naughtyamericavr review feature image Review – Is It a LEGIT Website?

Many people have heard of Naughty America porn videos, but did you know that they had ventured into the world of virtual reality, too, with NaughtyAmericaVR?!

It allows you to experience their exciting and erotic content in a whole new way, exploring virtual 3D aspects and interacting with your porn video in a way that you might never have even considered possible!

But is NaughtyAmericaVR a legit website, and is everything above board?

Well, luckily for you, I’m going to be taking a deep dive into the site and exploring all there is to explore about it in order to get to the bottom of whether it’s worth visiting or not!

But first, here’s a little tantalizing taster!


As Naughty America has a pretty high standing in the world of porn videos, I had very high hopes that its VR counterpart would be just as good and impressive! But first I needed my credit card and my Galaxy Gear Oculus VR headset in order to truly explore what NaughtyAmericaVR had to hold!

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Here’s What I’ll Cover In This Review


When it comes to NaughtyAmericaVR, there is plenty to talk about, so I’m going to break it all down into small, manageable chunks.

Hopefully, you can just skip to the section you need and find out all there is to know to help you make an informed and educated decision!

  • What is NaughtyAmericaVR?
  • Pros and cons
  • Initial impressions and how I tested it
  • The overall design of the site
  • Company information
  • Subscription tiers and payment
  • Using NaughtyAmericaVR as a paying subscriber
  • Video quality
  • So is NaughtyAmericaVR legit?

In my review, you should be able to find all the answers to every burning question that you have about this particular virtual reality porn website!

What Is NaughtyAmericaVR?

NaughtyAmericaVR is an offshoot of the already beloved and highly popular Naughty America porn.

This site allows you to watch their fantastic videos in virtual reality, by using a headset to bring the porn videos to life in a way that you’ve probably never experienced before.

No matter what kind of thing you’re into, NaughtyAmericaVR will have videos to suit you and your tastes!

The following VR headsets are compatible with the site:

  • Google Cardboard
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Go
  • HTC Vive
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Playstation VR

With thousands of videos to choose from, and featuring countless pornstars, this is the home of VR videos from one of the most highly-rated porn studios around!

To make things even better, the videos are constantly being updated as and when new media is released, meaning that there will almost definitely be fresh stuff to watch whenever the mood strikes!

Now, before I even really go any further into this review, the fact that one of the best porn studios around has a dedicated website full of its own self-made VR porn is a massive indication that this site is legit!

Pros and Cons

No virtual real porn website is perfect, and each of them has its own unique pros and cons, so here are a few of the high points and low points that I noticed with NaughtyAmericaVR.


  • Sleek and minimalist layout
  • All videos come from Naughty America
  • A free and downloadable VR porn video
  • Informative pornstar profile pages
  • Affordable subscription tiers
  • Very low-cost 3-day trial


  • Not the easy-to-navigate website ever
  • Content not from a range of studios
  • No trailers or clips for any of the videos
  • No search bar function
  • Kept getting bumped around various Naughty America sites
  • 3-day trial didn’t include all videos

Keep on reading to find out what my full thoughts on NaughtyAmericaVR are, and discover whether I think it is a legit and worthwhile website!

Initial Impressions and How I Tested It

Everyone forms their first opinions, whether it’s with people or with porn websites!

In order to get a better handle on what NaughtyAmericaVR was and what it does, I just dived in and got down to the task of exploring it.

In doing this, I was able to form my own initial impressions about the site. Whether they are right or wrong, these are my very first thoughts when first visiting this particular website!


Initial Impressions

Right away, I noticed that this wasn’t a porn video website like the others I have been lucky enough to review for Bedbible.

It has a very simplistic, almost minimalist design, which – if I’m being honest – doesn’t have the most welcoming feel to it.

This one looked less of a Pornhub-like feel to it, with its rows and rows of videos, and had more of a Netflix vibe.


As you can see, you get a thumbnail image, as well as a short description of the video, very much in the same way that Netflix shows you the movie poster and offers up a synopsis.

It’s certainly a different way of displaying the content on the site. Not necessarily better, but definitely different.

You can sort the videos via VR Videos or VR Pornstars, which helps you narrow down your search. Strangely, there is no actual search bar function – something that I found really odd, considering the amount of content on there.

There’s also a VR Headsets section that allows you to take a look through a few of the virtual reality headsets that are compatible with the site.

When you click on the videos, there is no option to watch a trailer or any clips, and just clicking the play button in the center directs you to the subscription page.

My overall initial impression of NaughtyAmericaVR is that it is not that great or impressive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to give it a chance, but first impressions-wise, I was not blown away.

How I Tested It

In order to test NaughtyAmericaVR – and any of these kinds of websites, actually – I just have to get my hands dirty and start exploring. It really is as simple as that!

So I whipped out my Gear VR Oculus headset, prepared my PayPal account, and found a subscription tier that would give me access to everything that I needed, and I was away!

What was important to me was that I was able to see and experience the website in the same way that you or any average person out there would see and experience it.

My experience might have been good, my experience might have been bad…all that matters is that the experience was genuine and authentic!

I could then base my review off of these findings!

The Overall Design of the Site

So now it’s time for me to dive a little deeper and get into some more specifics when it comes to NaughtyAmericaVR.

As soon as you open the page, you are hit with the big sell! A full page banner displays the latest video, and it tries to tempt you into joining now and buying a subscription.

It’s certainly an attention-grabbing, eye-catching start to things, that actually might work, for some people!


As you scroll down you are met with some of the biggest features when it comes to the videos on the site.

These come in the form of icons and short pieces of info on how they ensure that your virtual reality experience is as real and immersive as possible.

Then beneath that are a selection of the latest videos. There are only 3 actually displayed, though you do have the option of clicking an arrow to reveal more.


As I mentioned, the site looks and feels pretty sparse. You don’t get bombarded with millions of videos that overstimulate you. It is just very neat and tidy.

Some people will like this, others not so much. It all comes down to personal taste, of course, but for be it seems a little too bare-bones.

With that being said, though, there is an excellent feature at the bottom of the home page that not a lot of other websites have: a completely free VR porn scene!

All you have to do is simply download the scene, and you’re away! As you can see, it is only available for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and smartphone, but still, free is free, and free is always good!


It is then followed by the VR headsets that are compatible with the site. Again, all very useful information!

Finally reaching the bottom of the homepage, there are the usual links and things. But of course, in keeping with the very minimal design of the site, this seems a lot more condensed than I have seen on other websites!


Still, you get all the usual links for the VR videos, pornstars, headsets, and porn sections, as well as press, and the ever important support and billing support links.

Clicking on the VR videos link, and you’ll be directed to a page that in all honesty doesn’t look too inspiring.

It has 12 VR porn video posters as their descriptions, and you can click the numbers at the bottom to scroll through them. There are no previews when you hover over them or anything.

To the right of these posters, there are various links where you can select either the porn category, who is in the video, and the location of the erotic fun.

In theory, I really do like this idea as you can really hone in on the perfect video for you, but in reality it just looks pretty bland and uninspiring. It’s functional, yes, but it’s not very exciting!


The VR Pornstars section is slightly more appealing! Clcik on that link, and you’re directed to a massive A-Z of all of the porn stars featured on NaughtyAmericaVR.

This is very handy if there’s a specific pornstar that you like, and it makes finding all of the scenes they are in quick and easy.


Once you find a pornstar that you like, just click on their image and you’ll be directed to a page where you can learn a lot more about them.

Not only does it have their details on there (ie their height, weight, pussy type, weight etc), but many also have bios on there that break down the pornstar and the work they do.

It’s all very interesting stuff and helps you feel even more of a connection with these beautiful stars.

By scrolling down to the bottom of that profile page, you can find all of the scenes they are in, which you can click on and enjoy (once subscribed).


I love that this is the only real ‘wordy’ section of the website, as you are not really overwhelmed by a wall of text anywhere else.

Overall, yes, I have my issues with the design of NaughtyAmericaVR. It fails to be as gripping or interesting as many other virtual reality porn websites. But on the rare occasions that it shines, it shines very brightly.

Company Information

If you were worried about who NaughtyAmericaVR are and where they are based, then I did a little digging to settle your mind.

NaughtyAmericaVR is run by a company called La Touraine, Inc. based in San Diego, California. They can be easily contacted via their website, and they have a physical address that can receive mail.

The fact that it is based in America in a city and state where it has to abide by certain laws and regulations really helps add some credence to the legitimacy of the site.

Subscription Tiers and Payment

Moving on to the subscriptions section of NaughtyAmericaVR, and you have quite a few options to consider!


You have the option of a monthly package, a yearly package, and a yearly package plus 5 extra sites.

The 5 extra sites included in the top subscription tier are – Tonight’s Girlfriend, Naughty Americans, Amateurs Raw, Randy’s Roadstop, and Real Teens VR.

You also have the option of buying a 3 day trial for a very small price – something which I think is a great idea and I think more porn websites should do!

There’s no real difference between any of the subscription packages, aside from the length of time that they last. Also the top tier has the aforementioned extra websites added on, too.

PRice-wise I think NaughtyAmericaVR is pretty average, and sits in the rankings as not costing you too much to subscribe to and enjoy.

Here’s a little breakdown of the subscription tiers and their various prices!

PackagePrice Per DayPrice Per MonthPrice Per Year
3-Day Trial$0.56$1.69N/A
Yearly (plus extras)$0.57$17.26$207.12

As you can see, the longer your subscription, the more you save. Personally I don’t think the yearly subscription tier is too badly priced at all, and very affordable for those who are on a budget.


When it comes to payments, you have a lot of options available to you!

Luckily, when you purchase, it lays out all of those options so you can clearly decide how you want to pay.


As you can see, you can pay via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, JCB, and even PayPal. If you’d prefer, there is also the option of paying via cryptocurrency such as BitCoin, too.

Personally I went with PayPal, as it was the quickest and most convenient method to pay with.

All purchases are made through Epoch or SegPay, meaning that your money is secure and can easily be traced, stopped, or refunded if needs be. Again, this is a brilliant indication of POVR’s legitimacy.

Using NaughtyAmericaVR as a Paying Subscriber

Once you’re subscribed and logged in, things on NaughtyAmericaVR start to look a little different!

In fact, it directed me away from NaughtyAmericaVR and just took me to NaughtyAmerica, which is a separate site altogether. When I tried to go back to the original site to click a video, I was redirected to the second site again.


Still, I just decided to roll with it. This is clearly what was intended! In all fairness, this site looks and functions more like your usual virtual reality porn website, with banks of videos for you to choose from.

I found this to be quite a confusing and admittedly kind of annoying thing; why hid all the good stuff behind a relatively bland and uninteresting home page? It doesn’t really make too much sense, to me!

Because I purchased the 3-day trial, I only had access to a small number of the videos, with the rest being locked. However, this was more than enough for me to really get a taster of the site!


There were many videos available for me to try out, many of them high quality 2D films. But there were also VR videos for me to enjoy too, and that’s what I was there for!

Clicking on the thumbnail I went to the page with the video on. Again, this seemed pretty bare-bones, but then again it was functional and did what it had do do.

Surrounding the video is a description of who is in the film and what they are doing, as well as a save function to add it to your favorites, and a feedback section so you can check out other users’ thoughts on the videos.


There is also a less-than-premium-looking webcam ad next to the video, which isn’t the kind of thing I’d expect to see as a paying subscriber. Still, I was there to watch the video, and that’s what I did!

I could watch the film as it was, using my mouse to move the screen around and ‘look’ at other things. Alternatively, I could press the VR icon and watch it in the split-screen configuration.


This setting works best for VR headsets, as it allows your eyes to see individual, offset images which your brain will combine into thinking it is one 3D image. Clever stuff!

The download section was also pretty handy, as the site provided you with tips on how to watch them depending on your VR headset. There were also individual download options for each headset.


So despite my issues with the site, the layout, and the relative ‘boringness’ of it all, the videos got the job done, and were fantastic to watch in the virtual reality world!

There is also a cam girl section if that’s your kind of thing, but I didn’t explore too much into that as it directed me to a site called NALive, which is obviously not NaughtyAmericaVR, which is what I was there to review.

Still, it’s nice to know you have the option.

Personally, though, I just feel like I was being bounced around between the many different arms of NaughtyAmerica, which not only made for a frustrating experience but also one that was not very sexually exciting.

Maybe some people will enjoy this user experience, but personally, I found NaughtyAmericaVR (and NaughtyAmerica AND the host of other sites I got bumped to) frustrating and annoying.

Video Quality

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the site, I did find all of the videos to be of a very high quality.

There were many in 4K with some videos even going up to an incredible 8K, meaning that they are insanely detailed.

There is no way to alter the video quality settings in-video, though I’ve found this to be the case with a lot of virtual reality porn websites.

Unlike sites such as YouTube, VR porn site videos have one resolution and one resolution only. That’s not a problem, but it’s noteworthy if nothing else.

With that being said, 4K is more than enough, with your average person not being able to tell the difference between 4 and 8K.

So Is NaughtyAmericaVR REALLY a Legit Website?

I may have my issues with NaughtyAmericaVR, but even I have to admit that it is a legitimate website that does its best to look after its visitors and customers.

NaughtyAmerica has a great reputation in the porn world, and it is beloved by many people. Countless numbers will enjoy content from the studio every single day, and that alone gives it legitimacy.

The payment options are all safe and secure, and it is clear that they are not trying to rob you of your money. It’s definitely encouraging to see that they work with Epoch or SegPay to keep payments secure.

On the other hand, this is not a site I would highly recommend based solely on the user experience alone. It is subpar and I felt it was a little cheap and uninspiring.

That is certainly not something that I was hoping to experience when visiting NaughtyAmericaVR!

I’m certain there will be those who love it and swear by it, and I’m not going to try to pull them down. You should get your rocks off however and wherever you can.

But despite its very obvious legitimacy, NaughtyAmericaVR is not a virtual reality porn website that I’m going to be revisiting in a hurry!

Feel free to go and check out NaughtyAmericaVR’s social presence on Twitter (now X).

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