SlutRoulette Review

SlutRoulette Review – Safe and Legit? Here’s My Take…

I am been using adult cam platforms for years now. And I have got to be honest with you.

The space is ridden with scams, and I fell victim to a few myself before I learned picking out the good apples.

One of the better sites, I found, is SlutRoulette.

This is my unbiased review of SlutRoulette, one of my go-to camming sites.

In it, you will find answers to all questions about the platform. But let’s answer what I consider the two main questions first:

  1. Is SlutRoulette legit? SlutRoulette is 100% legit. Real corporation behind, and I’ve personally spent a lot on this specific site.
  2. Is SlutRoulette safe? SlutRoulette is very safe and secure. Payments are done through international institutions, and data security is as high as can be expected. You can browse the site without constantly looking over your shoulder, fearing that someone might steal the data on-site, such as your payment details.

By spending a lot of money on the site I’ve also manage to get access to a SlutRoulette token coupon.

You can find it below.

If you want direct access to the best SlutRoulette shows without having to scroll through dozens of shows, I also got you. Check out the one below while it lasts, and remember to be on the lookout for more recommendations as you read the rest of the review.

The best Shows on SlutRoulette

Pros 👍 and Cons 👎

The first thing you notice is that the site takes minor safety quite seriously, with you being immediately prompted to agree that you have hit the age of majority as declared by your country of residence. That is not to mention the stamps of approval from RTA and ASACP.

Another thing you notice is that this is, without a doubt, one of the best sites for those with an eye for aesthetics. The design team is at the top of their game. 

I remember being eager to see the rest of the site when I visited it the first time, so I  didn’t hesitate to hit the I Agree button to confirm that I consented to the site’s terms of service and the rest of the requirements. But I hadn’t anticipated what happened next. 

Deja Vu instantly hit once I was redirected to the main page. I felt like I had been here before, though I knew that this was the first time I was setting my eyes on SlutRoulette.

SlutRoulette affiliation with Streamate's Jerkmate

But it wasn’t long until it all clicked. I was dealing with another Stripchat-XHamster situation, with SlutRoulette sharing the same interface with Jerkmate, another camming site where I am a regular.  

You also get the same models, so it’s just a name change from Jerkmate to SlutRoulette. The full review of Jerkmate, Slutroulette’s sister site, is also available on our website.

Below is the complete list of pros and cons of using SlutRoulette. 

Pros 👍

  • All shows can be accessed for free. 
  • There is a wide array of girls to choose from. Essentially, you get all the girls available on the Streamate network. 
  • A well-organized interface with all the tools you need to interact with models. 
  • High-definition video across the site. 
  • A wide array of payment methods to make premium features access flawless.
  • Use the gold menu/tip menu to ease the forwarding of requests.
  • On-site live chat support.
  • Enjoy various discounts on token purchases. 
  • Quickly access your favorite performers by adding them to your favorites list. 
  • Diverse model categories. 
  • Get notifications when your favorite performers go live (feature highlighted below). 
SlutRoulette Notifications for favorite models

Cons 👎

  • No virtual reality support
  • The site’s nudity policy is strict, meaning you might notice hesitance to go all out during free shows. 
  • The token pricing is unfriendly compared to what you get on competitor websites. 
  • Verifying a payment method is necessary when creating a free account. 
  • The website may not be available in all regions. 

Is SlutRoulette Worth It?

SlutRoulette is worth the visit for a person who’s yet to explore the world of camming platforms to see how different things are compared to regular porn websites.

It is also perfect if you have already used a camming website and are looking for more sites to explore. The girls here are “something else”.

However, it’s important to mention that it is a premium site. In other words, it’s intended for VIPs, meaning you must commit cash to unlock the whole experience.

Review Summary

📋FeaturesGive gold, Public chat, PM, Live vibe, Gold menu, and Fun games
🎬ShowsFree shows, Gold shows, Party chats, and Private shows
✈️Compatible with VPN?
🆓Free Membership
💯 legit & Safe
💸Value for Money
💳Payment OptionsCredit/debit cards and e-wallets like PayPal
🤑Running Promotions
📌Main CategoriesAll Girls Cams, New Models, Gold Shows, Recently Viewed
⚖️Overall Rating7/10

SlutRoulette’s Top Features (How it Works) 🤔

There will be no surprises for you here if you have used Jerkmate, SlutRoulette’s sister site before. The creators didn’t even bother to rename the features, but the rehash is no biggie since there are no issues with the functionality.

We all understand that the essence of this site is to pull more traffic for the Streamate performers on either site using different brand names. 

Below is a list of all the interaction tools at SlutRoulette. It’s more of a refresher for those who have read our Jerkmate review. 

1. Give Gold

This is the tipping button. It is the gasoline fueling all the performances on-site, especially when you keep in mind that the policy here demands paying if you are to get the full package, nudity-wise.

Slut Roulette Review: Features

Coming across freebies is almost impossible unless you are a seasoned user of the site and have mastered picking out premium-level free shows. Hop on the one below before it is over.   

Best shows on SlutRoulette

2. Go Private

A one-on-one show away from the public glare is a direct ticket to the full package of what each model has to offer. Click on this button to start one. You can also turn on your cam for an even more immersive experience.

Turn on your cam on SlutRoulette

3. Public Chat

What impresses me most with the public chat (on the far right corner) is that you have the option of making the messages you send here only visible to the model. This is the equivalent of sending Private Messages (PMs) for free. Emojis, which are usually a premium feature, are also free.

4. Private Message

A premium feature that enables you to message the model directly. Speaking from experience, private messages attract the most attention. 

Private Message on SlutRoulette

5. Live Vibe

This feature enables you to interact with the models’ toys. The intensity and duration of the vibrations will depend on the size of your tip.

6. Gold Menu

This is a tip menu listing the actions a model can perform, typically on free shows. Each has a corresponding price, with most of the commands models list here being a little modest compared to what you get on other camming websites. The button to access it is just besides the live vibe icon.

As I mentioned in the Jerkmate review, this, however, doesn’t mean that the models you find on SlutRoulette will be overdressed. It’s the contrary. The models are all dressed in sexy outfits, with some of them even sneaking in something naughty during free chat despite the site’s strict nudity policy. Below’s such a show.  

7. Games & Fun

Play games, such as Spin The Wheel (button adjacent to the live vibe and gold menu icons), for a chance to unlock even the most pricey items on the model’s gold menu for the price of one game round.  

8. About Section

You will find details about the model here, including their gender, sexual orientation, language, zodiac sign, and various appearance stats, such as height, weight, hair color, eye color, build, cup size, and kinky attributes.

SlutRoulette About Model Section

9. My Videos & Photo Album

The videos section allows you to purchase recorded shows from your favorite performers. This way, they can entertain you even when they are not online. 

Slut Roulette Unlock Premium Videos

On the other hand, the photo album is one of my favourite sections, offering a glimpse into the model’s daily life. I love the models’ dedication to the pictures, with most of them coming from professional shoots. 

SlutRoulette Photo Albums

Video Quality on SlutRoulette 🎬

The stream quality across the site is impressive. Depending on the strength of your internet connection, you can go for low, medium, and high quality.  

Can You Use SlutRoulette for Free 🆓❓

The site is accessible for free even without creating an account. However, creating a free account is recommended if you want to enjoy free shows for as long as you like.

Is SlutRoulette Compatible with VPN? ✈️🌎

Feel free to browse SlutRoulette using VPN software. I always advise it since models can block viewers from certain jurisdictions. However, turn it off immediately if you encounter problems accessing any of the site’s features or if you don’t notice any difference in the results you get, especially when browsing models from your locale. 

Why SlutRoulette is One of the Best Sites 🥇

Would I mention Slutroulette to someone looking for the best adult cam platform suggestions? Well, yes, for the following reasons:

  • A well-organized user interface that’s just as simplistic as it is functional, with all the tools you need to interact with the models on-site.
  • On-site live chat support offers timely responses whenever you get in touch. 
  • Hundreds of professional models with high-quality video streaming equipment. 
  • A unique range of performers in diverse categories offers distinct services characteristic of SlutRoulete and its sister site, Jerkmate. They will keep you coming back for more! You can check out the show below to understand what I mean!

Is SlutRoulette Legit? ⚖️

SlutRoulette is 100% legit.. Below are reasons why I say so: 

  • A few models I follow have been performing on the website for years, amassing huge fanbases. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee the legitimacy of the entire platform, but the models would not stick around for this long if they weren’t getting their dues. 
  • The website is quite old, having existed for over a decade. Many online scams don’t last that long, as most are quick schemes relying on free trial periods offered by hosting providers. A research paper on SecureList says that a typical phishing page barely survives for over 8 hours. 
  • I have used the site for years and can attest that SlutRoulette uses tested-and-proven payment processors, such as PayPal *ICFTECH. What impressed me most is that a detailed billing statement comes your way every time there’s a charge to the payment method you provided.
  • The website has a committed customer support team that offers timely solutions whenever you reach out. 

Is SlutRoulette Safe? 🔐

I have been using SlutRoulette for years, and it is safe. Below are points to back up my argument.

  • The website has a valid SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, one of the trusted issuers. That means the communication between your browser and website is encrypted.
  • Although safety certifications alone don’t guarantee safety, slutRoulette has undergone evaluations for potential malware or phishing risks from recognized third-party safety auditors, such as Trend Micro, Multiverse, and Flashstart, and passed.
  • SlutRoulette has RTA and ASACP certifications. These are recognized in the adult industry and always indicate a commitment to responsible practices.

Token Cost. Do you Get Value for Money? 💸

The site’s tokens are dubbed Gold, just like on Jerkmate. One is equivalent to a dollar. This might be high compared to what you get on other websites, but it is worth it when I factor in what I get from my favorite girls. 

Users may also pay by the dollar instead of purchasing gold tokens. 

Payment Options 🏦💳💵

You can access the various pay-per-minute shows or unlock recorded shows using various convenient payment methods, including debit/credit cards and crypto. Noteworthy, the available payment methods may change depending on the user’s region, with users from Australia, for instance, getting POLi as one of the payment options. 

My Impressions 🙋

While SlutRoulette may not claim the title for the absolute best camming platform, quite a good number of performers keep me returning. Here’s one of them. 

The site also has responsive customer support, an intuitive UI, an extensive portfolio of models, and high-quality, smooth streams going for it. 

Who is SlutRoulette For and Not For

SlutRoulette is not a dating or hookup site. It’s strictly an adult content site, only that the shows happen in real time as opposed to regular porn websites where they are prerecorded.

So, browse through the available models, select one, and take them private for requests, such as dildo riding, teasing, undressing, or masturbation.

I insist. Hinting that you are interested in dating or hooking up might offend the performer.

Our Opinion 💭

You should add SlutRoulette to your list of camming platforms to explore if you haven’t yet. That, however, doesn’t apply to you if you already use Jerkmate or any of its other sister sites unless you are after a mere change of scenery with the same performers you are used to.

Promotions/Giveaways 🤑

It’s quite difficult for the site to run promotions since the models set the prices. Furthermore, most users choose to have their cards or any other payment method they provide charged directly instead of using the site’s currency (gold tokens).

Even so, the site is not completely devoid of giveaways, as there is a rewards system. Its workings are illustrated in the table below.    

Rewards LevelDuration spent in a Pay-per-minute session on different daysPercentage of your spending you receive as credit 
1At least a 2-minute session on 3 different days 1%
2At least a 2-minute session on 15 different days 2%
3At least a 2-minute session on 30 different days3%
4At least a 2-minute session on 45 different days4%
5At least a 2-minute session on 60 different days5%
6At least a 2-minute session on 120 different days6%
7At least a 2-minute session on 180 different days7%
8At least a 2-minute session on 240 different days8%
9At least a 2-minute session on 300 different days 9%
10At least a 2-minute session on 360 different days 10%

Furthermore, some performers can offer up to 20% off on block sessions/private shows. 

The Site’s Categories 📋

Categories is another area SlutRoulette has aced. You get four main options, each unfolding into a drop-down menu revealing several subcategories, as illustrated in the table below.

RegionsUS/CA/UK/Australia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa
Age Teen 18+, 20s (20-29), 30s (30-39), 40s (40-49), Mature 50+
Features Party Chat, Video, Fan Club
EthnicityAsian, Black, East Indian, European, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Native American, Pacific Islander, Roma, White
FetishesAnal, BDSM, Creampie, Cuckold, Deepthroat, Dominant, Facials, Feet, Femdom, Gagging, Lactation, Leather, Roleplay, Rubber/Late, Shaving, Smoking,  Spanking/Paddling, Stockings/Nylons, Submissive, Underwear, Voyeur, Whips
Language Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Svenska, Português, Nederlands, Norsk

And that’s not all. The homepage also links you directly to new models, gold shows, recently viewed models, and dedicated category pages for various traits and actions, such as anal sex, babes, bondage, feet fetish, mature, transgirl, toys, and teen 18+, among others. 

Types of Shows on SlutRoulette📷

You will find a variety of shows catering to different preferences or budgets. These include:

Show TypeExplanation
Free showsThese are great starting points, offering a glimpse into a model’s commitment-free performance. 
Gold showsUsers contribute gold to reach a collective goal for a performance from their favorite model. 
Party chats/group chatsA communal atmosphere where users can engage with the model simultaneously. 
Private showsThese are ideal for a more personalized, one-on-one interaction with the model. These can be pricey, especially when dealing with the top models on the site.

My favorite is gold shows, which offer a cost-effective way to enjoy exclusive content. Below is a handpicked gold show you can join alongside other users with shared interests. 

Types of Memberships on SlutRoulette 📛

To be honest with you, I am not particularly a fan of those websites that require you to add a payment method when signing up for free membership. 

Sadly, SlutRoulette, Jerkmate, and the rest of their sister sites fall into this category. 

There’s no need to worry, though. I can confirm that the small charge on the payment method you provided gets refunded to your SlutRoulette wallet as soon as verification is done. You can also get a feel of the site without creating an account in the first place.

Looking to unlock every feature on the site, including the best fully-explicit shows? You can go for the premium membership.

The Number of Models Online at SlutRoulette  

The number of models available online at any given time rarely goes below 1000. It can even be 3000+ on some days. 

Reply Rate 📲

As is the norm in the space, the reply from models hinges on various factors. These include how generous you are with tips, how respectful and considerate you are in your interactions, and your current status. The latter may refer to your token balance or membership type. 

Overall Rating 🧑‍⚖️


My rating for SlutRoulette is 7/10. This is the same score I awarded Jerkmate, its sister site.

I could have rated it higher, like I did with Stripchat and Chaturbate, were it not for the site’s strict policy restricting explicit performances during free chat.

It’s not a biggie since it’s the policy for premium sites, but it somehow restricts the fun from the word go. The token pricing is also unfriendly compared to what you get on these competitor websites.

How to Complete Your Profile on SlutRoulette

There aren’t many options available if you want to customize your website. Just the basic stuff, such as changing your alias.

My Journey 🚶

Signing Up

Signing up is easy. You only need your email, a nickname, and a password. You will also need to verify a payment method on the page you get redirected to after clicking next. 

SlutRoulette Sign Up

Paying and Prices

Paying is straightforward, with many convenient payment methods, including crypto and PayPal. How much you spend depends on how long you stay in pay-per-minute areas.

Finding the Best Cam Model

The broad categories make it easy for you to find ideal cams. There’s also an option to add them to your favorites so that you do not have to look them up again the next time you visit the site. 

How SlutRoulette Works

You can access the site for free and dive into any show that catches your eye. Securing free membership is, however, necessary if you want to enjoy shows without time limits.

How are the Models on SlutRoulette

Like on any other top website, the models from SlutRoulette emanate a unique vibe that sets them apart. Expect a mix of models who have mastered their craft and those who are still learning the ropes. 

While the platform’s policy may impose restrictions on performances, this limitation tends to fade away when you transition to the premium side, where everything comes with a price tag. 

That, however, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find good shows if you are not ready to pay yet. Check this out:

Customer Support ☎️

Customer support at SlutRoulette is exceptional, standing out as one of the best I have encountered. You get multiple contact methods, including LiveChat, Whatsapp, and email.

The best part is that you do not have to wait for extended periods to get a response, with the first-mentioned bragging responses in 2-3 minutes, if not instantly. 

How is the Chatting Service? ⌨️

The chatting service on SlutRoulette is versatile, offering various ways to connect with performers. You can even send messages only visible to the performer via public chat. 

Overall, the interactions are more immediate and engaging, with credit going to the fewer viewers in rooms than other more popular websites. 

Review of the Private Shows 🤫

Private shows take the experience to the pinnacle, especially considering that fully explicit performances are hard to spot in free shows. In addition, this is the only opportunity for a more tailored, one-on-one interaction since all the other paid show types involve sharing the experience with other members. 

Users get to leave a review for a model after a private show, meaning you already know what to expect before hitting that Go Private button. 

Is it Possible to Record Models?

Yes, it’s possible to record models on SlutRoulette. However, exercise caution and heed the models’ and site’s policies regarding recording shows.

SlutRoulette Leaks

The premium nature of Slutroulette makes it virtually impossible to find SlutRoulette content leaks online. And it makes sense since, unlike freemium sites, the girls don’t do anything “crazy” during free shows in the presence of everyone, including the non-paying users or those on free membership. Furthermore, very few people would pay for a show only to leak it.

Any Scam Complaints or False Information Online? 🙅‍♂️

While there may be negative reviews about SlutRoulette online, approach them cautiously, as most are false info. 

As you might already know, most scammers target review platforms to spread misinformation about legitimate websites, such as SlutRoulette. They often recommend other camming platforms, which they supposedly use. These are usually traps.

The Community

Chances are that you won’t find a lot of members in every room you step into. This results in a less chaotic chat section, allowing for more focused and personalized interactions. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a room where it’s just you and the model, especially when you are not dealing with top models. 

Comparing SlutRouelette to Alternatives

Credit where it’s due.

The Streamate Network has done an exceptional job with all its sites, especially talent-wise.

But how do the sites rank compared to the other alternatives out there?

Well, clear-cut answers to that question can only be obtained through comparison with each of the other alternatives in the space, but for starters, here’s a table showing the sites’ ranks:

#Best Adult Cam SiteMy Rating

As you can see, SlutRoulette and its sister site get an above-average rating that’s not enough to snatch a top spot in a best cam girl sites listing.

Let’s now compare it to each of the other alternatives.

SlutRoulette Vs. RoyalCams

RoyalCams is bigger than SlutRoulette, popularity-wise. And not just because of RoyalCams’ freemium status that allows you to get a feel of the premium experience without spending a dime, unlike SlutRoulette, where you must pay up-front.

RoyalCams is just the more complete or better alternative, whether you are looking at the quality of the bonuses, the platform’s features, or token pricing, to mention a few things we check when appraising cam websites.

So, should you still bother to check out SlutRoulette when you are a RoyalCams user?

Well, yes, when you finally have the money to check out how things are on premium websites.

Trust me. Things always feel different because you are aware that no one can access the services you are getting unless they pay.

SlutRoulette Vs. BongaCams

BongaCams is RoyalCams’ sister site. Therefore, the above is true here.

SlutRouette Vs. Chaturbate

I would pick Chaturbate over SlutRoulette any time, as the latter is no match for its counterpart when considering several crucial aspects, such as the policy and token pricing.

I wouldn’t dismiss SlutRoulette completely, though, as the likes of AARISS and Gretalove, to mention a few regular performers on the Streamate network, keep me looking forward to the next time I have some leftover funds to spend on them for their VIP-reserved services.

SlutRoulette Vs. Camsoda

I always hold Camsoda in high regard because of its unique features, such as Split Tip, Versus Mode, and an incredible voyeur experience that goes beyond the typical private chat spying.

SlutRoulette doesn’t have any of that.

All it has in its deck of cards is a lineup of talented models who will have you yearning for more after your pay-by-the-minute session elapses.

SlutRoulette Vs. Stripchat

Stripchat is arguably the site I use most. It’s fully VR compatible, and I own the Quest 3, one of the select VR gear headsets the platform is compatible with.

That’s not to mention that Stripchat is home to most of my favorite camming models.

Even so, Stripchat does not always provide what I am looking for at all times. My favorite models may be offline, plus there are those times when you just feel like venturing out. If that’s the case, premium sites like SlutRoulette never disappoint.

The downside is that even the most straightforward requests, such as undressing, are not free.

SlutRoulette Vs. is a freemium site. It’s, therefore, intended for premium and freemium users until they are ready to upgrade their membership or customize shows to match their preferences instead of just hopping on what’s available.

SlutRoulette, on the other hand, belongs to the premium bunch, meaning it may not be ideal for newbies in the space who just want to get a feel of things without any commitments.

That’s just about it unless you want to look at things such as aesthetics, where comes on top with its rather unique gaming-inspired graphics. It’s also superior in friendliness of the token pricing and available bonuses.

You cannot say the same regarding the number of performers, though, as the Streamate network manages to pull more performers than

SlutRoulette Vs. MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams lives up to its name. So, forego SlutRoulette if you are not looking to spend much money getting cam girls to do what you want.

SlutRoulette Vs. Jerkmate

Jerkmate and SlutRoulette are just the same site under a different name. However, the developers of SlutRoulette intended for it to be a roulette-style spin on Chatroulette, matching you to random adult cams. I look forward to seeing them perfect it so that both sites can look slightly different despite having the same selection of performers.

SlutRoulette Vs. LiveJasmin

Which is the better premium site? Well, it depends on what you are looking at.

If you are looking at token pricing, SlutRouelette is the better site, as LiveJasmin’s token prices are ridiculously overpriced, each going for more than a dollar.

Moving on, if you are looking for the alternative with a friendlier policy, you might lean towards LiveJasmin more, as verifying a payment and a nominal charge aren’t necessary when signing up for free membership.

Lastly, if you are looking for the site with the better performers, I advise you to look at both sites as the talent on both sites is decent.

SlutRoulette Vs.

The thing I like about is that it’s probably the premium site with the most friendly token pricing. You get about 200 tokens for $12, which is about the same rate on freemium sites. So, when you are a little budget-conscious but want to try VIP-reserved camming services on premium sites, is one of your best options.

My Thoughts from a Model’s Perspective

As usual, I want to provide valuable insights to anyone looking to earn on the site as a model. How to sign up to become a model and the payout frequency are some of the things I will cover.

How Much Do Models Make on SlutRoulette?

Top models make up to 10K a week.

How Much Can You Make as a Model on SlutRoulette?

The money you make on SlutRoulette depends on several factors, including how popular you are, your commitment, and the rates you set. 

How to Become a Model on SlutRoulette

SlutRoulette and its sister sites are always accepting new model applications via Streamate. 

Testimonials from the Models at SlutRoulette

Violet says:

“I love Streamate because you treat your performers like partners and make it easy for us to promote.”

Candice says: 

“I have received so much help from you guys. I appreciate everything that you have given me. My first REAL job in my life.”

Earning From the Site

Payment Methods

You can receive your earnings via check, wire transfer, and various eWallets, such as Paypal.

Payout Frequency

You can request payments every week.

Payout Percentage

The payout percentage for Steamate models ranges between 30-35%. That seems low on the surface but it isn’t since the system allows the performers to charge higher prices on the dollar compared to most camming websites.

Types of Models   

Anyone can perform on SlutRoulette as long as they are approved by Streamate. The basic requirements include a webcam, a strong internet connection, and a PC. 

Language Translations

The site is available in 9 languages. These include Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Svenska, Portugues, Netherlands, and Norsk. 

Background Information

Who Owns SlutRoulette?

Like Streamate and all its sister sites, SlutRoulette is operated by ICF Technology.

Other Site Reviews 

  • ScamAdviser Trustscore: 100/100
  • Trustpilot: 3.3 based on 1 review

How Much Traffic Does SlutRoulette Have?

The site averages 200-400k visits every month. Half of these visits come from India and the US alone, with the average visit lasting 5 minutes. 

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