The 6 Best Over Door Restraints for Discreet Domination

   Kevin Foley
Bondage play can be an exciting and sexy experience for you and your partner. Unfortunately, most people have the mindset that it requires large equipment and a lot of money invested if you want a truly out-of-this-world experience. Thankfully, this simply isn’t true! Over the door bondage gear (which could be simple over the door handcuffs or more complex over the door restraints) is great because it allows you to enjoy partial or full-body bondage on a budget. Not only are over door restraints cheap but they can be used pretty much anywhere! All you need to set up these restraints is a usable door. This convenient design makes them excellent for people who don’t want a permanent BDSM setup in their homes, but also makes them a practical solution for BDSM while traveling. Interested in finding out which over door restraints are the best? Keep reading to find out!
1 Test Winner

Faux Snakeskin Over-the-Door Cuffs

 Faux Over-the-Door Cuffs

  • Like the look of faux snakeskin
  • Need on-demand BDSM cuffs
  • Only have a budget of $50

Faux Over-the-Door Cuffs

  • Can’t afford to make noise
  • Don’t like faux snakeskin
  • Want alternative color options

First on our list of over door restraints are the door jam cuffs from Bondage Boutique! Made of faux snakeskin, these bondage door restraints are completely adjustable (both straps & cuffs) and easy to use. Like many other door restraints, they use a barbell design to secure the door restraints. If you’re trying to find a simple door bondage set for on-demand doorway bondage action, this simple solution from Bondage Boutique should do the trick!

  • Affordable
  • Faux snakeskin design
  • Adjustable
  • Easy-to-use

  • Not weight-bearing
  • May be noisy during use
Faux Over-the-Door Cuffs
MaterialsFaux leather
Length(Strap) 7 to 10.5 inches
Width(Cuffs) 1.83 to 2.62 inches

At less than $50, we think these over the door cuffs are a steal! In general, over the door bondage is fairly easy to do, but adjustability (or rather, a lack of) is the main issue you’re likely to run into. Fortunately, since both the cuffs and the strap are adjustable, you won’t have that issue with these over the door handcuffs. The faux snakeskin may not be for everything, but it does offer nice visuals. The buckles on the cuffs pair nicely with the red faux snakeskin, although the black straps of the over the door restraints do look a bit cheap next to them. Minor visual gripes aside, this set of restraints is definitely one we’d recommend. If you’ve never tried over the door restraints before and aren’t quite sure what to get, we think these would be an excellent option!

2 Cheapest

Scandal Over The Door Cuffs

 Over The Door Cuffs

  • Want something affordable
  • Like the black & red design
  • Need something easy-to-use

Over The Door Cuffs

  • Want a premium-looking product
  • Don’t like iron
  • Prefer a different color palette

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly set of over the door cuffs, you need look no further than this set from CalExotics! This affordable over the door bondage set comes with two wrist cuffs, a strap, and a bar hook. The cuffs can be detached from the strap for separate use. Although this definitely isn’t the best-looking set around, functionality is a bit more important. Fortunately, where it may be lacking in looks it more than makes up for in usability!

  • Adjustable
  • Detachable cuffs
  • Velcro for ease-of-use
  • Nickel-free materials

  • Design won’t appeal to all
  • Basic-looking rings & buckles
Over The Door Cuffs
MaterialsPolyester fabric, Velcro, Polypropylene PP straps, Acrylic dowel, Nickel free Iron rings, Nickel free Alloy clasp, POM buckle
Length(Straps) Up to 29 inches
Width(Cuffs) Up to 16 inches
FasteningVelcro, O-rings

These over door restraints aren’t anything special, but they don’t try to be either. They’re functional, which is the main thing that matters. The setup actually comes in two parts: the strap/bar hook and the over the door handcuffs themselves. Because of this design, the cuffs can be detached and used separately, which is a nice touch. Everything is adjustable, from the velcro-held cuffs to the bar hook strap. If you’re looking for a simple solution for when-the-mood-arises bondage play, these cuffs offer a budget-friendly option!

3 Beginner

Purple Reins Over-the-Door Restraint

 Purple Reins OTD Restraint

  • Are new to bondage
  • Want something quick to set up
  • Like the color purple

Purple Reins OTD Restraint

  • Don’t like velcro
  • Need other color options
  • Have a particularly short partner

You have plenty of options when looking for beginner-friendly over door restraints, but we think these door jam cuffs are particularly noteworthy! The strap that goes to the wooden bar is length-adjustable; the cuffs themselves are easily secured with Velcro. Getting the restraint in place takes only a few seconds, which means you can stay “in the mood” while getting the cuffs set up. Simplistic in design but effective in practice, the Purple Reins Over-the-Door Restraint is a great way to start experimenting with door bondage!

  • Detachable cuffs
  • Easy-to-use
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable cuffs

  • No color options
  • Contains nickel
  • Door strap could be longer
Purple Reins OTD Restraint
MaterialsNylon, vecro
Length20 inches
AllergiesLatex-free , phthalate-free

As they’re designed for beginners, these over the door cuffs are very simplistic. While the velcro used to secure the cuffs likely won’t restrain someone whose truly trying to escape, it should be more than sufficient for regular over the door bondage play. One nice feature about these over the door handcuffs is that the cuffs themselves can be detached from the wooden door bar, allowing you to use them as standalone wrist or ankle cuffs. These over the door restraints aren’t strong enough to support a person’s weight, but considering most of these restraints aren’t designed to do that, we can’t really hold this shortcoming against it. Overall, we’d recommend these cuffs to someone who likes—or at least doesn’t mind—the color purple and wants an easy way to experiment with door frame bondage!

4 Ankle & Wrist

Black & White Door Restraint Kit

 B&W Door Restraint Kit

  • Want wrist & ankle cuffs
  • Like the classic black look
  • Have a budget of $50 or so

B&W Door Restraint Kit

  • Won’t use all four cuffs
  • Prefer a wooden bar(s)
  • Don’t like individual cuffs

So far, all of the over the door cuffs we’ve looked at have been focused purely on securing your wrists. But what if you want something more than just wrist cuffs? Enter the Black & White Door Restraint Kit! Not only does this kit include over the door handcuffs, but it includes ankle cuffs as well. Each cuff is an individual piece, which makes it easy to secure one limb at a time.   Thanks to the separated design of these under and over the door restraints, you can easily secure your partner in whatever manner you feel like. Whether you want them facing toward you or with their face buried in the door, this over the door bondage has you covered!

  • Includes four cuffs
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with satin eye mask
  • Excellent value for money

  • Plain design
  • Acrylic tubes
B&W Door Restraint Kit
MaterialsFabric, acrylic
Maximum Weight*Not intended for suspension* lbs

This set of over door restraints has its pros and cons. The pros include the completely adjustable and separate design, which obviously makes it very easy to restrain your partner exactly how you want to. There’s also the low price, which makes these bondage door restraints even more attractive. Alternatively, there are a few downsides to the product itself. Like most other door restraints, these door jam cuffs aren’t designed for suspension. However, the main downside is the fact that this kit uses acrylic tubes—rather than wooden ones—to secure the straps. Functionally, this still works: it just seems a bit lower quality. Still, it’s hard to beat the value for the price. Offering four restraints for the price of two, we think this kit is an amazing option for anyone who wants to get into four-limb doorway bondage on a budget!

5 Cross

Over the Door Cross Restraint Kit

 OTD Cross Restraint Kit

  • Want complete body bondage
  • Don’t mind spending a bit more
  • Need a portable bondage setup

OTD Cross Restraint Kit

  • Are allergic to nickel
  • Are vegan
  • Need weight-bearing restraints

These over door restraints are unlike anything else on this list: they secure your sub to the door using massive straps placed in an “X”! Each of these four straps is linked together in the middle; they stretch out to the four door barbells. Attached midpoint on the straps are the door jam cuffs, which can be easily detached using the buckles. More secure than the alternatives but still easy to set up, this kit is the perfect all-in-one door bondage solution!

  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Adjustable
  • Secures all four limbs
  • Good value for the price

  • Contains nickel
  • No vegan leather option offered
OTD Cross Restraint Kit
Length100 inches
FasteningBuckle, D-rings

Since there is really only one issue you’re likely to run into when using this door bondage kit, we’ll mention it first. Essentially, when detaching your partner from the cuffs, you’ll want to make sure to undo their ankles first. If not, they could lose their balance, fall, and hurt themselves! We can’t really hold this against these door jam cuffs (as this could happen with other cuffs as well), but we thought it was worth mentioning. Outside of that, there’s really nothing to complain about with these cuffs! Completely adjustable, very secure, and easy to install/uninstall, we think the DOMINIX Deluxe Over the Door Cross Position Restraint Kit is a great way to get a complete setup in a single purchase.

6 Soft

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

 Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

  • Prefer reomvable cuffs that you can use separately
  • Want lgihtweight over door restraints that are highly-portable
  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Want a beginner-friendly option

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

  • Need something that is adjustable
  • Prefer something more heavy-duty than velcro straps
  • Generally want a product that is more suitabe for heavy duty bondage

Last on this list is the Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs.  Rather than having both cuffs attached to a single barbell (like most of the other over door restraints), these cuffs each have their own strap and barbell. This design allows the wearer to decide how far their arms will be spread and therefore be fairly comfortable (or, at least, as comfortable as you want them to be!). The length of the straps cannot be adjusted, but the tightness of the cuffs themselves is easily customizable with the velcro fastening. Ideal for both beginner and intermediate users, the soft velboa fabric provides some cushiony-y comfort during your kinky session! I think the velcro fastening and the soft cuffs make them super approachable for all levels of experience. I love that they’re super easy to use, can be moderately adjusted in terms of placement, and are a very affordable option!

  • Nickel-free metal hardware
  • Adjustable placement
  • Affordable
  • Soft velboa-fabric feels super comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Transport-friendly

  • Plastic door barbells
  • Height is not adjustable
  • Cuffs cannot be removed for independent use
  • Lower quality materials
Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs
LengthLength of strap when secured in the door: 8.5 inches
MaterialsVelboa fabric, polypropylene webbing, nickel-free metal hardware, and plastic

These Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs are relatively plain and simple. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your personal preference. The biggest difference between these and most other over door restraints is the fact that each cuff has its own strap and barbell. Beyond that, they’re nearly identical to the other options, in terms of function. The barbells on these cuffs are plastic, which shouldn’t be much of an issue (as they’re not intended to support weight). However, it does mean that these over the door restraints lack the more premium feeling of wooden or metal barbells. Still, that’s a very minor complaint. Overall, these cuffs are a simple and convenient solution for over the door bondage on the go. If you have $30 and want to experiment, these are an excellent option!

Experience Sensational Suspension with Over The Door Sex Swings!

As we’ve mentioned multiple times, the restraints listed above aren’t designed to support weight. But what if you want a way to suspend your partner from the door? Well, if that’s the case, then you should check out these over-the-door sex swings instead!

Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing - Experience Sensational Suspension with Over The Door Sex Swings!
Using the same easy-to-set-up door barbell design as the cuffs, this sex swing conveniently mounts to the door in under a minute. Adjustable, cushioned, and made from strong nylon, this sex swing provides the thigh support you’ll need for your next sexy escapade!

Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling

Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling - Experience Sensational Suspension with Over The Door Sex Swings!
The previous sex swing only offered hip support: this swing has three supports (which gives you a few more options!). Whether you want to use it alone with toys or with your partner, this swing can turn your doorframe into a sexual playground!

Scandal Over The Door Swing

Scandal Over The Door Swing - Experience Sensational Suspension with Over The Door Sex Swings!
Designed with the same faux snakeskin as the Scandal cuffs shown above, this swing is fully adjustable, easy to use, and complete with both arm and thigh straps for over-the-door fun!

Do You Prefer Under-the-Bed to Over-the-Door?

Perhaps you don’t trust your door, or maybe the possibility of making noise simply isn’t worth the risk. Regardless of the reason, you don’t want to use your door: are there other options? Of course, there are… so keep reading!

Under the Bed Restraint System

Under the Bed Restraint System - Do You Prefer Under-the-Bed to Over-the-Door?
Designed to go under your mattress, this Sportsheets system will restrain your partner to the mattress by their wrists and ankles. Kinky bondage has never been this convenient!

Want to Make your Own Over The Door Restraints at Home?

Having straps (or a swing) is enough to get you going, but having these accessories can help you really take things to the next level!

Faux Leather Flogger

Faux Leather Flogger - Want to Make your Own Over The Door Restraints at Home?
Vegan-friendly but still effective, this faux leather flogger can deliver everything from a light tickle to a hearty thwack: you decide the punishment!

Adjustable Nipple Clamps and Clit Clamp

Adjustable Nipple Clamps and Clit Clamp - Want to Make your Own Over The Door Restraints at Home?
Using clamps on a partner is one surefire way to drive them wild. With this clip set from Bondage Boutique, you can clamp their nipples and clit at the same time (connected by a single chain!).

Faux Leather Silicone Ball Gag

Faux Leather Silicone Ball Gag - Want to Make your Own Over The Door Restraints at Home?
Is your sub making too much noise? Well then, you’ll need a way to shut them up! Fortunately, this silicone ball gag is not only a classic choice, but an effective solution as well.

Want to Make Your Own Over The Door Restraints at Home?

It’s possible to make your own over the door restraints at home, though it may not be worth the effort. Still, if you’re determined, we suggest gathering a few different materials. You’ll need—at minimum—some nylon webbing, D-rings, and rope. Using these items, you could make basic, minimalist restraints. However, if you wanted to make something a bit more similar to the commercial products, you’d likely also want to pick up some tubing (to use as the door barbells). We’d suggest also picking up some fabric to wrap the barbells in, as this will reduce any potential noise. Although it will take a bit, with a bit of creativity, it is possible to make your own over the door restraints at home! We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

How to Use Over Door Restraints

Never used over door restraints before? Not to worry: we’ll walk you through the general process!

Find a Suitable Door

Find a Suitable Door

Find a sturdy door that will be able to handle the force. If possible, we suggest finding a door that can be locked! Once you find a suitable door, open the door and slip the restraint barbell(s) over the door).

Secure the Door

Secure the Door

Shut the door (and lock if possible). Ensure the door is firmly shut and double-check to make sure that the restraints are firmly in place. You can test the restraints by tugging on them.

Secure the Restraints

Secure the Restraints

After the restraints are in place, have the person being restrained stand facing the door. Secure their wrists and/or ankles to the restraints, adjust as needed, then enjoy!

How to Clean Over Door Restraints

It’s extremely easy to clean over door restraints! All you’ll need is some soap and warm water. Clean by hand, then leave your restraints out to dry before storing them away. Never store them damp, as this may cause bacteria and/or mold to grow.


Yes, over door restraints are safe to use when used according to the directions. Do not suspend or hang from the restraints unless they specifically advertise that they are capable of supporting weight.

Generally, they won’t cause any damage to your door. However, it is possible for the barbells to scratch the paint if they don’t have end caps, and older doors with structural weaknesses could sustain damage during use if enough force is placed upon them.

Yes, over door restraints are a great choice for beginners since they’re easy to set up and highly versatile!

Most over door restraints are adjustable and should fit most standard doors. When in doubt, simply compare the product measurements to the door!

Yes, you can also use them for solo play with toys!

What Are Over Door Restraints?

Over door restraints are a type of BDSM restraint that is designed to be mounted to a door. These restraints typically include—at minimum—cuffs for the wrists, but some more elaborate designs may include ankle restraints as well.

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