The 9 Best Sex Saddles for Rockin’, Rollin’ and Ridin’

   Isabelle Uren
Whether you’re looking to level up your masturbation game or want to try DPing with your partner, a sex saddle is an easy way to expand your sex life in ways you never thought possible! Available as specialty-made toy mounts or fully-automated sex machines, a sex saddle can either help you cross the finish line or do all the hard work for you. You’ll have plenty of different models to choose from, offering features like vibrations, rotations, and thrusting for your penetrative pleasures. Did I mention that they can also double as sex chairs?
1 Test Winner

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

 The Cowgirl Sex Machine

  • Want to reinvent your sex life
  • Like immensely powerful toys
  • Prefer high-end luxury sex toys
  • are into BDSM

The Cowgirl Sex Machine

  • Have thin walls
  • Are on a tight budget
  • Find powerful vibrations unattractive
  • Are prone to fainting
  • Suffer from a heart condition

Reinvent your sexual experiences, and reach never-before-seen orgasmic peaks, with The Cowgirl sex saddle! The durable and strong saddle sex machine is crafted from premium sturdy materials that feel great on the skin. The innovative design offers strong clitoral and internal vibrations, along with a 360° swivel feature for rotating sensations. The Cowgirl brand offers a plethora of interchangeable silicone attachments, two of which are included in this sex saddle set – a clitoral stimulator and curved penetrator. Use it for vaginal stimulation or prostate massage, alone or with a partner – it’s up to you!


  • App and remote-controlled
  • Separate power & rotation controls
  • Various speeds and patterns
  • Solo and couple use
  • Gender inclusive
  • Comfortable sex saddle
  • Vibrations feel good on whole body

  • Expensive
  • Vibrations are loud
  • Beginners should be careful
  • Not for the faint of heart
The Cowgirl Sex Machine
Vibration modesLow to high
Vibration patterns6
Insertable length4 inches
RechargeablePowered by main electricity
MaterialsSilicone attachments
Maximum Weight400 lbs
Remote Controls3-button remote & app control
TextureSmooth with clitoral stimulation bumps

Cowgirl is the name and power is the game! This sex saddle is where luxury meets mind-blowing orgasms, providing comfortable riding and intense orgasms with each try. Great for advanced users who are used to powerful vibrations or picky thrill-seekers who just need the dopamine kick of novelty. The silicone attachments are easy to clean and even easier to use, while the padded seat makes riding the sex toy saddle a breeze. With three separate buttons on the remote control for the rotation and vibration modes, you can treat your hotspots to tailor-made climaxes. Alternatively, use the smartphone app with your partner for a touch of power-play. With the only setback being the noise, this luxury sex saddle is a great investment that guarantees explosive orgasms every time!

2 Cheapest

Liberator BonBon Sex Saddle With Toy Mount

 Liberator Bon Bon

  • Are looking for a low-cost toy mount
  • Want to expand the use of your favorite toy
  • Enjoy versatile items
  • Need help to achieve certain positions

Liberator Bon Bon

  • Want a vibrating sex saddle
  • Do not use sex toys
  • Prefer bulkier mounts

The innovative addition to Liberator’s collection, the BonBon sex saddle with a built-in toy mount will help you level up your masturbation experiences. Convenient and versatile, this sex hump helps keep your body stable in penetrative positions during couple’s play, while the sturdy mount keeps your favorite sex toys stable so you can ride them to multiple orgasms! Great for solo riders or couples who enjoy using sex toys, The Bon Bon saddle sex toy mount is your on-a-budget orgasm buddy!

  • Versatile sex saddle
  • Beginner friendly
  • Tight mount with secure hold
  • Holds vibrators and wands
  • Flared base and straight dildos
  • Solo and couple use
  • Gender inclusive
  • Comfortable foam
  • Responsive core supports 2 bodies

  • Bad fit for long-legged bodies
  • Mount hides control buttons on base
  • Slimmer toys might not fit
Liberator Bon Bon
Length15 inches
Remote ControlsYes. 3-button interface

The relatively inexpensive sex saddle by Liberator is so versatile and nice, they had to name it twice! Bon Bon is a sex saddle toy mount that is a practical way to level up your sex toy collection. The opening at the top of the toy mount is tight enough to securely hold any dildo, vibrator, or wand – elevating your nightstand staples with a handsfree feature. Even if you don’t use sex toys, you can benefit from the addition of a high-density cushion to your bedroom. Use it to support your body in doggystyle, prop up your butt for some oral sex or saddle up for unforgetable dp action with your favorite realistic dildo.

3 Beginner

Motorbunny Original

 Motorbunny Original

  • Enjoy intense clitoral vibrations
  • Like the idea of a rotating shaft
  • Want to be able to use a lot of different attachments
  • Are alright with making a lot of noise

Motorbunny Original

  • Have mobility issues
  • Are pregnant or currently trying to get pregnant
  • Have existing heart conditions
  • Need something that's quiet

The Motorbunny Original is another great sex saddle for all those newbie cowgirls out there looking for their first trusty steed to ride on! It comes with a nice selection of different attachments to explore all the different sensations that this sex manchine has to offer. Each attachment has different features and designs with more or less texture, height, and girth. They are made of TPE and are super soft and stretchy. Not only does the Motorbunny Original offer plenty of impressive vibrations, it also features a rotating shaft! Not interested in cranking up the intensity manually? Well, you can connect this machine with your smartphone to use the app control feature! Let your partner control your pleasure or enjoy the bliss of ands-free humping. Speaking of partnered play, the Motorbunny Original is also pretty great to explroe as a couple. It can seat up to two people who both get to enjoy the sheer power and each other at the same time!


  • A lot of different attachment included in the starter kit
  • App control works without a complaint
  • Beginner-friendly attachments
  • Multiple attachment points for optional restraints or accessories

  • Attachments are made of porous TPE
  • Very loud
  • Expensive
  • Rotating function is not super impressive
Motorbunny Original
Vibration modes2
Vibration speeds11
Length12.49 inches
Width13.24 inches
Height10 inches
Weight17.8 lbs
Maximum Weight1000 lbs
MaterialsTPE, Silicone and ABS
Remote ControlsYes - handheld remote and app
RechargeableNo - mains powered
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

For beginners who are looking for their first sex saddle to take for a wild ride, I’ve selected the Motorbunny Original. The starter kit comes with more attachments that are all pretty beginner-friendly. If I was looking for my first sex-saddle, I might want something that let me experience a bunch of different sensations in one product. Although I will say that I’m not a fan of the TPE. In my world, TPE should never be on the menu when it comes to insertables. This porous material will deteriorate faster and is impossible to keep sanitary for internal use over time. That said, you can still use them internally. I would just recommend slapping on a condom first. Our tester did find that the Motorbunny Original was very powerful. Almost too powerful to experience multiple orgasms in a row, since it was easy to feel numb after a while. These vibrations are just pretty dang strong! It was also noted that the machne is very loud, even when placed on a softer surface, like the bed. Keep that in mind, in case you have thin walls! Compared to the Cowgirl, the Motorbunny Original offers a much longer guarantee and a lot more smaller features, like syncing up the vibrations to music, more attachments available in general, attachments catered to men, as well as 4 attachment points for restraints or other fun accessories. It’s also slightly lighter and cheaper than the Cowgirl, so if I were looking for a beginner-friendly sex saddle, this would be my stallion of choice!

4 Thrusting

Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Sex Saddle

 Motorbunny Buck

  • Are a brave beginner
  • Want vibration, rotation and twirl
  • Enjoy internal rotation
  • Prefer a discreet vibrating sex saddle
  • Have a vagina
  • Liked the Cowgirl, but found it pricy

Motorbunny Buck

  • Can't spare the space for a sex saddle
  • Want a small sex toy

A premium twist on the Motorbunny Original sex saddle, The Buck is will supply you with powerful thrusting on top of the vibrating pleasure. The two-button interface controls the separate buck and buzz features, which showcases the brand’s ‘turn it up to 11’ option – now that’s a joyride. Since riding in ‘cowgirl’ can become boring, to save you some frustration, the patented Buck sex saddle can be used on its side for doggy style or prone bone thrusting. With two toggles for variation in thrusting, giddy up for this bucking studmuffin and explore new orgasmic sensations! Vac-u-lock dildo-compatible.


  • Incredibly powerful vibrations
  • Practical size
  • Use on multiple surfaces
  • Remote and app control
  • Inegrated gaming experience
  • Solo and couple use
  • Gender inclusive
  • Comfortable sex saddle
  • Suits picky users
  • Plethora of attachments

  • Loud
  • TPE attachments are porous
  • Expensive
Motorbunny Buck
Vibration modes11
Insertable lengthS: 3.7 M: 4.25 L: 5.25 inches
FlexibilityFirm; Adjustable
Fastening4 metal eyelets
AllergiesBody Safe
Length15 inches
Remote ControlsRemote and app control
Maximum Weight1000 lbs

While rotations are fun sensations to orgasm over, most sex saddle designs fail to encompass the thrusting stimulation of a real penis. This is where the untamable Buck sex toy saddle comes in handy. Replacing the original Morotbunny’s twist for a thrusting ‘buck’ feature, this mechanical sex bull provides full internal orgasms with each use. If the included attachments don’t fit your taste, just fix up this sex saddle with your favorite Vac-u-lock dildo, and presto, you’re ready to ride. Great for couple or solo use, what makes this saddle stand out is the “right angle wedge” which helps you adjust Buck’s angle for penetration in doggy or prone style. As with most sex saddles, the downside comes in the form of noise and a high price, however, it’s worth every single penny and decibel!

5 Ginding Pad

VibePad 2

 VibePad 2

  • prefer external stimulation over internal
  • want a remote-controlled sex toy
  • are tried of vibrators and want to try new sensations
  • like the idea of using a sex toy that heats up

VibePad 2

  • prefer more targeted vibrations
  • like internal stimulation
  • are looking for G- or P-spot stimulation.

The VibePad 2 is a unique grinding pad designed for external stimulation. It’s constructed from full silicone, making it both body-safe and giving it a premium feel. The device is rechargeable, waterproof, and remote-controlled adding convenience and versatility to its use. One of the key features of the VibePad 2 is its two “stimulus waves” or bumps, each equipped with 7 vibrating motors. And the new version takes a clitoral stimulation to another lever by adding the unique warming and flickering tongue! This design allows for a highly customizable experience, with the ability to control the device directly on the pad or wirelessly via a control remote!

  • Made with body-safe silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Discreet and easy to store
  • Quiet
  • Warms and licks the clitoris in a way that mimics oral sex sensations.
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Easy to use, and can be enjoyed hands-free.

  • Not very versatile
  • The bumps are quite hard and can be uncomfortable for some users
  • Only for external stimulation
  • Not ideal for penis owners
VibePad 2
Vibration modes7
Vibration patterns7
Length11.42 inches
Width8.15 inches
MaterialsBody-Safe Silicone
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsYes, Handheld Remote
Weight0.9 lbs
Colors AvailablePurple

In conclusion, the VibePad  2 could be a great alternative for those who choose external stimulation over internal or are looking for a sex machine for beginners. However, it’s important to note that the VibePad 2 is primarily designed for grinding. This means its use may be limited for those who prefer other forms of stimulation. Additionally, the Bedbible’s tester found the vibrations to be very powerful and the ridges somewhat hard, which may cause discomfort for some users, but the tongue feature is a real winner, and it provided really unique, and realistic experience! But overall, the use of high-quality silicone, the unique design, and the very powerful vibration make this grinding pad a unique and versatile toy!

6 Slider

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Sadle Chair

 Cloud 9 Sex Chair

  • Like over-the-top sex saddles
  • Love riding and grinding
  • Have a vagina or prostate
  • Don't mind bulky contraptions
  • Liked the BonBon, but wanted something sturdier
  • Have a bigger budget

Cloud 9 Sex Chair

  • Need a couple's tou
  • Are looking for vibrations
  • Live in a small space

A kinky take on the beloved rocking chair, the Cloud 9 F-Slider is a mechanical sex saddle that utilizes the user’s own thrusts to control the penetration, for tailor-made pleasure with their favorite dildo. Using the lubed-up 7-inch dildo that comes with the sex toy saddle or your favorite vibrator, gently slip into ecstasy by rocking your body on the padded leg holders. Control is simple, the more you grind your hips, the better the thrusts from the Cloud 9 sex saddle. The F-slider mound has a dedicated Vac-u-lock toy mount and universal attachment that can house most dildos, vibrators, or wand sex toys on the market. Adjustable nods offer customizable depth and penetration for perfect stimulation each time!

  • Pinpoint penetration
  • Can hold wide range of dildos
  • Easy to control
  • Adjustable depth
  • Long solo riding sessions
  • Gender inclusive
  • Comfortable padded leg rests

  • Bulky
  • Included dildo is questionable
  • Expensive
Cloud 9 Sex Chair
Length22 inches
Width18 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Maximum Weight396 lbs
MaterialsVinyl, Metal, Faux-leather
AllergiesBody Safe
Maximum Weight1000 lbs

With a price tag that is equally as dizzying as its electronic counterparts, the Cloud 9 F-Slider sex saddle is the perfect investment for those who enjoy realistic sensations. While most fuck machines rely on vibrations for climactic stimulation, the F-slider will hone your powerful thrusts into convulsive penetrative orgasms! Use it hands-free or with the sturdy handle which helps keep your body centered while thrusting. Perfect for couples into voyeurism or sexual enthusiasts looking for the extra kick of realness! The sex straddle holds any Vac-u-loc toy, while the universal adapter helps hold your fave thrusting vibrators elevating your experiences to new peaks!


The Tremor Package

 The Tremor

  • Like a retro looking sex machine
  • Love G-spot stimulation
  • Prefer interchangeable flexibility
  • Like sleek designs
  • Enjoyed the Sybian, but found it uncomfortable to ride
  • Don't mind spending more on a quality toy

The Tremor

  • Need a discreet toy
  • Want a silent toy
  • Find the price steep

Ergonomic and body-safe, the Tremor sex saddle is the gateway to orgasmic bliss. ‘Rock’ around the clock with the powerful vibrations of bulging Bridge attachment, or ‘roll’ gently down the squirting stream with intense internal rotations amplified by the bulging G-spot stimulator. The hypoallergenic silicone pad helps make maintenance a breeze, just chuck it in the dishwasher, and Bob’s your uncle! The brand offers various average and novelty attachments and is also compatible with other Sybian attachments.


  • G/P-spot stimulation
  • Powerful rocking sensation
  • Vibration and rotation
  • Swappable attachments
  • Medical grade silicone accessories
  • Gender inclusive
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable riding for all bodies

  • White body can stain
  • Expensive
  • Loud
The Tremor
Vibration modesVibration and rotation
Vibration patterns10
Thrust Modes10
MaterialsSilicone interchangeable pad and attachments
FlexibilityFirm; Adjustable
WaterproofOnly silicone attachments
Maximum Weight400 lbs

The Tremor sex saddle is a perfectly sized sex helper that will elevate your boudoir adventures. The A-frame is comfortable to ride without hurting your inner thighs, while the removable silicone pad helps add more grip while riding. With the remote control, you can adjust the “rock” of the vibrations or the “roll” of the rotation to create a custom pattern that hits the hotspots every single time. What sets this Sybian-like sex saddle apart from the rest is its ergonomic design and washable silicone pad, which make it perfect in situations where multiple people want to try out the sensations – just make sure to disinfect properly between uses. At a significantly lower pricepoint compared to the test-winner, this sex saddle is perfect for anyone trying out fuck machines for the first time.


The Unicorn Limited Edition Sex Machine

 The Unicorn

  • Enjoyed the Cowgirl, but didn't like its color
  • Like riding powerful sex saddles
  • Enjoy high end sex machines
  • Prefer rotation and vibrations
  • Like the reverse cowgirl position

The Unicorn

  • Want a no frills sex toy
  • Need less power
  • Like quiet toys
  • Have a tighter budget
  • Can't safely lift 24.5lbs
  • Have been advised against it by your medical care provider

Adorned with rainbows, the Cowgirl transforms into the limited-edition Unicorn sex saddle, bringing magical orgasms on its glittery horn while providing the same acclaimed features and sensations. With 10 modes of separate powerful buzz and  360° swivel rotation, climb on the sex toy saddle and fulfill your whimsical fantasy of riding a mechanical mythical creature. The set includes two sparkly silicone attachments redesigned to match the fantasy theme: a protruding twisted horn-like shaft for internal stimulation and the short bump with clitoral nodes for extra pleasure.

  • Powerful vibration and 360° swivel rotation
  • Vibration and rotation are controlled independently
  • Swappable attachments made with body safe silicone material
  • Gender inclusive
  • Fun and colorful
  • Remote cotrol
  • Physical remote and app control
  • Comes with 2 attachments and rainbow flogger

  • Expensive
  • White body can stain
  • Loud
  • Relatively heavy
  • Occupies more space than the average toy
The Unicorn
Vibration speedsUnlimited
Vibration patterns6 + more with App
LengthMachine: 16.7, Magic Hide: 1.18, Uni Horn: 3.5, Flogger: 19.5, Floor Mat: 31.5 inches
WidthMachine: 15.4, Floor Mat: 35.5 inches
HeightMachine: 10.9 inches
DiameterMagic Hide: 1.37, Uni Horn: 1.5 inches
Weight24.5 lbs
MaterialsSteel, Aluminum, Plastic, Silicone, and Vegan Leather
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote and App Controls
Maximum Weight400 lbs

Both internally and aesthetically pleasing, the Unicorn sex saddle is one fantastical beast whose power is everything but mythical! Packing quite the buzzy gallop, treat your inner princess to a fantasy ride that ends in multiple climactic pleasures. Decorated with a rainbow base and multicolor tassels to mimic a tail, it’s a refreshing take on the usual black color scheme that most sex saddles have. The attachments are easy to clean and swap, while two inserts provide various flexibility: plastic for firmness or a spring coiled insert for flexible internal stimulation for the G/P-spot, solo or alone. What sets the Unicorn apart is its unmistakable power and ability to withstand two people thrusting against it. On the other hand, the only setbacks are the noise and price.


Liberator Wing Sex Saddle Toy Mount

 Liberator Wing

  • Want a cheaper sex saddle alternative
  • Want to amplify your toy collection
  • Need a sex position aid
  • Want comfort and support
  • Love humping your pillow
  • Are on a budget

Liberator Wing

  • Do not have any other sex toys
  • If you like electronic devices

Soar to orgasmic heights with the Liberator Wing sex saddle and toy mount and give your sex life a new dynamic twist. With two tight openings that snuggly fit your favorite vibrator or wand, relive your favorite pillow-pumping moments under the sheets! The dense, yet comfortable sex saddle provides support for the receiver’s torso and hips, paving the way towards double penetration or solo grinding sensations. By slipping a powerful bullet vibrator inside the side opening, you can make the whole Wing vibrate, too!

  • Great for couples
  • Play in multiple positions
  • Compatible with most dildos
  • Two separate openings
  • Side opening affects whole Wing
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Dense core supports bodyweight
  • Velvety exterior

  • No toy included
Liberator Wing
FlexibilityDense and comfortable
WaterproofMachine washable cover
Length24 inches
Width14 inches
Height9 inches
MaterialsVelvish Cover - Plush Faux-Velvet - 100% Polyester
MaterialsFully supportive polyurethane core

Convenient and versatile, the Wing sex straddle is an excellent budget-friendly alternative to classic saddle sex machines. The two openings, on the top and side, are discreet and tight, securely holding any vibrator, wand, or dildo of your choosing – a great option for hands-free grinding, prostate massage, or double penetration action. As a couple’s position aid, the sex saddle’s inner core and practical size help support the participants for easier penetration and mutual satisfaction. The central opening is great for grinding since it supports the knees, a great option with a G-spot stimulator or prostate massager. On the side, the opening is positioned closer to the surface to easily transfer the vibrations to your clitoris. Overall, this sex saddle is a great starting point due to its budget, with the only downside being that you have to own a vibrator or dildo beforehand.

Take A Seat

Porn stars make riding sex saddles for hours on end seem like a piece of cake, but that not might be true for the average Jane and Joe. To support your body during extended sex saddle sessions play, consider a position-enhancing chair – it helps improve the couple’s play, too!

DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair

DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair - Take A Seat
This sturdy faux-leather sex chair will help support your body during long sessions on the sex saddle while doubling up as a perfect couple’s aid in various sexual positions.
  • Bondage straps
  • 9-inch opening for oral exploration
  • Bend over for doggy style support
  • Great for kinks and BDSM
  • Pre-assembled

Get Your Grind On

While sex saddles are the peak of pleasurable sex technology, many find the machines’ bodies too bulky for storage in smaller apartments. If you’re looking for a discreet whisper-quiet alternative to the clamorous vibrating sex saddles, then vibrating grinding toys might be more up your alley – use them as they are or on against your favorite grinding pillow!

Ruby Glow Blush Sex Saddle Grinding Vibrator

Ruby Glow Blush Sex Saddle Grinding Vibrator - Get Your Grind On
Providing orgasms as unforgettable as they are intense, the Ruby Glow Blush compact sex saddle packs quite the punch for its size. The ergonomic innovative grinding device provides the following features:
  • Length: 7.4″
  • Smooth bulbous side and angled ridged stimulator
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • 10 Vibration modes
  • Splash-proof

Pelle Whim Silicone Grinding Toy

Pelle Whim Silicone Grinding Toy - Get Your Grind On
Uniquely designed to enfold the delicate vulva, let the Whim duo caress your love lips with its clitoris-stimulating smooth waves and grooves. Compact and discreet, it’s great for grinding, pressure-play, or gentle sliding against the vulva.
  • 2 squishy stimulators: Ripple and Dune
  • Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Hybrid and water-based lube
  • Handheld or pillow grinding

Romp Wave Silicone Rechargeable Lay-on Clitoral Vibrator

Romp Wave Silicone Rechargeable Lay-on Clitoral Vibrator - Get Your Grind On
Lightweight and pocket-sized, the Wave is a powerful lay-on vibrator that will launch you into climactic bliss with fluttering vibrations. Travel-friendly and versatile, the Wave is a gamechanger for spontaneous solo or couple’s playtime.
  • Novelty butterfly design fits on your palm
  • 6 powerful vibration modes and 5 patterns of vibrations
  • Waterproof design, suitable to play in the shower & bath,
  • Easy to clean, compatible with waterbased lubricant
  • L: 4.3″ (overall), D: 0.875″, W: 1.875″

Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys

Yee-haw cowgirls and cowguys, it’s time to mount up and ride…some sex toys, that is! If you are looking for the ultimate ‘look mum no hands’ masturbation or a no-strings-attached extra to fulfill your threesome fantasies, a ride-on sex toy could be just what you are looking for. But before we get to the toys, here are a few reasons why riding feels so darn good!
  • Research has shown that rocking the trunk and pelvis back and forth is associated with more frequent orgasms, and a 2021 study found that around 76% of their participants used a rocking motion to enhance penetrative sex.
  • As well as internal stimulation, riding also stimulates your clitoris and perineum as you grind against your partner or toy, making for a trifector of toe-curling pleasure.
  • Hands-free riding means more fun for you! Put those hands to good work with some nipple or clit stimulation or use them on a partner.
So we know it feels just fantastic, but what options are out there for ride-on sex toys, and which one should you choose? We’ll take a look at everything, from sex machines that could register on the Richter scale to ridable pillows and sex torsos, so there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Ride-on Sex Machines

Ride-on Sex Machines - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
While the first sex machines, produced by Sybian in the 80s, were designed for people with vaginas, sex machines can work their magic on all genitals. Nowadays, as well as a dazzling array of attachments for vaginal and anal penetration, ride-on sex machines now have a whole host of external attachments for you to bump and grind until your heart’s content! Sex machines offer the ultimate in recreating ride-on partner sex, albeit with a little more voltage, impeccable rhythm, and never-ending stamina. All you need to do is hop aboard your bucking bronco, take the reins, I mean controls, and let the machine do its thing. Ride-on sex machines are known for three things: having more power than Thor’s hammer, inducing exorcism-style orgasms, and costing a pretty penny. If you are thinking of treating yourself to one of these orgasm powerhouses, take a look at these top models. There’s also a person-powered sex machine for anyone who prefers thrusting fun.

The Sybian

The Sybian - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
The OG of ride-on sex machines, Sybian has become synonymous with ride-on sex toys – as Hoover did to vacuums, although A LOT sexier! The Sybian was invented by Dave Lambert, a pioneer who fought against repressive systems to produce a sex machine that would empower women, and its popularity continues to this day. As well as the legendary machine itself, the Sybian package comes with a choice of 3 attachment packages, a stool, and a selection of lube sachets.

Vital stats

Measurements: 10″ H, 13.25″ W, and 12.5″ L Weight: ≈ 22 lbs Vibration power: 0 to 6500 rpm Attachment materials: C-Flex TPE’s (latex rubber, polyvinyl chloride, silicone rubber, phthalates or polyurethane) or medical-grade silicone Price at the time of writing: $1,245.00

Sybian pros

  • Rotate and vibrate functions
  • Available in 4 colors — black, pink, red, purple
  • Free shipping
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 45-day trial on Sybians bought from — if the Sybian isn’t for you, you can return it within 45 days for a refund (minus a return fee)

The Motorbunny

The Motorbunny - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
The Motorbunny has a cheaper starting point than the Sybian for the standard package but comes with plenty of upgrade options to pimp your ride. With the addition of a link control, you can transform the Motorbunny into an entertainment paradise with the ability to play Fappy Bunny, the integrated mobile game, or sync your machine to music. The Link control is app-enabled, making the Motorbunny a good option for long-distance loving. The Motorbunny standard package includes four attachments, with four other package options available with additional attachments and accessories. DISCOUNT: Get $40 dollars off your Motorbunny when you use the code bedbible at checkout! You can read our review of the Motorbunny Buck here.

Vital stats

Measurements: 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L Weight: 17.8 lbs Vibration power: 0.08 HP – 7000 Vibrations Per Minute Attachment materials:  TPE (standard package) plus premium silicone available Price at the time of writing: $899 (standard package)

Motorbunny Pros

  • Rotate and vibrate functions
  • Free shipping
  • 5-year warranty 
  • 4 eyelets for restraints
  • The link controller (purchased separately) allows remote control via an app, music syncing, routine combinations, and integrated mobile gaming
  • Cheaper starting price 

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine is the new kid on the block. Brought to us by Alicia Sinclair, the sex expert, and CEO behind We-Vibe and Le Wand. This luxury ride is app-enabled as standard, making it controllable from up to 30 feet away and all of the attachments are made from silicone. It boasts premium quality materials and a hand-crafted, padded seat for the ultimate riding experience. With a non-slip silicone base, handles, and smooth glide cords, the Cowgirl delivers both pleasure and practicality. The Cowgirl comes with 2 silicone attachments as standard.

Vital stats

Measurements: 16.7″ L x 13.4″ W x 10.9″ H Weight: 11.1 kg (12.9 kg with accessories) Vibration power: 1200 rpm Attachment materials: Silicone Price at the time of writing: $1,295.00

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine Pros:

  • Control with corded LED remote or app
  • 6 Vibration patterns and 360 swivel rotation with adjustable speed
  • Smooth glide plugs to prevent tangling
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
If high-power vibrations aren’t your thing but you love to ride and rock, the manual Cloud 9 F-slider could be your next ride. This thrusting throne uses your body movements to power the 7-inch dildo as you rock back and forth. And don’t worry, your favorite dildo won’t be left out of the fun, you can strap it on using the included Vac-U-Lock adaptor or universal dildo adaptor. The Cloud 9 F-slider is perfect for anyone who prefers thrusting over vibrating and rotating and likes to be in control of the movements.

Ride-on Pillows and Sex Toy Mounts

While ride-on sex machines certainly harness a lot of orgasmic power, they aren’t for everyone. If you love riding but don’t want to break the bank or live in an apartment with paper-thin walls, a sex toy pillow or sex toy mount might be more up your street. Almost every person with a vagina that masturbates has at some point in their life grabbed a pillow to get a little solo bump and grind going, and many a penis owner will know the fleshlight wedged between two pillows trick. While a regular pillow will do in a cinch, the invention of sex pillows has elevated pillow plowing to new heights.

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
This saddle-shaped pillow from Liberator has a pocket so you can plug and play with all your favorite sex toys. The BonBon is great if you like to switch things up between dildos, vibrators, or a wand. The dense foam supports you and your weapon of choice, so you don’t have to! As well as all the awesome solo action, the BonBon can add a lot to partner play. Slip your favorite dildo into the pillow for some double penetration, add some vibes in doggy style, or use the BonBon to get into some new and exciting positions.

Realistic Sex Torsos

Realistic Sex Torsos - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
Thankfully, sex dolls and masturbator torsos have evolved a lot in recent years, giving them the look and feel of the real deal. While owning a full-blown realistic sex doll isn’t for everyone, masturbator’s torsos are a lot more accessible. Due to their realism, they make fantastic thirds in your threesome fantasies. It saves you the hassle of finding an extra person and there’s no risk of jealousy or emotional involvement — it’s hard to be jealous of something that doesn’t have a head! With different ways to ride, you can enjoy solo sex, partner sex, and oral sex simulation with these limbless lovers. Two popular choices are the Fuck Me Silly masturbator torsos from Pipedream. And yes, it is impossible to say that with a straight face. Made from lifelike soft plastic, these torsos mimic the feel of real sex and feel responsive to touch.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude - Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys
With an 8-inch shaft, realistic balls, and an anus ribbed for your pleasure, this well-endowed torso is always ready to go. This 14 lbs torso stays firmly put, while you ride it however you like.  The sculpted body gives you the real feel you crave and never gets tired.

Make Your Own Sex Saddle

As pleasurable as they feel, the Sybian sex machines can come at a hefty price making them an elusive fantasy for some thrill-seekers. Available for both regular power tool pros and crafty newbies, here are several ideas that you can implement in your bedroom for some DIY sex saddle action.

Magic wand chair

Tie up your favorite vibrator or magic wand vibrator securely to a chair with your favorite bondage techniques. Make sure to lay a towel or a cut up plastic bag beforehand to help with post-session clean up. Some magic wands are compatible with clitoral attachments for addition stimulation.

Pillow humping 2.0

Pillow humping 2.0 - Make Your Own Sex Saddle
Take inspiration from the Liberator toy mounts and use your favorite pillow for grinding fun. Using a belt or two, fasten a magic wand to a pillow, and use the zipper part of the pillowcase to secure in a dildo or anal plug in place for added stimulation.

Build your own, if you dare

If you’re an electronics wiz and can handle yourself around power tools, then you can have a go at building your own sex saddle. Woodworking pros can opt to create a sturdy base and add their favorite sex toys in dedicated slots. Alternatively you can try wiring a powerful motor using the schematics on the video provided.

The History of the Sex Saddle

Providing powerful vibrations for amazing orgasms with each use, the Subian sex saddle has left its mark on the sex industry. Featured in both porn movies and magazine editorials, this luxury sex saddle is the key to improving your sex life or solo masturbation sessions. But how did the Sybian came to be?

Saddle origins

Saddle origins - The History of the Sex Saddle
Dave Lampert invented the Sybian sex saddle after the idea came to him in 1970. The first prototype was crafted from a metal sheet and a protruding vibrator housed in a wooden body. Soon enough, the design was improved and the 2nd prototype became the blueprint for the future models.

Girl-on-top, the superior position

Girl-on-top, the superior position - The History of the Sex Saddle
When considering all the possible designs for a female-oriented sex machine, Lampert found that the “cowgirl” position is optimal for targeted G-spot stimulation – by rocking the pelvis on a fully-inserted erection, the frontal walls of the vagina are stimulated to squirting orgasms.

Sybian stands for luxury!

Sybian stands for luxury! - The History of the Sex Saddle
The Sybian’s name is derived from the ancient Greek city Sybaris, which historians have dubbed ”a city of pleasure-seeking and opulence”, due to it’s fertile land and rich port. An apt name for the sex saddle, since the addition of clitoral stimulation textures and internal 360 rotation, make this a perfect choice for any sybarite!

The Sybian sex saddle and media

The Sybian sex saddle and media - The History of the Sex Saddle
After its launch in 1987, the Sybian was featured in various magazine editorials, while the machine’s porn debut was nominated for an AVN award. Despite being featured in countless porn videos, the sex saddle’s popularity started rising in the mid 2000s after Howard Stern featured the Sybian in his radio show, presenting its might to the world!

How to use a sex saddle?

Most sex saddles usually have easy-to-use remote controls that separately control the vibrations and rotation for customizable play, both solo or with a partner. Having some water-based lube on hand is always a good starting point, as well as laying on some sheets to avoid making a squirting mess.

Set up and prep

Set up and prep

Set up the sex toy saddle according to the manufacturer’s instructions, with the attachment of your choice, and lube it up to make gliding comfortable. Do this even if you skip the lube during regular sex! Before climbing on the sex saddle, make sure you are properly hydrated!

Tweak the experience

Tweak the experience

Determining your level of experience will help you safely enjoy your sex saddle. This is because the machines are so powerful that some users have passed out from the potent orgasms, so knowing your threshold is key to keeping the experience pleasurable and safe. Using the remote, try out the vibrations on your arm and get to know the functions of the saddle beforehand.

Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the race

Softly touching and caressing your body, ease your way onto the sex saddle. Bumpy attachments feel great to grind against, while curved shafts pave the way to G/P-spot orgasms. Start off slow to build up the excitement and pleasure – no need for gung ho roughness. If your sex saddle connects to an app, customize the patterns and rotation for a tailor-made experience.

Upgraded lovemaking or solo play

Upgraded lovemaking or solo play

Some Sybian-like sex saddles have eyelets on the side, useful for bondage or control play with your partner. They can be used to secure another sex toy or magic wand to the vibrating saddle with some rope. Alternatively, just the rope will do. No matter which attachment you choose, your partner can easily slip inside from behind while the powerful vibrations stimulate you both.

How to clean sex saddles?

Sex saddle cleaning depends mostly on the materials the swappable attachments are made from. Make sure to check the manufacturer's instructions to determine the material - usually body-safe silicone, however, there are some made from porous TPE, which can be a bit of a hassle to clean. While vibrating sex saddles can endure the climactic squirting, it's worth noting that the body that houses the electronic motors inside should be kept dry. Wipe them with a cloth and some mild antibacterial solution to avoid damaging the outer shell.


While the silicone attachments are completely waterproof and can be washed, the body that houses the saddle's electronics should not be exposed to water. For professional squirters, laying a few towels on the body is always encouraged.

Sex saddles aim to please pleasure-seekers of all levels. For beginners, we recommend getting to know your sex saddle and its features thoroughly, before you proceed with riding. Water-based lubricant is a must when using silicone attachments since it improves the glide and increases sensations.

It depends entirely on the saddle in question: some are, and some aren’t! Check your manual as provided by the manufacturer for specific guidance on that particular saddle.

Yes. Most sex saddle manufacturers utilize body-safe latex-free silicone, while the lower range options include hypoallergenic porous TPE on some attachments

A resounding yes. If you live with flatmates or have really thin walls where you reside, then consider a quiet discreet sex toy. The sex saddles come with quality motors that sound closer to a jet engine than a sex device. Unfortunate, however, a small price to pay compared to the orgasms you get in return.

Unequivocally, yes! Not only do sex saddles provide mind-blowing orgasms with each use, but they are durable, versatile additions to anyone's bedroom - use a sex saddle alone, with a partner or another sex toy, the climactic possibilities are endless.

What is a sex saddle?

Sex saddles are innovative sex devices that are designed with the female orgasm in mind. Made from sturdy materials, the saddle's bulky body can help hold almost 2 bodies worth of weight, perfect for intense 'cowgirl' sessions. Most of the sex saddles are a high-end purchase and offer powerful vibrations orgasms, while some variations offer thrusting or a rotation feature. The sex saddle devices usually have interchangeable silicone attachments which are designed with nodules for clitoral stimulation or with a curved shaft for penetrative action. However, not all saddles are automated: there are also manual saddles that respond to your movement, as well as saddles that work purely as sex toy mounts!

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