The 8 Best Sex Toys for ED to Help Facilitate and Maintain Strong Erections

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Pulse Duo Lux Guybator

 Pulse Duo Lux Guybator

  • Want to try a toy with vibrations
  • Love remote-controlled toys
  • Need a waterproof toy

Pulse Duo Lux Guybator

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Don’t want remote controls
  • Need a waterproof remote

Up first on my list of erection toys is the Pulse Duo Lux Guybator, a unique vibrating stroker toy that’s been designed with couples in mind. It comes with two remotes, each designed as a watch for convenient and non-invasive access. Unlike many other male enhancement toys, the Pulse Duo Lux can stimulate both partners at the same time with its vibrations. Offerings hands-free use, twelve vibration modes, and a form-fitting design that will work perfectly with most penises, the Duo Lux is an all-around great toy, Struggle to get erections without the use of male sexual aids? Not to worry, as this can work whether you’re hard or not. Of course, once you put it on, the erection should come in due time anyway. Curious what vibrations are all about? Find out today with your very own Pulse Duo Lux Guybator!


  • 12 vibration modes
  • USB rechargeable
  • Easy to clean
  • Wristband remotes

  • Prices vary widely
  • Expensive
  • Remotes require CR2032 batteries
Pulse Duo Lux Guybator
MaterialsSilicone, ABS
Length4.6 inches
Width2.8 inches
Vibration patterns8
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes
Remote ControlsYes (two watch remotes)
Waterproof(Duo Lux) yes, (remote) no
RechargeableYes (SUSB)
Travel LockNo

Although there were quite a few compelling sex toys for ED to choose from, I ultimately selected the Pulse Duo Lux Guybator as my “Test Winner” for this list of erectile dysfunction toys. Versatile, able to fit on most penises, and offering pleasure to both partners, there aren’t too many downsides when it comes to this luxury toy. That said, there is one issue you might run into if you’re working with a thicker penis. Unfortunately, these toys for ED don’t offer much in terms of flexibility, so if your penis is on the thicker side then using this toy may be uncomfortable (or even impossible!). As such, I’d recommend taking a look at the measurements of this toy to ensure your shaft will properly fit into the toy before clicking the “Buy Now” button. The price is a bit high, although you can often find this toy on sale. Personally, I would suggest looking out for a sale if you want to save a bit of extra cash. Being remote-controlled, there might be a bit of a learning curve if you’re not familiar with this type of toy. Stick with it though, as the payoff will surely be worth it. Overall, I think the Pulse Duo Lux Guybator is a solid option for those who have a willing partner, a bit of tech experience under their belts, and a sizable budget. While it might not be the most affordable option around, I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with the overall performance of this toy.

2 Cheapest

Lovehoney Get Hard Extra Thick Cock Ring Set

 Get Hard Extra Cock Ring Set

  • Struggle to maintain erections
  • Have a small budget
  • Are new to sex toys

Get Hard Extra Cock Ring Set

  • Need a ringer larger than 1.6”
  • Want a stimulating toy
  • Prefer other colors

One of the most essential sex toys for men with ED is cock rings, and a great way to try out these ED sex toys is by picking up the Lovehoney “Get Hard” Cock Ring Set! Each ring is made of hypoallergenic silicone, ensuring that you can place these rings around your shaft without worry of allergic reactions. The set includes three different sizes of ring, which makes it unlikely that you won’t be able to fit any of them on. Of course, these rings can be mixed and matched as you see fit. Whether you want to double up, wrap one ring around your balls, or simply stick to one ring, this set can get it done. If you’re new to the world of sex toys and don’t have any cock rings yet, give your sex life the boost it needs with the Lovehoney “Get Hard” Cock Ring Set!

  • Easy to use
  • Helps maintain erections
  • Includes three rings
  • Cheap

  • No rings larger than 1.6” in diameter
  • No color options
Get Hard Extra Cock Ring Set
Diameter (internal)(Small) 1.2 inches, (Medium) 1.45 inches, (Large) 1.6 inches
AllergiesLatex free , phthalate free

Costing less than $20, the Lovehoney “Get Hard” Cock Ring Set easily earned the “Cheapest” title on this list of erection toys and male enhancement toys. Don’t let the low price point fool you though, as these male sexual aids can actually do quite a bit to benefit your sex life. Cock rings help you stay harder for longer, and can also help delay orgasm. This means you’ll not only look better for your partner but also be able to pleasure them for longer! With three rings to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the size you need. Of course, the downside of this is that you may have a ring that’s simply too small to be useful. On the plus side, this kit is extremely affordable, so that could help offset the inconvenience of a useless ring. Still, with a bit of creativity, you should be able to find a use for all of them. No one really had any complaints about these rings, aside from the lack of color options. I think they should definitely expand the lineup beyond plain old black, but even with just one option available, I’d still suggest picking these up if you can swing it.

3 Beginner

Lovehoney Thick Silicone Cock Ring

 Thick Silicone Cock Ring

  • Want to last longer in bed
  • Struggle to maintain erections
  • Only want one ring

Thick Silicone Cock Ring

  • Prefer using silicone lubes
  • Want multiple rings
  • Want vibrations

Having multiple rings is great, but some people prefer to use a single ring instead. If that sounds like you then the Lovehoney Thick Silicone Cock Ring is one of the sex toys for ED that you’ll want to check out. This dual-colored ring is made of liquid silicone and has been made extra-thick, ensuring that it will be able to keep your penis harder for longer with more comfort than the thinner alternatives. Costing less than $15 and working great alongside other toys for ED, cock rings in general are some of the best erectile dysfunction toys on the market today. With a low-price point, dual-color design, and extra thick band all working in its favor, it’s clear that the Lovehoney Thick Silicone Cock Ring is worth getting your hands on if you’re after the one ring to rule them all!

  • Affordable
  • Extra thick design
  • Made of liquid silicone

  • Can’t be used with silicone lubes
  • Only one ring per package
Thick Silicone Cock Ring
Diameter (internal)1.11 inches
AllergiesLatex free , phthalate free

If you’ve never used sex toys for men with ED before, chances are, you probably don’t want to start off your journey with multiple toys. For that reason, I ended up selecting the Lovehoney Thick Silicone Cock Ring as my “Beginner” pick. Like the previous item on this list, this ring helps boost your boner, improving stamina, performance, and visual appeal. Unlike those ED sex toys, however, you only get one ring with this product. The extra thickness means it will work just as well, if not better, than the other rings, but it does somewhat limit its potential use cases. It’s also worth noting that this ring only comes in one size, measuring with an inner diameter of 1.11 inches. Fortunately, the ring is rather stretchy, but it still may prove too small if your penis is significantly thicker than this. In summary, if you’ve never used or tried sex toys before but want a way to address your ED then I definitely think the Lovehoney Thick Silicone Cock Ring will be worth your while.

4 Penis Sleeve

Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender

 Vixen Colossus Penis Extender

  • Want a temporarily longer penis
  • Love the integrated ball loop
  • Prefer lifelike toys

Vixen Colossus Penis Extender

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Need a different skin tone
  • Don’t like ball loops

Next up is one of the more “fun” erection toys, the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender! Although not marketed as such, this penis extender can actually be used with only a partial erection, thanks largely to the firm silicone that it’s made from. Internally, these male enhancement toys are textured for your pleasure, meaning both the “giver” and the “receiver” will enjoy the benefits of using this toy. Unlike many other male sexual aids on the market, the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender is even offered in multiple skin tones. This is great, as it will make using the toy feel much more natural than using a toy that clashes with your skin tone. Whether you just want a reliable way to pleasure your wife or want to switch things up by super-sizing, the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender is a toy that’s sure to give you a major boost in the bedroom!

  • Offered in three skin tones
  • Seven inches of insertable length
  • Made of silicone
  • Realistic detailing

  • Expensive
  • Only 5.5” of internal length
Vixen Colossus Penis Extender
Insertable length(Penetation) 7 inches, (Internal) 5.5 inches
Diameter2.22 inches
Diameter (internal)(Canal) 1.5 inches
AllergiesLatex free , phthalate free

As my “Penis Sleeve” pick, I think the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender performs extremely well compared to similar erectile dysfunction toys on the market. These sex toys for ED instantly give you a seven-inch member to work with, paired with a girthy shaft to boot. Being made of silicone, these toys for ED are body-safe, in addition to being highly detailed for a more immersive experience overall. The only issue you may run into is fitting your penis inside the extender, as this model only has 5.5” of insertable length. Fortunately, other sizes are offered, so just shop around a bit if this model is too short for you. Size is the main benefit of this toy. However, that’s also its major drawback. Whether or not the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender will work for you really depends on your partner. If either the 7” of insertable length or the maximum diameter of 2.2” is too much, then this toy is pretty much a no-go. Still, assuming both you and your partner are happy with the size and can afford the somewhat expensive price, I think the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender is a toy that pays for itself over time.

5 Hollow Strap-On

Doc Johnson Silicone Hollow Strap-On

 Doc Johnson Hollow Strap-On

  • Struggle to get erections
  • Don’t mind wearing a harness
  • Have a partner that can work with 7”

Doc Johnson Hollow Strap-On

  • Have a waist size over 48”
  • Prefer using silicone lubes
  • Hate wearing harnesses

This next pick is not only one of the best sex toys for men with ED, but it’s also a toy that can be enjoyed by anyone (regardless of genitalia!). The Doc Johnson Silicone Hollow Strap-On is a two-part toy. The first part is the harness, which fits firmly around your waist using elastic straps. The second part is the seven-inch dildo that comes with it, which has been hollowed in the middle to allow a penis inside. Firm enough to be used whether you’re erect or not, the Doc Johnson Silicone Hollow Strap-On is one of the few ED sex toys that allows you to overcome ED and be completely confident in your ability to pleasure your partner all the time! Whether you have a penis or want to give pegging a try, this hollow strap-on kit is likely something you’ll soon find you love.

  • Can be used without an erection
  • Works for any gender
  • Easy to clean
  • 7” of insertable length

  • Only offered in one size
  • Somewhat expensive
  • No color options
  • Lacks detailing
Doc Johnson Hollow Strap-On
Length7 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter (internal)(Canal) 1.75 inches
Diameter1.67 inches
AllergiesPhthalate free

My “Hollow Strap-On” pick is a great option for any couples who enjoy penetrative play. Not only does it serve as one of the best erection toys, performing reliably whether you’re hard or not, but it can also double as a regular dildo. This opens up a world of opportunities for these male enhancement toys, from “unlocking” round two to giving you your first experience with pegging. All in all, these male sexual aids are very versatile toys. Of course, like any toy, there are some downsides to the Doc Johnson Silicone Hollow Strap-On. The first is the complete lack of detailing on the dildo itself. The second is a lack of sizing options. While you could switch the dildo out for another compatible model, this set only comes with a seven-inch dildo by default. If this size is too large for your partner then I definitely wouldn’t recommend picking this one up (unless you’re willing to purchase a smaller dildo as well). Still, if the size is A-OK and you never want to have to worry about not being able to get hard again then the Doc Johnson Silicone Hollow Strap-On is a great solution to this problem. It might cost a bit more upfront, but in the long run, I’d say this is a toy worth investing in.

6 Male Vibrator

Tenuto 2

 Tenuto 2

  • Are comfortable with apps
  • Need a new shower toy
  • Want to customize patterns

Tenuto 2

  • Need a lot of clit stimulation
  • Don’t like app-controlled devices
  • Have very sensitive testicles

One of the more interesting sex toys for ED is the Tenuto 2. These erectile dysfunction toys work somewhat similarly to traditional cock rings, except that it adds a whole lot more functionality into the mix. Whereas a regular cock ring just wraps around your shaft, the Tenuto 2 essentially hugs it from each side. Below, it also wraps around your balls, reaching underneath your body to your perineum as well. The main advantage of all these contact points? Well, it gives more places for the motors to work their magic! Powered by four separate motors, these app-controlled toys for ED provide ample stimulation for you and your partner, making any erection-related worries a thing of the past. Perfect for use alone or with a partner, the Tenuto 2 brings something to the table that you’ve likely never experienced before!


  • Showerproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Powered by four motors
  • App controlled

  • The silicone doesn’t stretch
  • Slight learning curve
  • Limited clit stimulation
  • Expensive
Tenuto 2
Length5.1 inches
Width2.5 inches
Diameter (internal)1.5 inches
TextureSmooth w/ bumps at the perineum
Vibration modes12 (+ app)
Vibration speeds16
Battery Life60 minutes
RechargeableYes (USB)
Charging Time60 minutes
Remote ControlsYes (app)
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlue

As my “Male Vibrator” pick, it makes sense that these sex toys for men with ED primarily focus on male pleasure. From the vibrations around your shaft and balls to the vibrations underneath your perineum, this powerful vibrator gives you more than enough stimulation to enjoy. Completely adjustable via the app, you’ll never need to worry about running out of options with these ED sex toys. On top of that, it also helps you maintain impressive erections for longer. If you’re the one wearing the Tenuto 2 then there really isn’t anything to complain about. However, your partner might not share the same feelings, as the Tenuto 2 performs somewhat subpar when it comes to clit stimulation. That’s the main downside of this toy. By focusing so much on male pleasure, the Tenuto 2 unfortunately provides a somewhat one-sided experience. That’s not to say that your partner won’t be able to benefit from the vibrations. It’s just that they likely won’t be strong enough to get the job done. For a toy that costs over $200, I think this is a major downside. Still, that might not pose an issue for you. That depends entirely on you, your partner, and their preferences. All in all, I think people with penises will absolutely adore this toy, but it might not be the best option if you’re looking to share the vibrations with your partner.

7 Masturbator

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator

 Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator

  • Love vibrations
  • Don’t want a stroker toy
  • Need a discreet toy

Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator

  • Need a budget-friendly toy
  • Prefer stroker toys
  • Want entire shaft stimulation

Next up is one of the erection toys you’ll either love or hate, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator! What makes this toy stand out from the other male enhancement toys is how this toy provides its penetrative pleasures. While many male sexual aids involve sticking your entire penis into the toy, with this one, just the tip is needed. Offering extremely quiet vibrations to the first 3.5 inches of your penis, this toy can even be used when you’re not erect, truly turning it into an “anytime” toy. If you’re bored of stroker toys, love vibrations, and want to try something a bit different then the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator might be a toy worth checking out.


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Made of silicone
  • Quiet during use

  • Expensive
  • Gets dirty easily
  • Only 3.5” of insertable length
Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator
MaterialsABS Plastic, Silicone
Length5.8 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
Diameter2.8 inches
Diameter (internal)2 inches
Vibration modes11
Battery Life90 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
AllergiesLatex and phthalate free

Opinions vary widely when it comes to this toy. This is true to some extent with all sex toys for ED, but it’s especially true for the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator. Unlike many other erectile dysfunction toys, friction really takes a backseat in terms of stimulation with this toy. Essentially, if you don’t really enjoy vibrations then you might want to consider alternative toys for ED. For those who do enjoy vibrations, however, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator has a lot to offer. Shower-safe, rechargeable, quiet, and able to work with nearly any size of penis, this toy is pretty much guaranteed to work as advertised (no matter what you’re working with downstairs). The toy is extremely easy to clean, which is a major plus considering how expensive it is. You definitely don’t want to be paying a lot for a device that’s nearly impossible to clean. In terms of power, this toy is pretty powerful, although you may need to go with a wand vibrator if you’re really after the most powerful vibrations around. Aside from the Magic Wand, though, it’s hard to outperform the vibrations that this toy can offer your shaft. If you love vibrations but haven’t yet found a toy that can scratch that particular itch then I’d say the Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Vibrator may be worth taking a look at.

8 Penis Pump

The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump

 The Excelsior Penis Pump

  • Struggle to get erections
  • Want a 2-in-1 toy
  • Prefer one-handed items

The Excelsior Penis Pump

  • Want vibrations
  • Need an automatic stroker
  • Want something waterproof

Last but not least is The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump. As you can probably guess from the title, these pumps are some of the best sex toys for men with ED! While standard penis pump ED sex toys are great and get the job done, they often require you to handle the pumping yourself. Fortunately, that’s not the case with The Excelsior. Simply stick your penis into the tube, turn it on, and enjoy the instant benefits! It offers a small variety of features to improve your pumping sessions, from mode memory to whisper-quiet operations for discreet use. If you have the cash and don’t mind spending a bit more for the premium experience then you’ll definitely want to consider picking up The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump!

  • Includes silicone sleeve
  • USB rechargeable
  • “Smart Memory” feature
  • Comes with instructions & warranty

  • Over $100
  • Includes porous sleeve
The Excelsior Penis Pump
MaterialsAcrylic, ABS, TPE, Silicone
Length(Overall) 12.5 inches, (Cylinder) 9 inches, (Sleeve) 5.25 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Width(Cylinder) 2.6 inches, (Cylinder internal) 2.5 inches, (Sleeve) 3 inches
RechargeableYes (USB)
Remote ControlsYes
Quick-release valveYes (electric

If you’re on the hunt for the best erection toys around then I’m sure my “Penis Pump” pick will treat you right. True, The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump isn’t the perfect device, but it provides a satisfactory experience overall. Adjusting it is quite easy, thanks to the buttons on the face of the toy. You’ll be able to see what settings you’re using via the fairly large screen directly above the buttons. This pump comes with two sleeves, a silicone one and a TPE one. It’s nice that they’ve included different options, although the latter is porous (which makes cleaning all the more important). You can use it one-handed, which is nice, and it even has a memory feature that lets you save a mode you liked for later on. Unfortunately, while many of the finishing touches are there, one big thing that’s missing is a carrying case. You aren’t given anywhere to keep this toy, so either use the original box or figure out your own place to store it. For the most part, The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump offers a good value for the money. Not only is it useful as a penis pump, but—thanks to the multiple sleeves—it can also double as a unique stroker toy. While I think the lack of a storage solution is a major downside, overall, I can still confidently recommend The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump to those in search of a high-quality penis pump.

Manual Penis Pumps to Prep Your Erection

There are many different types of sex toys for ED, but if you’re looking for something a bit more old-school then a manual penis pump might be just what you need. Here are a few great options!

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Penis Pump

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Penis Pump - Manual Penis Pumps to Prep Your Erection
Offering eight inches of insertable length and a large hand pump for precise adjustments, this easy-to-use penis pump gives you clear visuals of the pumping progress you’re making. Trying a pump for the first time? This pump even comes with a guide to get you pointed in the right direction!

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Clear

Bathmate HYDROMAX7 Penis Pump Clear - Manual Penis Pumps to Prep Your Erection
Pumping with air is a tried-and-true technique, but pumping with air can yield even better results! With consistent pressure, skin-safe materials, and enough space to fit penises under seven inches, the HYDROMAX7 is the perfect step up from a plain old penis pump!

BASICS Trigger Penis Pump

BASICS Trigger Penis Pump - Manual Penis Pumps to Prep Your Erection
Affordable, simple, and effective, this BASICS pump gives you a convenient trigger pump to work with instead of a squeeze bulb. Not only is the pump easier to precisely adjust, but it also means you’ll be able to enjoy pumping without tiring your hand!

Male Vibrators for Delicious Vibrations on Your Shaft or Scrotum

Pumps are great, but what if you’re specifically looking for ED sex toys? Manual strokers are a common male sex toy, though they’re not the only option out there. Here are three male sex toys for men with ED that vibrate!

Fun Factory Manta Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker

Fun Factory Manta Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker - Male Vibrators for Delicious Vibrations on Your Shaft or Scrotum
Wrapping around your shaft and sending your choice of twelve different vibration modes directly into your pleasure center, this waterproof winged toy gives you a unique masturbatory experience like no other!

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator - Male Vibrators for Delicious Vibrations on Your Shaft or Scrotum
Designed to mimic the sensations of a blowjob, this mastubator takes “oral” pleasure to a whole new level with the addition of vibrations! Even better, it also warms up automatically for a more lifelike feel.

Lovense Gush Compact App Controlled Male Masturbator

Lovense Gush Compact App Controlled Male Masturbator - Male Vibrators for Delicious Vibrations on Your Shaft or Scrotum
Flexible enough to fit around any size of penis, remotely controllable for precise pleasure, and designed to enhance your regular stroking activities, the Lovense Gush is the perfect masturbator for glans-specific stimulation.

How to Find the Best Erectile Dysfunction Toy for You

All of the male enhancement toys I’ve shown you so far can be beneficial, but not all male sexual aids will offer the same benefits to each individual. It’s important that you hone in on the main thing(s) you’re struggling with first. Once you’ve figured that out, you can then move on to figuring out which erection toys will help you the most. Here are a few quick examples of issues and suitable toy solutions:
  • Struggling to get an erection – Something like a penis pump would work great for this, as a penis pump uses vacuum pressure to force blood into your penis.
  • Struggling to maintain an erection – Cock rings are an excellent solution for this problem, as they restrict blood flow and keep blood inside of your penis for longer, resulting in longer erections.
  • Inability to maintain an erection – If you’re absolutely unable to get/maintain an erection but still want to please your partner then a hollow strap-on is the perfect solution. This type of toy doesn’t require you to have an erection for you to use it, and you’ll still be able to please your partner whether you’re hard or not!

Sex Toys for ED Comparison

With so many sex toys for ED to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options and forget all of the details. Of course, I don’t expect you to remember each and every thing about all of the various erectile dysfunction toys I’ve shown you, which is why I’ve written this short section of highlights below. Out of all the toys for ED I’ve recommended, I think my “Test Winner”, the Pulse Duo Lux Guybator, will be especially helpful. This toy can be used to provide stroking stimulation, but it also adds vibrations into the mix and can even stimulate your partner at the same time! Complete sex toy beginners will want to pick up either the Lovehoney “Get Hard” Cock Ring Set or the Lovehoney Thick Silicone Cock Ring. Both of these toys are extremely helpful in making sure your erection stays hard throughout the interaction. Just want a bit more length? Then you’ll want the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Penis Extender, a toy with 5.5” of internal length that gives you a 7” member! Struggle to get an erection at all? Overcome your issues instantly with the Doc Johnson Silicone Hollow Strap-On! Lastly, if you can get it up but just struggle to do so, consider picking up The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump to streamline the process.

How to Use Sex Toys for ED

Since there are many different types of sex toys for men with ED, I can’t really give you a detailed how-to guide here. Still, I can give you a general outline to keep in mind when giving your new toy a try for the first time. When in doubt, remember: read the manual!

Make Sure Your Toy Is In Good Condition

Make Sure Your Toy Is In Good Condition

Even brand-new toys can arrive damaged! Make sure your toy is in good condition, and get familiar with how it works while you’re at it. Lastly, give it a quick cleaning before moving on to the next step.

Apply Lube

Apply Lube

Any toy that’s placed on the penis will require some type of lube. You may also want to apply lube directly to your penis. If your toy has a handle, try to avoid getting lube on this part, as doing so may make the toy next to impossible to keep a hold on!

Place the Toy

Place the Toy

Now that everything is all lubed up, it’s time to place your toy! Many toys involve wrapping themselves around/under the testicles. If that’s the case with your toy, go slow and be especially careful. Generally speaking, you’ll want to get the toy around the shaft of your penis, and then fit one testicle in at a time. There is often a bit of a learning curve so just be patient and experiment with different ways to get the toy in place. Once you’ve placed the toy, adjust (if necessary), turn the toy on (if necessary), and enjoy!

How to Clean Sex Toys for ED

Cleaning these male enhancement toys is pretty easy. Before you clean them, though, you should find out if you can sterilize your toy as well! Assuming your toy is made of silicone and doesn’t contain any internal electrical components, sterilizing the toy is as easy as dropping it in a pot of boiling water for five minutes. Cleaning is simple as well, requiring only antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean once with soap and water, then use water only to wash away any leftover soap. From there, pat the toy down using a towel and leave it out to dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before attempting to store it. Otherwise, you risk bacterial growth on your recently-cleaned toy!


Generally speaking, sex toys for ED will require a person to have a penis. However, you can also get these types of toys for partner play, and some toys—such as hollow strap-ons—don’t require having a penis at all!

Yes, all of the sex toys for ED I’ll be showing you today can technically be used alone. However, toys like cock rings are better suited for solo use, while toys like a hollow strap-on may be best suited for use with a partner.

Well, all of the toys below can be helpful for people with ED, but there’s no specific requirement that a toy has to meet. If a toy can help a person overcome their erectile issues then it can be considered one of the sex toys for ED!

I always recommend sticking to water-based lubes no matter what type of toy you’re using (unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer). This is because water-based lubes can be safely used with any type of sex toy, which eliminates the possibility of accidentally damaging your sex toy.

Yes, sex toys for ED are safe to use! However, you’ll want to make sure you use them properly, as misuse of these safe toys can still cause injury if not addressed.

What are Sex Toys for ED?

Sex toys for ED encompasses any and all types of penis-oriented sex toys that can be helpful for overcoming the struggles of erectile dysfunction. There are many different types of toys that fit this description, including penis sleeves, penis pumps, cock rings, and male vibrators. Individual needs will vary widely. As such, so do the types of sex toys for ED!

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