site’s essence, offering users a glimpse into what every model offers.

The beauty lies in the lack of restrictions on nudity, creating an open door to fully explicit shows at no cost. 

I have mastered the art of discovering some real gems on, so here’s a free show you can join before it ends:

MyFreeCams explicit shows

Types of Memberships on MyFreeCams

There are three types of membership at MyFreeCams.

The first is the guest membership, which lets you get a feel of the site by watching free shows for as long as you want.

This is usually not possible on most camming platforms. 

Next is the free/basic membership, obtained by creating an account.

This unlocks additional features while providing a gateway to some of the best shows for a more immersive experience.

You can create an account now to enjoy the show below before it ends. 

MyFreeCams top shows

At the pinnacle is the premium membership, which opens the door to all the site’s features, including sending direct messages to models, sharing your webcam via your menu, and utilizing the public chat feature in all rooms.

The latter is particularly valuable since many models restrict guests and free users from participating in public chat. 

The Number of Models Online at

It’s rare for the number of models online to dip below 500. It can even be 1000+ depending on the day or time. 

MyFreeCams models

Reply Rate 📲

The reply rate at aligns with the expected norm — models tend to be more responsive to those who tip them.

Also, public chat may not be the best place to send messages, given the flurry of notifications, especially in top models’ rooms. 

Thankfully, there’s the PM option for a more direct line of communication.

But even then, the emphasis still leans toward getting value for what you pay rather than engaging in casual chitchat.

Overall Rating 🧑‍⚖️


A 7.5 is fair. This is higher than I rated LiveJasmin, Jerkmate, and 

Case in point, while the site might lack both layout & aesthetics-wise, it has its nudity policy, model numbers, token pricing, and the quality of the shows going for it. 

I have also rated Stripchat and Camsoda higher than 7.5, and you can read the reviews on our site to discover why I did so.

How to Complete Your Profile on MyFreeCams

You can alter various things, including changing your username and account password, with the My Account quick link under the menu button on the top right corner.

The Personal Options quick link under it allows you to set various things, such as the users to ignore, the style of pop-up windows, chat fonts, who can view your webcam, and toggle dark mode on and off. 

MyFreeCams Profile Completion

And that’s not all. Click Profiles under the same menu to upload photos, change your avatar, create a new photo gallery, and more. 

Also intriguing is how the site allows you to choose between avatar or video previews.

My Journey 🚶

Signing Up

Signing up is easy. Only an alias and an email, which you must verify later, are needed. 

MyFreeCams- How to sign up

Paying and Prices

I was pleased to find a variety of banking methods for total flexibility.

Payment processing is also super fast, meaning you do not have to wait an extended period for your tokens to get credited. 

As for the prices, they are pretty friendly, comparable to Stripchat, which is known for setting the bar in the industry for token pricing. 

Finding the Best Cam Model

The algorithm is pretty savvy, pushing the top performers at the top of the homepage and search results.

Using the various categories, filters, or tags isn’t even necessary unless you want to sort models by region or other specific criteria. site layout

How MyFreeCams Works

The site operates like your typical camming platform. Upon landing on the website, you can join any live show and top up when ready to take your engagement to the next level.

How are the Models on MyFreeCams

The models make you feel like you are tapping into an exclusive MyFreeCams vibe. I reckon it has something to do with the diverse backgrounds of the models. 

Customer Support ☎️

The absence of live chat support is not a significant concern since you get prompt responses when you reach out via email.

Furthermore, the support team is on the ball, addressing queries effectively. We all know how frustrating automated responses can be.

How is the Chatting Service? ⌨️

MyFreeCams has nailed the chatting service, providing all the tools you need to communicate with models. Public chat is an option, but PMs are the go-to when you want to get noticed. 

Review of The Private Shows 🤫

Private shows are the epitome of paid services at MyFreeCams. They offer the chance for you to indulge in your sexual fantasies in an intimate space. 

Most models ensure that every minute you pay for is genuinely worthwhile. A helpful feature is that you can check the average rating of each model under their profile details so that you know what to expect before diving into a private session.

MyFreeCams Best Private Shows

Is it Possible to Record Models on MyFreeCams?

A common flaw across camming platforms, including MyFreeCams, is that models can be recorded using third-party software.

However, respecting each room’s policy regarding recording shows is crucial. 

MyFreeCams Leaks

Most of the performers on freemium sites like MyFreeCams don’t hesitate to do explicit stuff during free chat in the presence of everyone, including those on free membership. Here, the chances of someone watching and recording secretly, intending to leak the content, are higher than in premium websites where the model only performs in private rooms.

So, yeah. You will come across MyFreeCams shows on leaked content channels online.

However, the MyFreeCams leaks may not be as prevalent as those obtained from more mainstream sites like Camsoda and Stripchat.

Any Scam Complaints or False Information Online? ⚠️

Like the other camming platforms, you will stumble upon numerous complaints attempting to discredit

However, I am a seasoned site user and want to assure you one thing.

Negative experiences often result from losing money to fraudsters for failing to comply with the site’s T&Cs or people trying to discredit the site to promote other little-known camming platforms that may carry their risks. 

My experience has been positive, and MyFreeCams continues to be a reliable platform for my camming pursuits. Best Shows

Lastly, you should also be wary of fake MyFreeCams free token generator scams. The only legitimate way to obtain tokens is by buying them from the site, redeeming bonuses on token purchases (if any), and coupons from verified affiliate partners like us.

The Community

The community at is the perfect blend of generous members fueling the shows with their tips, those who never comment, and those who contribute to the show by complementing the model.

Like any other top adult cam platform, this strikes the perfect balance, resulting in a supportive and engaging atmosphere. 

MyFreeCams Private Shows

Also noteworthy is the number of guest users in free shows, which tends to be significant, given that creating an account isn’t a requirement to enjoy the performances. 

Comparing MyFreeCams to Alternatives

MyFreeCams is a giant in the camming industry. It rarely misses a spot in any best cam site listing. But are there better sites out there?

Well, yes, there are.

We recently did a best cam sites roundup, and here’s how it ranks among its peers:

#Best Adult Cam SiteMy Rating

As you can see, the site doesn’t do too badly. It sits comfortably in mid-table with an above-average rating.

Let’s now compare it with the other alternatives to conclude this section.

MyFreeCams Vs. RoyalCams

If you are looking at the fundamentals, you have nothing to complain about on both sites. Both have a decent number of talented performers, plus you get every feature or button you might need to interact with models plus more!

But look beyond that, and you might start choosing favorites.

For instance, if you look at the aesthetics or how well the sites are organized, MyFreeCams becomes the underdog.

It seems the developers have never bothered to update the platform since its debut in 2002. It’s so bad that I remember missing some essential features, such as being able to choose between still avatars and show previews on the home page, because of the chaotic layout.

MyFreeCams Vs. BongaCams

BongaCams is a RoyalCams’ duplicate or sister site. So, the same situation above:

I recommend both sites, but the one you are drawn to more will ultimately depend on what you look at beyond the fundamentals, including the token pricing, where you get more tokens for the money you spend on BongaCams than its counterpart.

MyFreeCams Vs. Chaturbate

Straight off the bat, Chaturbate is the better-organized or better-looking site. So, this is something to consider if you have an eye for aesthetics like me.

Still, a camming platform’s talent base matters most at the end of the day, so it’s probably best to ignore MyFreeCams’ terrible looks and see who’s online there when you just can’t find what you want on Chaturbate.

You do not have to worry about the token pricing here because you get about the same number of tokens for the cash you spend on either site.

MyFreeCams Vs. Camsoda

As with the rest of the freemium websites we have compared MyFreeCams to so far on this list, Camsoda will give you the best experience if you are looking to enjoy adult cams commitment-free.

However, choosing favorites starts when you finally get into the premium side of things to tip models, hop onto private shows, or upgrade your membership.

Then, you might like Camsoda more because of its friendlier token pricing than MyFreeCams. Its voyeur experience is also on another level, going beyond the typical spying on the private sessions of other users.

MyFreeCams Vs. Stripchat

I know I am not alone when I say that Stripchat is the camming platform I use the most.

Case in point, most of us appreciate Stripchat’s full compatibility with VR headsets, such as the Quest 3, for unmatched realism.

Even so, there are those days when you just want to venture out and see who’s performing on other top camming platforms, and MyFreeCams is among the sites I look at.

MyFreeCams Vs.

Many, myself included, will pick MyFreeCams over because it is the more established/popular site.

But hear me out. is among the upcoming sites to watch, and what they are doing is worth checking out for all camming enthusiasts. Not entirely because of the unique gaming-inspired graphics you will find there but also for the talented girls that have started hitting the company’s radar of late.

MyFreeCams Vs. Jerkmate

Jerkmate is the first premium site I am comparing MyFreeCams to on our list. So, as yo pribably guessed it, the two sites are intended for different audiences.

While MyFreeCams will have tens of fully explicit shows you can join commitment-free, Jerkmate has none of that. It’s intended for VIPs, meaning that you have to whip out cash beforehand for even the most basic stuff, such as stripping naked.

MyFreeCams Vs. SlutRoulette

SlutRoulette is Jerkmate’s sister site. The recomendations above, therefore, apply here as well.

MyFreeCams Vs. LiveJasmin

The second premium site on this comparison list, so avoid LiveJasmin until you have had a taste of what the camming space has to offer using the likes of MyFreeCams commitment-free.

Then, you can load your LiveJasmin account to see the kind of services reserved strictly for VIPs on sites like LiveJasmin.

MyFreeCams Vs. is also a premium site, so stick to MyFreeCams and its counterparts if you are still in that period where you just want to get a feel of things before commiting cash so that you can customize an experience of your own.

It’s easy to find full on action or fully explicit shows on freemium sites like MyFreeCams without spending a dime.

Important to mention, you will surely appreciate’s friendly token pricing compared to its premium counterparts. You get 200 tokens for $12, which is even more than what you get on MyFreeCams.

My Thoughts From a Model’s Perspective

As usual, I had to probe into how things work for models at MyFreeCams. This section reveals my findings. 

How Much Do Models Make on MyFreeCams?

MyFreeCams is one of the best-paying camming platforms, giving back about 60% of its revenue to its models.

That explains the vast number of models working on the site around the clock.

How Much Can You Make as a Model on MyFreeCams?

There’s no limit to how much you can make on the site.

It all depends on your consistency and whether you utilize additional revenue streams, such as MFCShare. 

How to Become a Model on MyFreeCams

The site is always accepting new models via their model sign-up page. Everyone is invited to apply.

Testimonials From the Models on MyFreeCams

MIM says:

“Never a sharper, but after my first session, I made a trip to the sex store for some toys.

-I don’t remember exactly how much, but the site took about 50% of your check (which I know is a lot), but the money came in so fast, and the paycheck was always big that you didn’t think how they were screwing you in the end.”

Anonymous says:

“The men start to play like an auction, showing off their money, so then I get more tips.”

Earning From the Site

Payment Methods

Models can request payments via Mailed Cheque (USA & Canada), EWallets (such as Paxum), Wire Transfer, and Direct Deposit. 

Payout Frequency

Payments get released twice a month.

Payout Percentage

MFC is one of the industry’s best-paying camming platforms, giving back about 60% of its revenue to the people who earned it in the first place. 

Types of Models

The site accepts models from diverse backgrounds. The only requirements are a strong internet connection, a few photos, lighting, a webcam, a PC, and your ID. 

Language Translations

Models can use third-party translation software in case there’s a language barrier.

Background Information

Who Owns MyFreeCams?

Leo Radvinsky founded the site through MFCXY, his privately held business.

He is renowned for being the director and majority owner of the OnlyFans platform.

Other Site Reviews

  • Scam Adviser Trust Score: 100/100
  • Glassdoor 4.3/5 based on 13 reviews. 
  • Trustpilot: 2.6/5 based on 11 reviews.
  • Sitejabber: 1.9/5 based on 52 reviews. 

How Much Traffic Does MyFreeCams Have?

According to SEMRUSH, the site has an authority score of 58 and enjoys about 85M visits every month.

The average visit lasts about 25 minutes, with the bounce rate being 74.05%.

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