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Next up in my ethical porn crusade is this review. This indie porn platform is the place to be if you are looking for curated, artistic, inclusive porn that caters to a broad range of interests from soft and sensual to more niche or fetish interests.

Here’s everything you can find in this review:

What is

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Founded by director Shine Louise Houston, is a porn platform featuring over 2000 carefully curated indie porn movies. As well as the founder’s own studio, Pink and White Productions, it features porn from a wide range of studies and producers.

It also features some bigger name studios, including Erika Lust Films and Stoya Inc. There’s also a broad spectrum of films to watch from more vanilla content to fetish content, and everything in between, as well as edu-porn tutorials, documentaries and a large collection of classic porn movies.

Theres a huge a focus on showcasing diversity and creativity in porn. gives space for underrepresented creators to make the porn they truly want to make. Plus, in doing so, caters to the viewers broad range of sexual desires, which are overlooked in mainstream porn.

Not to mention, all movies are screened by the team, so you are getting a curated porn movie experience! They prioritise “independent and emerging filmmakers whose works approach new concepts around sexuality” and often find their content at adult film awards.

They also have stringent ethical standards for all their movies. The site only accepts movies must have valid paperwork, including 2257 paperwork, which ensures all actors are of legal age, so you watch the movies with a guilt-free conscience!

On top of their impressive library of independent porn movies, has a blog featuring interviews with the creators, porn reviews and essays, and resources to help up and coming porn producers. Review

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Next, I’ll share my honest opinion of and who I think would love this indue porn platform. Review: The Pros and Cons

Looking for a quick summary of my review before you decide whether to give it a go? I’ve picked out the main the pros and cons for you here! As you can see, I found plenty to love about this indie porn platform and a only a few downsides. And even then, they are only minor. So if you are on the fence and love more artistic, inclusive porn, I highly recommend giving a go!


  • Championing inclusivity and diversity in actors and filmmakers
  • Amazing representation of queer, gender non-conforming, trans, BIPOC, feminist, disabled actors and producers
  • Large selection of classic porn
  • All movies reviewed and selected by Pinklabel team
  • Arthouse, indie porn with wide range of sexual interests
  • All movies must live up to ethical guidelines
  • Choose between full access subscription or renting or buying individual movies
  • Discreet billing
  • Collection of subtitled movies for hard of hearing and deaf individuals
  • New movies added each month


  • No option to download movies — only streaming
  • Website isn’t the easiest to navigate
  • Website design looks a little dated Review: My Overall Thoughts

Explore the sweet mix of pleasure and pain in Pain is My Forte

I was very curious scrolling through all of the amazingly named porn movies on! It’s definitely more artistic and adventurous that mainstream porn and there were definitely a few that sparked my interest! I was just so excited by the really broad, often more niche sexual topics the videos explore and I loved the diversity of people on screen!

I would say the website feels a little dated in terms of design and maybe not the most easy to navigate, but not to the point where it detracted from the experience at all!

That being said, I loved scrolling through and looking at all of the movie cover art, it really has the feel of looking through a gallery!

Another thing I really loved about is the sense of community that it creates for indie porn lovers and people looking to get into the industry.

Who Would I Recommend to?

Enjoy getting kinky in the kitchen with La Cerise Sur La Gâteau (The Proof is in the Pudding) on is for the connoisseurs of kinky and creative porn. Those who are looking for a more inclusive and artistic porn streaming service. If you are the type to hunt out arthouse movies and love great porn, I think it could be a great match!

If you are looking for LGBTQIA+ content, content featuring disability, porn from BIPOC creators, is absolutely the porn site for you! It has an amazing collection of incredibly diverse producers and actors, giving more people the opportunity to feel seen and represented in porn.

It’s also a fantastic site for those with more fetish interests, a love of classic porn, or an interest in the indie porn scene in general.

If you are looking for more cis-het or mainstream porn, I would say you would be better off with a different service. But you never know, until you try, so I still recommend checking it out and finding out for yourself!

How Much is

I love that offers the option of a full subscription or buying or renting individual movies. This is great if you aren’t likely to make the most of a subscription or there are just a few specific titles you want to watch.

A full sub subscription gives you full access to the whole library of movies and costs:

The cost of renting or buying a movie depends on the particular title, but it’s mostly under $10 to buy a movie and under $5 to rent.

Plus, if you know someone who would, you can give a subscription or video on demand credit as a gift! Because what shows someone you know them more than hooking them up with their perfect porn platform! Review Final Thoughts

I admit that isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s exactly why it exist and why it’s such an amazing site. If you feel like your identity or desires aren’t represented in mainstream porn or you want to be able to enjoy your porn more like a fine wine, is the place for you!

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