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VR Conk Review – Is It a Legit Website?

Cosplay is a massive industry, and loads of people around the world love to dress up as their favorite TV or movie characters.

But if you want to take that role playing one step further, VR Conk is the virtual reality porn website for you!

VR Conk preview

If you’ve ever had even the slightest of fantasies about having some naughty fun with a TV, game, movie, or anime character, VR Conk is the place that is going to make all of those dreamy desires come true.

So in this honest and truthful review I’m going to delve into VR Conk and find out all I can about it. But why should you trust what I have to say?

Well, I’ve spent years writing about all kinds of sex toys and websites, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve always loved a bit of fantasy, and I can definitely appreciate a hot woman in cosplay, and with that in mind, I was more than looking forward to seeing what the site had to offer.

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Here’s What I’ll Cover In This Review!

VR Conk homepage videos

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to VR Conk, so here are a few of the main points that I’m going to be hitting:

  • What is VR Conk?
  • Pros and cons
  • Initial impressions and how I tested it
  • The overall design of the site
  • Company information
  • Subscription tiers and payment
  • Using VR Conk as a paying subscriber
  • Video quality
  • So is VR Conk REALLY a legit site?

I’m sure you’re going to have all kinds of questions and queries, but hopefully I manage to answer them all throughout my review. So sit back, relax, and let’s get to talking about VR Conk!

What Is VR Conk

VR Conk is a virtual reality porn website that shows off all kinds of videos containing cosplay characters. It puts a fun and erotic twist on all of the games, TV shows, and movies that you love! These parodies really are something to behold, and the VR aspect puts you right there in the story with them!

This really is a next level interactive way to enjoy porn, and it immerses you more in the world. It also puts the control firmly into your hands and allows you to have a degree of influence in what happens.

When it comes to the technology you can use with VR Conk, the site is compatible with pretty much all VR headsets, including Oculus Quest / Quest 2 / Quest 3, Oculus Rift / Rift S, HTC Vibe, and Windows MR.

The content on VR Conk is bright, fun, and truly immersive! Even from my very first brief glance around, it’s clear that there’s going to be something for everyone on the site!

VR Conk my VR setup

Pros and Cons

I’ve learned that there are pros and cons for each and every website that I have ever used, and erotic websites filled with VR porn are no different! ‘So what are the pros and cons of VR Conk?’ I hear you cry! Well, let’s go through a few of them!


  • Bright, colorful, and very eye catching
  • Lots of unique content
  • Supports pretty much all VR headsets
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Constantly updated content
  • You can change video quality


  • Not everyone will enjoy the cosplay elements
  • Once the actors take off the cosplay in some videos, it’s just standard porn
  • Could be updated a little more often

If you want my full thoughts on each of the above points that I made, make sure you keep on reading! There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to VR Conk!

Initial Impressions and How I Tested It

Everyone forms a first impression, no matter whether that’s of a person, a film, a place, a game…whatever. Well, erotic websites are not exempt from that rule! That’s why I formed an initial impression of VR Conk!

Here I’m going to briefly go through what my first thoughts were, as well as discuss exactly how I went about testing this beast of a website.

So with that being said, here are my first thoughts on VR Conk!

Initial Impressions

The first thing I thought when I visited VR Conk was that it was extremely colorful and eye catching! This is not a dull, dreary, or boring website! Instead it hits you with all kinds of enticing images to hook you in.

Still, it also keeps things very simple and straightforward, going with the old tried-and-tested method of laying out a load of videos so that you can browse over them at just a glace. It’s a method that has worked incredibly well for YouTube, as well as many other porn sites!

VR Conk video selection

You get the most pertinent info right there. Not only is there a great thumbnail image for each video, but it also tells you the title of the video, as well as the length, and who stars in it. You don’t really need much more than that, do you!

One thing I do really love is that when you hover over the video thumbnails, the thumbnail comes alive. It’s a fantastic way of enticing you into clicking, and its not something that I’ve ever seen before.

Usually sites like this just have a preview that plays when you hover over the image, but not in this case!

When I clicked on a video, I was taken to a new page with all kinds of information on it, including a detailed description of the scene, tags, the star, the length of the video and release date, and what positions are involved.

VR Conk video page

One thing I did find annoying was that there was no preview of the movie. Instead, when you click on it, it takes you directly to the subscription page. I completely understand why they do that, but it would have been nice to get a trailer or some kind of preview.

There are more than just videos on the homepage, though! Underneath a colorful scrolling banner that goes through some of the latest releases are several other key things that you’ll find useful on the site.

VR Conk website write-up

VR Conk has several different tabs at the top of the page that you can navigate through. The videos tab is fairly self-explanitory, and it offers up a lot of different videos for you to choose from.

The categories tab lists all of the categories that are attached to the various videos. So, for example, if you want to see beautiful ebony women, you click that particular category and it brings up all of the videos that have been tagged with that catagory.

The pornstars tab allows you to see all of the different adult entertainers that feature in the porn parody films. That one you probably could have guessed! Some porn stars are only in one video while others are in loads of them.

It’s all very handy, and it makes finding the perfect video for you extra easy. You just look for the type of porn or the pornstar that you want, and you’re away!

So as far as initial impressions go, VR Conk made a great first impression. It was certainly enough to keep me hooked!

How I tested it

As I’m sure you can imagine, there’s only one way to go about testing websites like these: just try them out! So with that in mind, that’s exactly what I did.

I took a look through all of the free stuff first, before subscribing and getting into the nitty gritty of what VR Conk had to offer. I wanted to make sure that I covered every little bit of the site!

One of the most important tools that I had at my disposal while reviewing the site was my Oculus Gear VR headset. This meant that I could experience the videos in their full glory, really getting into them as the creators intended!

But ultimately, as I said, it was just a case of trying out VR Conk, playing around, and really putting it through its paces. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

The Overall Design of the Site

Okay, so you’ve read my overview, so now it’s time to dive a little further into certain aspects of VR Conk and go through what the site has to offer in more detail!

Starting off, right at the top of the page is that scrolling banner I mentioned. This scrolls through several of the latest films to have been released on VR Conk, and they are all neat, simple, and eye catching. Clicking on the banner takes you directly to their respective video pages (though of course you have to subscribe to watch!)

VR Conk header image

Scrolling down the homepage a little you get to those banks of VR porn videos. They are split up into two different sections: Top Cosplay VR Porn Videos followed by Latest Cosplay VR Porn Videos. There are 12 videos per section, though there is a ‘more’ button that allows you to expand it and see what else is on offer.

Further down there is also a section titled Upcoming Cosplay VR Sex Video which shows off the thumbnails for the porn videos yet to be released. I do like this cheeky little preview of upcoming content!

There is a porn star section to that shows off portraits of some of the porn stars featured in the VR Conk videos. You can click on these headshots and be taken to a gallery of that specific porn star’s videos.

Towards the bottom of the page is a text section that talks about what you can find on VR Conk. I’m never the biggest fans of pure text sections on these sites, but at the same time they keep it very short and sweet, so that’s a bonus, as far as I’m concerned!

VR Conk text section

Then at the very bottom of the page is the usual section of links, including information links, network links, community links, and a contact us link. It’s all very self explanatory and what you would expect to see at the bottom of a porn website like this.

Sure, it’s not exciting, but it’s pretty essential stuff!

VR Conk links section

Jumping back up to the links at the top of the page, I really like that you get little drop downs when you hover over the link. For example, hover over categories, and it drops down several of the most popular and well loved ones.

It saves you clicking on the link and scrolling until you find what you want. It just puts them all there, ready for you to choose from them. It’s convenienet and easy!

VR Conk pornstars section

You can of course click on the link and it brings up a more complete list. For example, if you actually click on the categories link, it brings up ALL of the categories, and not just a select few.

It works exactly the same way with the porn stars section too!

I found the entirity of VR Conk to be very easy to use and convenient. It’s exactly the kind of thing you would want in a porn website, and it makes things very simple. There’s no confusion or trickery about it, and it tries to streamline the entire process so you can get down to the envious task of enjoying their videos!

Company Information

It’s always good to know a company’s information. It makes you feel that you’re not just dealing with some rogue internet website that has no basis in the real world. So it was important to me that I found who actually owned VR Conk.

Well, as it turns out, VR Conk is based in Los Angeles, California, and it was recently acquired by VRporn.com – one of the most well respected and leading VR porn websites and companies out there. There’s even a Wikipedia entry for them!

To me, this is all a massive green flag and an indicator of VR Conk’s legitimacy. It certainly made me feel a lot more comfortable about using it!

Subscription Tiers and Payment

So now that I’ve been through a lot of what is involved in VR Conk, it’s time to dive on in and purchase a subscription! Much like many sites, I found that there were three different subscription tiers to choose from.

You have a monthly subscription package, a yearly one, and a lifetime one. The only difference between the three tiers is the length of time that you get – all the other perks and bonuses are shared by all three subscriptions.

VR Conk subscription tiers

But the subscription choices didn’t end there. You see, you also have the option of upgrading these tiers to a VR bundle in order to get more bang for your buck. Obviously these bundles increased the price, but they’re worth talking about:

VR Conk subscription tiers extra

As you can see, these follow the same monthly/yearly/lifetime layout as a normal subscription, but you also get access to a second website for a discounted price.

I realize that there are a lot of things to consider here and a lot of numbers being thrown at you, so here’s a table to help you better understand what you get and what kind of savings you can make!

PackagePrice per dayPrice per monthPrice per yearOriginal yearly priceSaving
Monthly (bundle)$0.86$25.80$309.60$730.00$420.40
Yearly (bundle)$0.55$16.50$198.00$730.00$532.00
(one time payment)
(one time payment)
Lifetime (bundle)N/AN/A$350.00
(one time payment)
(one time payment)

It’s clear that there are plenty of savings to be had. And with any kind of subscription, the longer that you go for, the more of a saving that you make. Still, for my review, I just went with the basic monthly subscription tier.

And that leads me nicely on to the next (and arguably most important) section…

Payment Options

A website’s payment options and payment systems are always a very important thing. After all, you want to be sure that your money is safe and going exactly where you want it to go.

So does VR Conk do a good job and ensuring that your money is protected and looked after?

Well, one of the first things I noticed was that VR Conk offers a lot of different ways for you to pay, including Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, JCB, Maestro, PayPal, and even digital currencies such as Bitcoin. You definitely have plenty of options!

I decided to go for PayPal, due to it being the easiest and most convenient choice for me. But before I could actually purchase anything, I had to create an account for VR Conk. Luckily this was as simple as entering an email address and confirming your password.

VR Conk create account

Next up I was directed to the payment screen. It was all fairly self explanatory, and all you have to do is fill in all the appropriate details. However, because I chose to pay with PayPal, it took me directly to the PayPal site to complete the payment.

VR conk payment screen

It does come with a box that says ‘Yes, add £0.00 for a 30 day membership to www.blowvr.com recurring at £8.21 every 1 month.’ It is automatically selected, so make sure to unselect it if you don’t want to add on this additional recurring monthly cost!

I do like that all payments go through Epoch. Epoch is a system that ensures your payments can be made safely and securely, and it serves as a kind of buffer between you and the website. If anything goes wrong with payment, Epoch can step in and find a solution.

Again, this is something that really helps with the legitimacy of VR Conk.

Using VR Conk as a Paying Subscriber

Now that I had purchased my monthly subscription, I could really get down to testing the site out and seeing what it had to offer.

VR Conk using videos

In all fairness, not much changes about VR Conk when you are a subscriber. In fact, I struggled to spot any differences. But ultimately, it’s how the site works and how you can use it that is the most different thing of all.

For example, immediately, I was able to get onto the videos and when I clicked play, they actually played instead of just taking me to the subscription screen. And this is where you can really get into the VR porn side of things!

When it comes to the videos, you have a few options as to how you can actually watch them. Firstly, you can watch them in full screen mode, just like a normal porn video. This is probably going to be the best option for those without any kind of VR headsets.

You can still use your fingers to turn the camera around and look at whatever you want, but it’s not quite as immersive as actually watching the porn through your headset.

VR Conk full screen preview

Secondly, you can watch the porn through your VR headset. It shows two separate, slightly offset images that – when combined in the headset – form to make one realistic looking 3D image

Instead of using your fingers to ‘drag’ the camera around and see stuff, it reacts with your head and the direction that you are looking. This is perfect because it leaves you completely hands free to be able to do as you please while you’re watching the porn.

VR Conk split screen VR preview

I do love this option as you can become totally immersed in the virtual world. It’s quite a strange sensation to start with, to see these erotic scenes play out before your eyes while not being able to reach out and actually touch what’s in front of you. Some may find it disorientating to start with, but you definitely get used to it.

You also have the option of downloading the videos, too, so you can enjoy them whenever you want to. It is good that they’re not completely locked away and you can save them to watch in your own time.

The content is certainly fun, interesting, and (most importantly) different to many other VR porn websites. VR Conk clearly prides itself on its unique take on VR porn, and you really do feel that as you watch the videos.

Sure, they are VR porn parodies of movies and characters, but there has clearly been a lot of effort put into making them look just right and accurate to their source material. It’s clear that the people making these porn movies aren’t just porn connoisseurs; they’re movie buffs, too!

I would have liked to have seen a comments section included on VR Conk in order for you to see what other people are saying about the video. Similarly, it would have been good if there was some kind of rating system, too.

Generally though, I had a really good experience with VR Conk, and found that once I had purchased my subscription, using the site was as easy as using YouTube. Perfect!

Video Quality

When you’re watching a porn video – or any video for that matter- the quality matters. So how does VR Conk do when it comes to video quality? Well, surprisingly well!

You can see the quality that each video is in in the top left hand corner of the videos thumbnail. Most videos seem to be in 8K, though there are some 6K and 4K. In all my time on VR Conk, I never spotted a video that had below 4K quality.

VR Conk video quality

If you find that your internet is struggling to handle such large and high quality movies, you do have the ability to lower the quality to something much more manageable. Sure, the quality is obviously lower, but the video streams much better.

To do this you go to the gear icon in the lower right hand side of the screen. You can either click on it, use the VR control to click on it, or gaze at it in order to open it up.

VR Conk video quality change
VR Conk video quality change 2

Then all you need to do is select one of the lower resolutions, and the video will open up in a lower quality. Sure, there is a drop in the crispness of the image, but to be fair most people won’t really have an issue with that, especially when viewed through a VR headset.

I thought this was a pretty cool feature, as it means that all of the videos are adaptable and you can change the quality setting to ensure that you have the best and most realistic and immersive viewing experience.

So Is VR Conk REALLY a Legit Site?

As far as I am concerned, yes, VR Conk is a perfectly legitimate website that you should visit and enjoy! There are SO many things going for it and indicating that it is a legitimate porn website!

The company information is readily available, and you can contact them if you need to. This is a massive green flag as it shows that VR Conk has some accountability. Similarly their social media presence indicates that they are a very much alive site that can and will interact with people.

The payment system is all very secure and safe, and because it goes through Epoch, it will put your mind at ease as you know that your money will be protected.

Content wise it’s fantastic, and I love the variety of videos on there. You can tell that they have all been made with love and respect for their source material, and despite them being erotic parodies, you can see how much hard work went into them.

It’s an eye-catching site that has very little to take away from the fact that it’s one of the best and most niche VR porn websites out there.

So in conclusion, I think VR Conk is incredibly fun and safe, and once more, I have no question that it is absolutely a legitimate website. Now go and have fun!

Feel free to go and check out VR Conk’s socials, on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter (now X).

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