The 8 Best Door Sex Swings That You Can Take Anywhere

   Josh Gill
Door sex swings are a cheaper and easier version of normal sex swings. They come without the hassle of having to construct the frame and fiddle around with all the little bits, you generally just have to hang them over the door, and you’re good to go! Today in this review we’re going to look at 9 of the best door sex swings available, helping you choose which of these sexy slings is best for you, your partner, and your sex life!
1 Test Winner

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

 Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

  • Like to try out new positions
  • Want something easy to use
  • Need a door sex swing that's fully adjustable
  • Want a nice, wide, padded seat for extra comfort

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

  • Want something waterproof and machine-washable
  • Weigh over 325 lbs
  • Don't have access to a sturdy door

The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling is one of the best door sex swings on the market! This is a very beginner-friendly easy-to-use harness and seat combo that allows you to try out all kinds of new and impressive moves without having to make any permanent home improvements. Quick and easy to put up on the door with strong and sturdy acrylic barbells. They offer reliable support when hung over any closed door, so you can enjoy the sex swing safe in the knowledge that it won’t break! The sling itself is made of strong nylon and cushioned neoprene for comfort. This is also a pretty sturdy door sex swing, since it can hold up to 325 lbs. Although it isn’t machine-washable, you can easily spot clean the swing with a damp cloth and small amount of mild soap.

  • High weight limit of 325 lbs
  • Easy and practical to install, to use, and to remove!
  • No permanent features
  • Comfortable wide, padded seat
  • All straps are adjustable

  • Straps around the seat can dig into the hips during use
  • Sturdiness depends largely on your door
  • Is not machine-washable
Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling
Length inches
Width(Seat) inches
AdjustableYes — Seat Height and Stirrup Height
Maximum Weight325 lbs
MaterialsPolypropylene, Polyester, Polyurethane, ABS Plastic, Galvanized Metal, TOTM Plastic, Phthalate-free PVC
WaterproofNo, Spot Clean Only
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

If you’re looking for a quick and easy sex swing solution then the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Swing is probably the toy for you! I picked it out as the Test Winner for today because it just is a stand-out choice among all of the door sex swings on the market. It’s sturdy and reliable, super adjsutable, easy to use, and prettu reasonably priced. I love that door sex swings like this can be put up at a moment’s notice, and it packs away just as quickly and easily with no permanent fixtures. This model is no different. It’s also super lightweight and easy to storage once taken down. That makes it a very discreet kind of sex swing! Is it perfect? No. It may prove to be a little uncomfortable for some people in certain positions. Our tester noticed that the straps can dig in around the hips over time during use. A small improvement of adding more padding to the sides could help users of all sizes feel a lot more comfortable. However, when considering the affordable price, the ease of use, and the versatility and novelty this little device could add to your usual sexual routine, I still think the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Swing is pretty solid choice.

2 Beginners

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing

  Fetish Fantasy Deluxe

  • Are a beginner to sex swings
  • Want a simple and easy swing
  • Love to experiment

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe

  • Are a more advanced user
  • Prefer sex on a flat & solid surface
  • Prefer more support

With the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing, you can have all kinds of naughty and exciting fun with your partner pressed up against a door, legs wrapped around you, and without the tiring and unsexy strain. With a broad 8-inch seat it is very comfortable and even includes stirrups and a handle for extra control. It was made with beginners in mind, so it is simple and straightforward to use! Better than any sex sling, and perfect for those that are just starting out with door sex swings!

  • Great for travel
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Perfect for beginners

  • Might be too simple for some
  • Could offer more support
Fetish Fantasy Deluxe
Maximum Weight14.2 stone / 200 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing is a great starter swing for those that are just taking their first steps into the world of door sex swings. Using it is beyond easy – just put the tubes over the door before closing and locking it, and you’re away! It is just as simple to keep clean, and although it is not machine washable, all you need to do is just give it a wipe with a wet cloth. This swing won’t take the heaviest weight ever, so be aware that you might need something a little more heavy-duty if you exceed the maximum weight limit. The seat is pretty wide at 8″, however, some people may prefer more support while using, especially if you’re a beginner.

3 Cheapest

Bondage Boutique Over-The-Door Sex Swing

 Bondage Boutique Sex Swing

  • Want an affordable door sex swing
  • Like an easy to hang toy
  • Want a well produced swing

Bondage Boutique Sex Swing

  • Want something more comfortable
  • Prefer something more secure
  • Want more control

Bondage Boutique Over-The-Door Sex Swing features cushioned thigh straps that will support your partner’s weight comfortably. Handles attached near the top of the straps provide additional safety and balance. What’s more, each latex-free nylon strap is adjustable, so you can customize the swing to suit your height, making it much easier to lift your partner to the ideal level for perfect penetration  

  • Adjustable and customizable
  • Great price
  • Discreet when packed away

  • Not the most comfortable
  • May feel quite unsecure
Bondage Boutique Sex Swing
MaterialsNylon and polychloroprene
Maximum Weight22 stone / 308 lbs
Length73 inches

Bondage Boutique Over-The-Door Sex Swing is a neat-looking swing that offers a lot of customization. The sexual restraints can be lengthened and shortened to suit you and your partner’s needs, and there are hand loops for added safety and security. Unfortunately, it might not be the most comfortable cheap sex swing ever, and when attached to the door there have been reports of it feeling kind of unsecured. Despite those things, it’s still a great price, and a pretty good option if you want a door sex swing, but you’re on a budget.

4 Convertible

Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing

 Screamer Sex Swing

  • Want to try new positions
  • Love the feeling of being off the ground
  • Want a customizable swing

Screamer Sex Swing

  • Preter something more heavy duty
  • Weigh over 250 lbs
  • Don't feel secure in a sex swing

With the Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing, all you have to do is place the two inserts between the door and the door frame, and close the door to secure your swing. A rod on one side keeps the swing secure and in less than 30 seconds you’re good to go. It is incredibly simple to use and take down and can be stored away discreetly, making it perfect for travel and use in apartments or rentals. In addition, everything is fully detachable, so you can take off any piece you are not using in order to not get tangled up in it. Great for customizable fun!

  • Quick to install
  • Has detachable sections
  • Great for travel

  • Not as heavy-duty as come swings
  • Can't take weights over 250 lbs
Screamer Sex Swing
Maximum Weight17.8 stone / 250 lbs

The Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing is a wonderfully customizable door sex swing. If there’s a piece of the swing that you don’t need, you simply unclip it, put it to one side, and it won’t get in the way! That’s super useful when trying out new and exciting positions! Unfortunately, though, this swing can’t take weights that are over 250 lbs, meaning if you’re on the slightly larger side you might have to look elsewhere for a door sex swing that will suit you. However, for those that CAN use it, they will find the customizable news of it to be super handy!


Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

 Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

  • Want arm and foot stirrups
  • Like adjustable straps
  • Love easy to put up swings

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

  • Weigh over 300 lbs
  • Want something more discreet
  • Prefer more support

The Fetish Fantasy Door Swing is a fully adjustable swing that ensures your comfort no matter what your height is. Because of its easy-to-use design, it makes it a perfect product to use if you don’t have room for a full, proper sex swing. It threads over your door and secures it in place when the door is closed. Just adjust the harness to suit your naughty positions, and you’re good to go! Two comfortable stirrups provide plenty of support for your feet, ankles, knees, or legs and two handles help you support your weight when things get really wild and experimental!  

  • Very adjustable
  • Quite comfortable
  • Quick to put up

  • Not too discreet
  • Could offer more support
Fetish Fantasy Door Swing
Maximum Weight21.4 stone / 300 lbs

The Fetish Fantasy Door Swing is a pretty decent and well-priced sex swing that offers a lot of the pros of a decent swing while remaining affordable. The arm and leg straps are strong and durable, and allow you to get into all kinds of exciting and fun positions. Is it the perfect door swing? No, of course not. It could offer a little more support, and it’s not the most easy to pack away or take with you on your travels. But for what it is you can’t really complain. It does what it says on the tin!


Whipsmart Door Swing

 Whipsmart Door Swing

  • Enjoy using sex swings
  • Find ease of use important
  • Want to spice up your sex life

Whipsmart Door Swing

  • Are looking for a waterproof swing
  • Are too heavy to use it
  • Are too small to use it

The Whipsmart Door Swing is an all-in-one sex swing that allows you to do a lot of different things. This fully adjustable door swing is great for traveling due to its fairly small size. It also requires no additional hardware and comes ready to use as soon as you open the box. It features padded thigh stirrups and handles to grip onto. Lengthen or shorten the straps to partake in whatever kind of sex you want – from penetrative to oral!

  • Requires no assembly
  • High quality materials
  • Fully adjustable

  • Can't take too much weight
  • The seat is quite thin
Whipsmart Door Swing
Maximum Weight14.2 stone / 200 lbs

If you want a straightforward door sex swing then the Whipsmart Door Swing could be just the thing you’re looking for. You don’t have to buy any extras or do anything special to get it to work, you just get it out of the box, and you’re good to go. It boasts straps for your arms and legs and can hold you in all kinds of positions. It’s a good mid-range price, but unfortunately, it can only take up to 200 lbs of weight. That means if you’re heavier than that, the Whipsmart Door Swing is going to struggle and might get damaged. Also, the seat isn’t very wide, so it might be a little uncomfortable for some people.


Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing

 Adam & Eve Door Swing

  • Like quick to install swings
  • Don't need too many straps
  • Love simple toys

Adam & Eve Door Swing

  • Aren't a fan of swings
  • Want something a little more supportive
  • Prefer proper sex swings

The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is a great addition to your naughty bedroom collection. This portable over-the-door sex swing helps make those challenging positions super easy. It allows you to feel weightless during those long-lasting sexy sessions and can be adjusted to the perfect height to suit you and your partner. It can be hung over most doors in seconds and features comfortably padded stirrups to help you hold whatever positions you desire.

  • Quick to set up
  • Padded stirrups
  • Adjustable straps

  • Tricky to get into
  • No built in back rest
Adam & Eve Door Swing
MaterialsMetal, nylon, and acrylic
Maximum Weight15.7 stone / 220 lbs

The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is a fantastic toy to use straight out of the box. While it might look a little complicated at first, it’s actually super quick and easy to set up, and you can be having all kinds of naughty fun within seconds. One issue is that some people do find it a little tricky to get into, and there is no built-in backrest, meaning it might get a little tiring if you’re suspended in it for extended periods of time. With that being said though, for the price it’s still a thumbs up from us!

Other types of sex swing to consider

Door sex swings are great, and as you can see in this review, there are plenty of amazing options out there. But what if you want to try something a little different? Well, there are definitely other types of sex swings for you to consider!

Swings with hooks

Swings with hooks - Other types of sex swing to consider
If you have a sex swing with hooks, it gives you slightly more options than sex swings without. When you have hooks you can clip and attach them to a variety of different places, and if it’s strong enough to support the weight of you and the swing you can have a lot of fun!

Body slings

Body slings - Other types of sex swing to consider
A body sling is literally a harness that goes around one partner’s body so they can carry the weight of the other partner. You have to be kind of strong to handle these harnesses, and they’re definitely not for everyone, but if you can handle it, it’s certain to be an amazing sex sling addition.

How to use door sex swings

Make sure you have all the bits and pieces!

Make sure you have all the bits and pieces!

Once you take your door sex swing out of the box you’re going to want to check you have all the bits and pieces you need to use it. Some swings need assembling, others don’t. It’s always worth checking it over before you start to install it, though!

Hook it to the door!

Hook it to the door!

Look for the bars attached to the strap and put over the top of your door. These will help secure the swing in place. When you close the door you’ll find that the bars are ‘trapped’ in place, meaning that no matter how much you pull on them, they’re not coming detached. Your door swing is ready to go!

Climb in and get to work!

Climb in and get to work!

Now all you need to do is climb into your door sex swing and get down to the naughty business at hand! Sit on the padded seat section and hold onto the handles to start with. When you’re comfortable, lift your legs one at a time and put them into the stirrups. And hey presto – you’re in!

How to clean door sex swings

Door sex swings can often get dirty and messy, so it's important that you keep them clean, sanitized, and hygienic! Here are a few handy guides that will help you keep your door sex swing in tip-top condition and good to go the next time you need it.

Cleaning different materials


Yes, they generally are. As they take your full body weight, they are designed with comfort in mind. Many have padded seats and things to help make the whole experience more comfy for you!

No, they shouldn't be! As we mentioned in the last question, it's all about comfort. Sex swings in themselves are not meant to be painful or cause any discomfort, and if they do then you're not using them right!

Then you're probably going to need a sex SLING. There are more like 'hammocks', in that they are a big piece of material that you sit into, and it basically cups your body. They provide a lot of support but positioning can be a little more tricky.

Right here, by following the links in this post! Actually selecting and buying the door sex swings is all part of the experience, that's why we want to make it as fun and easy as possible. We only work with the best and most reputable sex toy shops out there!

What is a door sex swing

A door sex swing is a kind of swing that can be hooked over your door or secured to the frame in order to hold it up. Because of this, they are fairly simple to use and can be put up/taken down pretty quickly and easily. You get all the benefits of an ordinary sex swing while avoiding the often tricky to put together frame that they come with. Door sex swings allow you to experiment with different sex positions, and offer a good amount of support for if you are trying out trickier positions that are difficult to hold.

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