The 6 Best Anal Spreaders to Stretch You Wide Open

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Anal & Vaginal Speculum / Spreader

 Anal & Vaginal Speculum

  • Have tried anal spreaders before
  • Prefer all-metal spreaders
  • Want something can that be dual-purpose

Anal & Vaginal Speculum

  • Want something inflatable
  • Don’t like metal anal toys
  • Want multiple toys

The first toy I have for you today is my “Test Winner”, the Anal & Vaginal Speculum / Spreader. Easy to use but impossible to master, this versatile anal hole spreader can be safely used vaginally or anally, giving you twice the playtime potential with just a single toy. Fitted with 4.29 inch prongs that curve for smooth insertion, the anal plug spreader can be adjusted using a simple wingnut. Feeling a bit ambitious? Not to worry – this toy can spread its prongs out to a maximum diameter of 5.31 inches, a number which is sure to give most users a run for their money! Simple, effective, and versatile, the Anal & Vaginal Speculum / Spreader is a toy that you’re sure to love.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Max spread of 5.31 inches
  • For vaginal & anal use
  • Adjustable

  • A bit pricey
  • Requires a bit of effort to adjust
Anal & Vaginal Speculum
MaterialsStainless steel
Length(Prongs) 4.29 inches
Width(Prongs) 1.22 inches
Height4.52 inches

Costing less than $70, the Anal & Vaginal Speculum / Spreader already looks great from the get-go. Being priced lower than a lot of the competition is a huge advantage, but being an amazing product is even better. I really like how the prongs are designed. Thanks to the gradual curve in the middle, they managed to hold your anus apart quite effectively while also inserting themselves smoothly. Adjusting this butt spreader is simple, as the wingnut turns to spread the prongs. This isn’t the most streamlined solution, but it’s one that works, so I can’t really fault the toy when there aren’t any better alternatives available. Still, I do wish there were different sizes offered. This size should be adequate—or more than adequate—for most, but it’s always good to have different sizing options (just in case). All in all, the Anal & Vaginal Speculum / Spreader is a solid pick. Whether you want to spread your vagina, your anus, or just need something new for medical play, this one is definitely worth picking up!

2 Cheapest

Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug

 Hollow Anal Dilator Plug

  • Want an “easy access” tunnel
  • Prefer smooth plugs
  • Plan on using multiple toys

Hollow Anal Dilator Plug

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Are new to anal play

Made of aluminum alloy, easy to clean, and offered in multiple sizes, the Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug is an excellent option for anyone who enjoy using more than one toy at the same time. This anal spreader is quite simple. Essentially, it’s an extra-wide butt plug that functions as an ass spreader, thanks to the hollowed-out center. Whereas other anal opener often needed to be adjusted, with this one, you simply pop it in place and enjoy! Whether you want to stick in a toy, a finger, or just enjoy the view, the Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug offers an easy way to gain complete access to your sub’s anus!

  • Offered in multiple sizes
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Offers excellent pass-thru
  • Easy to use

  • Overpriced
  • No color options
Hollow Anal Dilator Plug
MaterialsAluminum alloy
Length2.25 inches
Insertable length2 inches
Diameter1.5 inches

I chose the Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug as my “Cheapest” pick, but whether or not it’s actually the cheapest depends on where you buy it from. As such, I’d recommend shopping around for the best price on this anal expander! Still, even if you don’t find it on sale, this simple anal spreader toy does cost less than many other options. Pricing aside, it’s also extremely beginner-friendly, since it only needs to be placed to be enjoyed. The obvious downside is that there isn’t any adjustability. However, if your main goal is to put other toys through it then I don’t think you’ll be missing this much. Being made of aluminum alloy, it’s easy to sterilize and simple to clear. It can be used with any type of lube, which is great as you won’t be limited in your options. Offered in three sizes and perfect for couples, the Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug might be an option worth adding to your shopping cart.

3 Advanced

Alloy Extreme Anal Spreader- Speculum

 Alloy Extreme Anal Spreader

  • Want something to push limits
  • Enjoy extreme anal play
  • Tend to take things slow

Alloy Extreme Anal Spreader

  • Need a toy for vaginal use
  • Want quick adjustments
  • Are allergic to nickel

Third on this list is an anal hole spreader that’s sure to impress—or terrify—you, the Alloy Extreme Anal Spreader- Speculum! Offering six points of adjustment using wingnuts, this anal plug spreader can be precisely adjusted for the perfect spread on any anus. Made of zinc alloy, the spreader is lightweight, smooth, and fairly easy to get inside your sub. That’s where the real fun begins, though, as you start to individually adjust each wingnut for the stretching experience you’ve always wanted. Beginners beware: this one is for experienced enthusiasts only!

  • Highly adjustable
  • Made of zinc alloy
  • Six points of adjustment
  • Spreads up to 4.33"

  • Expensive
  • Takes a while to adjust
  • Contains nickel
Alloy Extreme Anal Spreader
MaterialsZinc alloy
Diameter(Outer) 4.76 inches, (inner) 4.29 inches, (ball) 0.43 inches
Height0.80 inches
AdjustableYes (expands up to 4.33 inches)
FasteningWing nuts
AllergiesContains nickel

Just one glance at this butt spreader and you can tell why I’ve dubbed it my “Advanced” pick. Boasting a maximum spread of 4.33 inches, this definitely isn’t a toy for beginners. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be ideal for all advanced users, either. The biggest advantage of using this toy is the adjustability. With six adjustable points, you’ll always be able to get the perfect stretch. On the other hand, this also means there are six points you’ll need to adjust! If you want something that can be adjusted quickly or easily then this definitely isn’t it. This toy is quite expensive, and is only offered in one size, which I think is a bit of a downside. It’s also made from zinc alloy, making it a poor choice for anyone with a nickel allergy. All things considered, I think only a small number of people will want to go with this pick. However, if you value precise adjustments above all else and aren’t allergic to nickel, then the Alloy Extreme Anal Spreader- Speculum might be an option to consider.

4 Hollow Plug

Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader

 Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader

  • Want optimal visibility
  • Have anal play experience
  • Love metal toys

Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader

  • Don’t like metal toys
  • Are relatively new to anal play
  • Have a small budget

Love stretching but want something slightly less extreme? If so, then the Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader might be the perfect pick for you! This anal spreader essentially amounts to a three-piece butt plug that spreads apart, easily adjusted using three wingnuts. Each section of the ass spreader is curved, making for a comfortable yet challenging spreading experience. With a maximum spreader of 3.5 inches and a starting hole diameter of 0.78 inches, you’ll have no problem getting the perfect view with this high-quality alloy anal opener!

  • Easy to adjust
  • Maximum spread of 3.5”
  • Works with any lubricant
  • Simple to clean

  • Pricey
  • Only offered in one size
Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader
Height2.55 inches
Diameter(Outside) 4.48 inches, (inner) 3.85 inches
Diameter (internal)0.78 inches
FasteningYes (wing nuts)

Since it’s essentially a hollow plug, this anal expander earned the mention of “Hollow Plug” on this list. Of course, the actual toy has a lot more to offer than simply being hollow. I like how this anal expander is broken into three sections. Since the section of the butt cheek spreader that will pull on your anus are all relatively large and curved, this means that actually using the thing will be much more comfortable. The viewing experience doesn’t suffer, either, as—even when the toy is completely shut—there’s always some room in the center of the anal spreader toy. Unfortunately, this toy is only offered in one size. While it’s most likely a toy targeted solely at more experienced users, I still think it’s nice when multiple sizes are offered. Overall, I think it’s much easier to recommend the Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader than alternative options. Whether you want to ease into it or plan on taking the plunge right away, I’m sure that this is a toy you and your partner can have a lot of fun with!

5 Inflatable

Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug

 Inflatable Penis Butt Plug

  • Enjoy dildos
  • Want to try an inflatable toy
  • Have a smaller budget

Inflatable Penis Butt Plug

  • Are allergic to latex
  • Want a quick-release valve
  • Don’t like water-based lubricants

Maybe you want a new anal hole spreader but you’d prefer something a bit more phallic. Well, if that’s the case, then this next pick is surely the one for you. Introducing the Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug! Normally, this toy offers six inches of insertable length, paired with a shaft diameter of 1.58 inches for good measure. Of course, when that’s not enough, you can always inflate this anal plug spreader, giving you seven inches of insertable length paired with a maximum diameter of 3.82 inches! Anal-safe, easy to use, and quickly adjusted to the size you want at the moment, the Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug is something you’ll definitely want in your toy collection!

  • Inflatable
  • Easy to use
  • Affordably priced
  • Has release mechanism

  • No electric pump option
  • No color options
  • Made of latex
Inflatable Penis Butt Plug
Length7 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter(Deflated) 1.59 inches, (inflated) 3.82 inches
AdjustableYes (inflatable)
AllergiesPhthalate-free, contains latex

If you like the idea of being able to change sizes on a whim then I’m sure my “Inflatable” pick will treat you well. Granted, you will have to provide the pumping action yourself, but I think that’s a small price to pay for the perfect size on demand. The Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug is made of latex, which is a bit of a downside once you take allergies into consideration. Still, for most, this won’t be an issue. It has a release valve, eliminating any worry of this butt spreader ending up stuck in place. Unfortunately, it’s not a quick-release valve, but it will still get the job done. I wish there were more color options though, as black is the only color currently offered. I’d also like to see a slightly longer tube, as the current one may not be ideal for all types of partner play. Still, all things considered, I’d say this is a winning product. Easy to use and affordably priced, the Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug is a solid option for anyone who doesn’t have a latex allergy.

6 Dilator Set

b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators Set

 Glass Anal Dilators Set

  • Want to try glass toy
  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Are new to anal play

Glass Anal Dilators Set

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Have lots of anal experience
  • Need something adjustable

Last but not least on this list of anal spreader toys is the b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators Set. Most of the options I’ve shown you are metal, but if glass is more your thing, then this is definitely the one you’ll want. It includes four different ass spreader toys, each one fitted with a tapered tip for easy insertion. Made of borosilicate glass that’s shatterproof and perfect for temperature play, this toy can be enjoyed by yourself or with a partner. Sized with beginners in mind, this anal opener set makes it easy to start your anal play journey, keeping track of your progress as you work up towards larger toys.

  • Includes four dilators
  • Excellent viewing experience
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Waterproof

  • Expensive
  • Mostly beginner sizes
Glass Anal Dilators Set
MaterialsBorosilicate glass
Insertable length(XS) 2.7 inches, (S) 3.3 inches, (M) 3.7 inches, (L) 4 inches
Diameter(XS) 0.9 inches, (S) 1.2 inches, (M) 1.5 inches, (L) 1.7 inches
AllergiesHypoallergenic, phthalate-free

First things first: I don’t recommend this anal expander set to anyone with a lot of anal experience. The smallest plug measures just under an inch wide, while the largest one measures 1.7” in diameter. This might not be enough for the more advanced user, but I think the size of each anal spreader toy will work fine for newcomers and those with little experience. You won’t need to worry about breakages either, as each butt cheek spreader is made of fracture-resistant borosilicate glass for safe use. Alongside the dilators, you also get the “b-Vibe Guide to Anal Play”, which will definitely be useful for anal newcomers. I do think the price tag is a bit high on this set, but it’s acceptable, considering that you’ll receive everything you need to get started right away (sans lube). While this might not be a good option for more experienced users, I think the b-Vibe Glass Anal Dilators Set is a great option for those just starting out with anal play.

The Perfect Anal Spreader Bundle

Can’t decide on which anal hole spreader you want to buy? Well, why settle for one… when you can have them all!

Anal Expansion Sex Toys Bundle

Anal Expansion Sex Toys Bundle - The Perfect Anal Spreader Bundle
Priced at just under $200, this bundle gives you an excellent value for your money. Inside the convenient storage case you’ll find an anal plug spreader, another anal spreader, an anal hook, and four butt plugs of various sizes. Basically, you’ll have everything you’ll need for years to come!

A Few Alternatives: Anal Spreader Bundles for The Less Experienced

Of course, not everyone is ready to start with advanced toys right away. That’s perfectly okay, though, as there are plenty of more beginner-friendly butt spreader bundles available.

b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Butt Plug Set

b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Butt Plug Set - A Few Alternatives: Anal Spreader Bundles for The Less Experienced
Including everything you’ll need to get started except for lube, this kit gives you three plugs, an anal douche, a lubricant applicator, complete with the “complete guide to anal play” as an added bonus. Curious about anal play but not sure where to start? Start here!

mASSter's Degree Advanced Anal Education Set

mASSter's Degree Advanced Anal Education Set - A Few Alternatives: Anal Spreader Bundles for The Less Experienced
This ten piece kit gives you plugs, beads, a cone, and a rimming plug, in addition to a small variety of other accessories that are sure to enhance your anal experience. When you feel you’ve finally reached the advanced level but aren’t quite ready to go extreme just yet, this set can be the perfect stepping stone to help you get there!

Anal Spreader Comparison

Do you remember each and every detail of all the different anal spreader items we’ve looked at so far? Most likely, you don’t, but that’s perfectly okay! Here’s a quick recap section highlighting the “need-to-know” points from today’s toys. Usable in both the vagina and the anus, I recommend my “Test Winner” pick—the Anal & Vaginal Speculum / Spreader—to anyone. Reasonably priced, highly adjustable, and easy to use, this is an excellent option for anyone interested in spreading. People on a budget are sure to love the Abyss Hollow Anal Dilator Plug. Costing less than $80 for an easy-to-use aluminum alloy plug, I think this is an excellent value for the money. Prefer an adjustable hollow plug? If that’s the case then you’ll surely want to check out the Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader! Maybe an inflatable dildo is more your style. Well, the Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug has got you covered. Lastly, the more advanced of you out there will want to check out the Alloy Extreme Anal Spreader- Speculum, as its six points of adjustments gives you a lot of expandability.

Anal Spreader Safety

The vast majority of anal expander safety just comes down to common sense. Whether you’re using a beginner-friendly butt cheek spreader or an advanced-users-only spread anal lock, there are some basic principles you should always follow. First, make sure you communicate with your partner. A lack of communication can quickly lead to injury, so always ensure you’re both on the same page. Expectations, limitations, and desires should be discussed ahead of time. Make sure you’re trying reasonable sizes as well. While you can definitely work your way up to larger sizes over time, avoid making large jumps, as this is likely to cause injury. Lastly, make sure to use enough lube. Although you might not be as concerned with lube when it comes to using your anal spreader toy, lube plays a big part in making the entire experience more enjoyable for the one being spread.

How to Use an Anal Spreader

There are many different styles of anal hole spreader toys, so there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all guide I can write for you. Still, there is a general process you’ll want to follow—regardless of the anal plug spreader in question—which I’ve written out below.

Apply Lubrication

Apply Lubrication

Just like with a regular anal toy, lube is a must! Lubricate your anus and the spreader, taking care to “warm up” your anus with your fingers.

Insert the Spreader

Insert the Spreader

Once you’re all warmed and lubed up, you can insert the spreader. Go slowly, adding more lubrication as required. Get the spreader comfortable before moving on to the last step.

Begin Spreading

Begin Spreading

Now, it’s time to move on to the last stage: spreading! Exactl;y how your particular spreader will spread depends entirely on the toy in question. Regardless, you should be able to gradually spread the anus wider and wider. Take things slow, making sure to maintain clear communication throughout, and stop when you/your partner is ready.

How to Clean an Anal Spreader

Cleaning a butt spreader is very easy, although the best method(s) will vary, depending on what your toy is made of. In terms of cleaning, warm water and antibacterial soap will work fine. Clean once with soap and water, then use water only to washaway any leftover soap. Metal and silicone toys can also be sterilized, so long as they don’t contain any internal electronics. To sterilize your toys, simply drop them in a pot of boiling water for five minutes. Once you’re done cleaning and/or sterilizing your spreader(s), pat them down with a towel and leave them out to air dry. Make sure they’re completely dry before storing them away to avoid accidentally bacterial growth in the leftover moisture.


An anal spreader is designed to spread the anus, often for enhanced viewing and access. Many of these toys allow items to pass through the center of the spreader, allowing a partner to penetrate another partner’s anus using toys.

Literally anyone can use an anal spreader! That said, these devices are often designed—and sized—for those with a bit more experience, so always pay close attention to the dimensions of these toys when shopping.

It’s possible to rip or tear the anus. However, this is fairly unlikely, as most anal spreaders adjust slowly. Just make sure you pay close attention to the area, stop if it becomes painful, and communicate any issues with your partner!

Stainless steel is arguably the best material for an anal spreader. However, aluminum alloy is a commonly used alternative.

If your anal spreader is made of metal then you can use any type of lubricant that you’d like! However, you should pay attention to manufacturer recommendations if your spreader is made of a different material, as some materials can be damaged by certain types of lube.

What is an Anal Spreader?

An anal spreader is a type of extreme anal toy that’s designed to spread and stretch the anus to widths greater than often found with a traditional anal toy. Many of these toys are designed to leave space in the anus, allowing objects—such as toys—to be passed through the center of the spreader.

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