The 6 Best Testicle Crushers for Ultimate Ball Torture

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Extreme CBT Ball Crusher

 Extreme CBT Ball Crusher

  • Are buying your first ball crusher
  • Want to have a good view
  • Need something that’s easy to use

Extreme CBT Ball Crusher

  • Don’t want any metal on your toy
  • Prefer wingnuts for adjusting
  • Have a smaller budget

Starting off this list strong is the Extreme CBT Ball Crusher, a simple testical crusher that gives you the perfect view of the action! Sitting under your sub’s balls is an aluminum pad that’s been sanded down into a skin-safe surface. This pad has three bolts sticking up, which pass through the acrylic top pad and allow you to easily tighten the ball crusher CBT toy with the star screws. With this simple ball crushing machine, you’ll soon have your sub begging for mercy. All the while, you’ll have a perfect view of what’s going on down below (and he will too!). Simple in design but effective in execution, the Extreme CBT Ball Crusher is a must-have for any ball crushing enthusiast.

  • Provides a great view
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand-sanded for a smooth finish
  • Easy to adjust

  • Pricey for what it is
Extreme CBT Ball Crusher
MaterialsAluminum, acrylic
Length4.75 inches
Width4.75 inches

The Extreme CBT Ball Crusher ended up being chosen as “Test Winner” for this list. True, it’s not the most visually appealing toy, nor is it made from only metal like some of the more premium alternatives. Still, at less than $70, I think this ball crushing device provides an excellent value for the money. By simply putting the device in place and tightening it down, your elephant balls CBT loving sub will soon find themselves at your mercy! Of course, with this type of play, safety is key. While communicating with your sub is the best way to stay safe, you also can see what’s going on with this toy. This is great from a safety perspective, but might also be a turn-on for you or your sub. Between the crisscrossed design for extra scrotum stimulation, three easy-to-turn star screws for accurate adjustments, and the acrylic plate that always offers the perfect view, I would definitely say that the Extreme CBT Ball Crusher is a toy worth adding to your collection.

2 Pole Ball Crusher

Pole Ball Crusher / Squeezer / Smasher

 Pole Ball Crusher

  • Want an all-metal crusher
  • Prefer wingnuts for adjustments
  • Don’t need a “direct” crush

Pole Ball Crusher

  • Prefer a “direct” crush
  • Want a toy with acrylic
  • Don’t like having to use tools

If acrylic just seems too gentle for you or your sub then perhaps this Pole Ball Crusher will be more what you’re looking for. Unlike the previous model, this testicle crusher is made completely of metal (stainless steel, to be exact). Weighing a little over half a pound and easily adjusted with two wingnuts, this testical crusher wraps around your sub’s balls and then proceeds to crush them a little bit more with every turn of the wingnut! You’re in complete control of the process and have an unobstructed view of what’s going on, making this an amazing experience for any ball crusher BDSM enthusiast. At a price of less than $70 and made from materials that will likely last a lifetime, the Pole Ball Crusher is definitely worth picking up if you’re a huge fan of CBT!

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Weighs over half a pound
  • Includes requires tool
  • Adjustable with wingnuts

  • Requires tools to lock the ring
Pole Ball Crusher
MaterialsStainless Steel
Length(Pole) 5.51 inches, (Bolts) 3.93 inches
Weight0.55 lbs
Diameter (internal)1.33 inches

This ball crusher toy is a bit more intense than the previous model I showed you, but I like it nonetheless. While it’s not very effective as a ball flattener—due to the fact that it doesn’t prevent the balls from moving around—it still applies a lot of force, which should be more than enough for BDSM play. Technically, you could consider this a safety feature, although you’ll still need to be cautious while using this toy. Mainly, the device operates less as a testicle squeezer and more as a ball separator, all while giving you a perfect view with every turn. I also liked the relatively low price. At close to $70 for a toy that’s made completely of surgical-grade stainless steel, I think this toy provides an excellent value for your money. Would I recommend this toy? Yes! But only if you’re fine with separation as you tighten, rather than direct, inescapable squeezing. All in all, I think this would make a great second CBT toy, or maybe even be a good introductory CBT toy if your sub is enthusiastic enough.

3 Acrylic

Acrylic Ball Crusher

 Acrylic Ball Crusher

  • Are new to CBT
  • Want to be able to limit the squeeze
  • Like the acrylic viewing experience

Acrylic Ball Crusher

  • Prefer all-metal toys
  • Want a direct view
  • Need a sub-$50 toy

Another great ball crusher CBT toy is the Acrylic Ball Crusher, a simple toy that essentially pancakes your balls with each turn of the wingnuts. The sub sticks their penis and balls through the larger hole, proceeding to then push their penis through the smaller hole. This leaves their balls trapped under the acrylic, which you can then tighten to your heart’s content using the wingnuts on the front! This testical crusher uses a quite simple design, but it’s more than effective in practice. If going all-out with your ball crushing machine seems like too much for your sub, the good news is that you can limit the “squeeze” of the toy, making it a relatively safe option for first-timers. Still, regardless of your previous experience, this is a toy you’re sure to love if you’re into CBT!

  • Offered in three sizes
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable maximum squeeze

  • A bit fiddly to get on
  • No color options
Acrylic Ball Crusher
Length7 inches
Width5 inches
Diameter(Small cock-hole) 1.25 inches, (Small ball-hole) 1.75 inches, (Medium cock-hole) 1.5 inches, (Medium ball-hole) 2 inches, (Large cock-hole) 1.75 inches, (Large ball-hole) 2.25 inches

As my “Acrylic” pick, you might be expecting this ball crushing device to be cheaper. Well, unfortunately, it still costs over $50, but I think it’s worth it if you plan on using this device a lot. No elephant balls CBTlover will be able to resist shoving themselves inside it, and no sadistic dominatrix will be able to resist turning the wingnuts. It’s the perfect setup! I liked how this toy gives you a perfect view during use. The dual wingnut design is great as you’ll be able to evenly apply pressure. However, I’m not exactly sold on the holes themselves. True, this toy is offered in multiple sizes (so pay attention there). Still, some customers mentioned that the hole’s edges could be smooth, and you might find it challenging to fit yourself through if you’re already aroused. Still, these obstacles can be overcome, and the device will work as advertised with a bit of effort. While I might not recommend this to real pain-seekers, I think beginner or mid-level CBT enthusiasts will be able to get a lot of use out of this toy, so long as they don’t mind a bit of fiddling about to get the toy properly in place.

4 Evil Shells

Evil Shells Brutal Ball Crusher And Stretcher

 Evil Shells Crusher And Stretcher

  • Want individual crushing control
  • Prefer lockable toys
  • Don’t mind a semi-long setup process

Evil Shells Crusher And Stretcher

  • Don’t like spiked toys
  • Want uniform pressure
  • Have a smaller budget

If you’ve been bored by the testicle crusher toys I’ve shown you so far then I think you’ll find this next toy to present the perfect challenge. Introducing the Evil Shells Brutal Ball Crusher And Stretcher! Unlike a regular testical crusher toy where both testicles are crushed simultaneously, this unique ball crusher BDSM toy applies pressure to each ball individually. The pressure isn’t applied by closing the device itself though. Rather, it’s applied by how much—or how little—you’ve tightened the spikes before closing the toy. Once it’s completely closed, you can lock it shut, ensuring your sub has no way to escape. Want to punish them even more? You can attach weights or a chain to the ring on the bottom of the connecting bar, making the experience even more intense. Perfect for hardcore bondage and CBT lovers, the Evil Shells Brutal Ball Crusher And Stretcher is the toy that just might push you to your limits!

  • Individually adjustable
  • Could have weights or chains attached
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comes with padlocks

  • Expensive
  • May be too extreme for some
Evil Shells Crusher And Stretcher
MaterialsStainless steel, body safe material
Length2.56 inches
Width1.77 inches

This is easily the most intense ball crusher toy on this list. As such, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but the most experienced enthusiasts. With that out of the way, here are my thoughts! In terms of design, my opinions are somewhat mixed. On the plus side, you can apply force to each side of the ball flattener individually, which is great. I also like that you can individually adjust the depth of each spike. However, this process is tedious since you’ll need to adjust each spike one at a time. Fortunately, you likely won’t need to do this very often after the initial setup, but it’s still something worth considering. When using this, take care to not pinch the skin if possible. That’s likely my main complaint with this toy, as pinching skin seems to be nearly impossible to avoid! Still, if you’re after the most intense CBT crusher around then I’d say this is definitely a model worth checking out.

5 Ball Squeezer

Stainless Steel Ball Smasher / Squeezer / Crusher

 Stainless Steel Ball Smasher

  • Want an effective crusher
  • Prefer all-metal toys
  • Like using wingnuts to adjust

Stainless Steel Ball Smasher

  • Prefer star screws
  • Are new to ball crushing
  • Want a different color

The Stainless Steel Ball Smasher / Squeezer / Crusher will soon be your sub’s worst nightmare! For you, however, this item is perfect as one of the most effective ball crusher CBT toys around. Steadily turn the wingnuts, increasing the pressure of this ball crushing machine. With one wingnut on each side, getting the “perfect pressure” should be quite easy with this device. Thanks to the wide plate applying the pressure, there won’t be any escaping from the crushing power of this toy either! Perfect for pain lovers, sadistic doms, and experienced CBT practitioners, the Stainless Steel Ball Smasher / Squeezer / Crusher is definitely a toy that will help you find your personal limits.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to adjust
  • Large bottom plate
  • Adjustable maximum pressure

  • No color options
  • Only offered in one size
Stainless Steel Ball Smasher
MaterialsStainless steel
Weight0.77 lbs
Diameter (internal)1.375 inches
Length(Bolts) 3.5 inches

I chose this toy specifically as my “Ball Squeezer” pick because that’s exactly what it does! Unlike a few of the other ball crushing device options I’ve shown you, this device doesn’t let either testicle escape its tight grip. Despite being made entirely from medical-grade stainless steel, this toy is still priced competitively at less than $50, which I can really appreciate. I also like how you can limit the maximum squeeze using the nuts between each section, which makes it a lot easier to use the toy safely. There really aren’t any downsides to speak of, aside from the fact that this toy is only offered in one size. I think it would be a much better option for more people if additional sizes were offered, as not everyone has the same size of balls. Still, it’s relatively cheap, easy to use, and made of high-quality materials, so I can’t really complain too much. All things considered? Yes, I would recommend this one (for both partner-based and solo use!).

6 Spiked

ALL-IN-ONE Double Rings Ball Crusher

 ALL-IN-ONE Ball Crusher

  • Have a medium-range budget
  • Love having your balls tugged
  • Are intrigued by spikes

ALL-IN-ONE Ball Crusher

  • Prefer crushing only
  • Have a small budget
  • Don’t like the dual-ring design

Last but not least on this list of testicle crusher toys is the ALL-IN-ONE Double Rings Ball Crusher. Some people love having their balls tugged; others like having them crushed. Some people even enjoy adding spikes into the mix. This intense ball crusher BDSM toy combines all three fantasies into a single unyielding testical crusher toy! While one ring sits up near your body, the other ring steadily pulls your balls away. From there, your dom can adjust the toy to give you more or less of the “spikey pleasures” this toy can offer. It might not be the most intense toy around, but it’s definitely up there. If you’re already intrigued, don’t wait: just grab yourself the ALL-IN-ONE Double Rings Ball Crusher today!

  • Dual-ring design
  • Has adjustable spikes
  • Easily adjusted with wingnuts
  • Made of stainless steel

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Spikes must be individually adjusted
ALL-IN-ONE Ball Crusher
AdjustableAbjustable (two wingnuts, screws)

Although this isn’t the only spiked ball crusher toy on this list, I selected this as my “Spiked” pick because it’s the easiest toy to adjust the spikes! Since the spikes are all lined along the base of the toy, adjusting them will be much easier as you have clear access to each screw. Still, spikes definitely aren’t the only way this toy can inflict pain on your sub. I especially loved the dual-ring design, which pulls on the scrotum, inflicting a certain level of pain before your sub even reaches the spikes! Like other ball flattener toys, you can set limits using the screws on the side of the toy, which is great from a safety and personal limitation perspective. Overall, it’s hard to find any real faults with the toy, excluding the price. That said, I think the price is reasonable once you consider that the toy is made entirely from high-grade steel. While a lower price would be ideal, I think it’s worth the asking price if you plan on using this toy more than once or twice.

Ball Busting Sets

Not content with a single testicle crusher or ball crushing machine? Well, if that’s the case, then perhaps you should buy multiple toys at once. Check out a few of the best CBT kits around by scrolling down!

Ball Busting Bundle Set

Ball Busting Bundle Set - Ball Busting Sets
Complete with a bonger, a pole ball crusher, an acrylic ball crusher, and a Wartenberg Pinwheel, you’ll have everything to enjoy sensations from light to intense with this single kit!

Ultimate Male lockdown System

Ultimate Male lockdown System - Ball Busting Sets
With a large plug that goes up your sub’s anus to hold the rest of the system in place, you’ll be able to crush their balls and restrain their penis, putting their entire manhood on display for your amusement!

Cock and Balls Torture Set

Cock and Balls Torture Set - Ball Busting Sets
Start off lighter with the Wartenberg Wheel or test out the Kali’s Teeth cock ring before moving on to the spiked glans ring and stainless steel ball crusher! Whether you want a little bit of pain or excruciating stimulation, this torture set can do it all.

CBT Safety Guide

As you’d expect, using a ball crushing device or practicing CBT requires a certain level of safety. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to reduce the risk to 0%, as CBT is—by nature—somewhat risky. Still, there are practices you can do and things you can watch out for to help reduce your risk. Here’s what I’d suggest.
  • Make sure circulation is a priority. The way you’re most likely to hurt yourself isn’t from testicular trauma, but actually, from lack of circulation! As such, don’t wear devices for longer than 30 minutes before taking a break, and make sure they’re never over-tightened.
  • Communicate with your sub. You’ll want to establish a safe word with your sub so that you can always know when they’ve had enough. Discuss a safe word, boundaries, and fantasies before giving your new testicle crusher a try.
  • Go slowly. You’ll want to increase and decrease intensities slowly to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Take note of any unusual pains. While some soreness after a CBT session is normal, be aware of any long-lasting pains (whether they’re sharp or dull). If you have long-lasting pains, swelling, internal bruising, or other issues, it’s a good idea to check with a doctor to ensure you haven’t suffered any injuries.

Testicle Crusher Comparison

Well, I’ve shown you a good variety of ball crush BDSM toys today, so I hope you’ve found a few you liked! That said, I definitely don’t assume you’ve remembered every single detail about every toy, so here’s a quick overview of the testical crusher toys I think are the most important. First up is my “Test Winner”, the Extreme CBT Ball Crusher. With an acrylic top plate, a textured diamond-pattern bottom plate, and three points of adjustability, this toy is a great option for the average CBT enthusiast. If you’re looking for more of a forced separator than a dedicated testical crusher, the Pole Ball Crusher / Squeezer / Smasher is a great option. If crushing is exactly what you want then the Stainless Steel Ball Smasher / Squeezer / Crusher is what you need! Lastly, if you’re new to CBT and just want something simple, the Acrylic Ball Crusher is an easy-to-use toy that will get the job done!

How to Use a Testicle Crusher

Using a ball crusher toy is fairly straightforward, but the process can seem quite daunting if you’ve never done it before. Don’t worry though, as I’ve quickly explained the general process for using a ball flattener below!

Get familiar with your new toy

Get familiar with your new toy

First, you’ll want to get familiar with your testicle squeezer. Where does it adjust? Is there a way to limit the adjustments? What doesn’t adjust? Learn all of these things before moving on to the next step.

Loosen and place your toy

Loosen and place your toy

Loosen your toy as much as possible before attempting to put it on. I would suggest shaving your pubic hair before giving it a go, as it’s very easy for these tiny hairs to get caught in these toys. Shaving will help prevent this from happening, and also make it easier to see what’s going on!

Tighten and enjoy

Tighten and enjoy

After you’ve put the toy in the correct orientation, it’s time to start tightening. From here, the reigns are in your—or your dom’s—hands. Enjoy, test your limits, and don’t be afraid to use the safe word if the sensations start to become too much!

How to Clean a Testicle Crusher

First, take a quick look at your testical crusher. Is it made from all metal, or are other materials used as well? If it’s an all-metal ball crusher CBT toy then you can sterilize it by dropping the toy in a pot of boiling water for five minutes. Regardless of what your toy is made from, you can always clean it using antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean your ball crushing machine once, then wash away any remaining soap with water only. From here, pat your toy down and leave it out to dry completely before storing it away. Remember, you never want to store a toy away while it’s still wet! Doing so can allow bacteria time to grow in the leftover moisture.


Testicle crushers don’t require lube, but you may find it helpful to use a bit of lube to help “fit” yourself in the toy more easily.

Stainless steel is the golden standard for metal, while acrylic is generally the alternative non-metal material.

It really depends on what it’s made from and how well you take care of the toy. However, assuming it’s made solely from metal, a testicle crusher could last a lifetime with the proper care!

Many testical crusher toys have a nut on the bolts used to tighten the crusher. You can limit the maximum range of your crusher by adjusting these nuts!

While a testicle crusher can be used safely, there is always some level of risk to be aware of when enjoying this type of CBT toy.

What is a Testicle Crusher?

As implied by the name, a testicle crusher is a type of toy designed to exert pressure on the testicles. Generally, these toys have two parts: a part that holds the testicles in place, and another part that comes down to apply pressure—”crush”—the testicles. While some models are more intense and incorporate spikes into their designs, there are also plenty of more beginner-friendly available acrylic models as well.

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