The 6 Best Sex Machine Chairs for Riding and Gliding

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
Are you looking for the most powerful thrusting, rotating, and vibrating sensations? This article will show you the 5 best sex machine chairs! Explore all the riding, grinding, hands-free masturbation, or double penetration! This review took us over 50 hours of researching, analyzing, and writing, so sit back and relax while we present you our top high-quality choices that will give you powerful vaginal, oral, and anal orgasms!
1 Test Winner

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

 The Cowgirl

  • like very strong vibrations
  • are looking for app-enabled sex machine
  • want a luxury sex machine
  • want a long-distance controlled machine

The Cowgirl

  • are on a budget
  • prefer thrusting stimulation
  • don't want a heavy machine

This Cowgirl sex machine will let you fulfil your riding fantasies!This is a luxury sex machine chair that uses high-quality materials and has beautiful finishing/attention to detail as that is one of the things that sets it apart from other sex machines. If features 1200 rpm vibrations with 6 vibration patterns, 360 degree shaft rotation, and 2 interchangeable silicone shafts for perfect penetration and strong clitoral stimulation. Plus, you can control the vibrations with a mobile app, which allows you to enjoy your riding fantasy freely!


  • Strong vibrations
  • App-enabled
  • High-quality materials
  • Padded seat
  • Long distance control

  • Very loud
  • Expensive
The Cowgirl
MaterialsSilicone, Vegan Leather
Length16.5 inches
Width13.4 inches
Height10.9 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Vibration modesSpeeds and patterns
Remote ControlsWired or app
Maximum Weight399 lbs

This Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine provides very strong sensations hitting all the sweet spots instantly! It’s made of high-quality materials, including smooth silicone shaft, and vegan leather padded seat that delivers extra comfort for your bum. Keep in mind that this machine is very loud, which could be annoying if you care about discretion or have very nosey downstairs neighbours.

2 Beginner

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair


  • are new to sex chairs
  • don't like vibrations
  • are looking for a quiet toy


  • are advanced with sex chairs
  • want a vibrating sex chair
  • want more features like rotating shaft or powerful thrusting

If you want to explore sex machines but you are not ready for powerful vibrations or intense thrusting, this sex chair is more beginner friendly because it is powered by your own movement! You can adjust the depth and penetration with the knobs for better comfort and control. It has a 7 inches silicone dildo, but it also includes a universal dildo adaptor if you want to attach your favourite toys. The rocking movement of your body feels more natural and realistic, like real lovemaking!

  • Quiet
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to assemble
  • Adjustable knobs

  • Might be too simple for more experienced users
  • No dedicated clitoral stimulation
MaterialsMetal, Vegan leather
Insertable length7 inches
Maximum Weight400 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes

This sex chair is a great starter for any beginner. It’s very quiet, simple to use, and quick to assemble. The cushioned seat helps with extra comfort for your bum and legs, and the knobs give you extra control over the depth of vaginal or anal penetration. You can use it for solo sessions or with your partner for double penetration fantasies!

3 Cheapest

Dark Magic Inflatable Remote Control Thrusting Sex Machine

 Dark Magic

  • want comfortable, hands-free pleasure
  • like powerful thrusting
  • like vibrations
  • are on the budget

Dark Magic

  • want a smaller sex chair
  • don't have time to set it up
  • prefer more stable chairs

This sex chair is perfect if you love lazy, hands-free orgasms! All you need to do it to lie back in this big inflatable chair, take some lube, and the thrusting machine will do the rest. This sex chair comes with 3 dildos in different sizes and a remote, so you are in charge of the intensity of vibrations and thrusting!


  • Powerful thrusting and vibrations
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with additional attachments
  • Easy to use

  • Takes a long time to set up
  • Unstable chair
  • Can be difficult to change positions
Dark Magic
Vibration modes3
Materials Phthalate Free PVC
Length50 inches
Height30 inches
Width28 inches
Insertable length6, 6'75 & 8 inches
Remote ControlsYes
Weight22 lbs
Maximum Weight300 lbs

This Dark Magic sex chair stands out from the competition because of its comfort: the inflatable chair is so cozy and has ergonomic back and leg support. The thrusting is quite powerful, so be careful if you are a beginner because it may turn on at full speed. The chair is super comfy, unfortunately, it takes a looong time to fully inflate it, and it’s not very stable, limiting a lot of sex positions for couples.

4 Rotating

Motorbunny Original

 Motorbunny Original

  • Want a beginner-friendly sex saddle
  • Want a wide range of attachments to choose from
  • Don't mind a very loud sex machine chair
  • Like the idea of a rotating insertable shaft

Motorbunny Original

  • Struggle with mobility in your hips or legs
  • Are trying to get pregnant or are currently pregnant
  • Have any heart conditions
  • Would prefer a sex machine chair that thrusts

The Motorbunny Original is a powerful and versatile sex machine chair that offers a range of stimulating experiences. It comes equipped with four TPE attachments offering different stimuation options and a Bluetooth remote control. The machine features a unique rotating function for the insertable shafts as well as intense vibrations. The Motorbunny Original is definitely designed for those who enjoy high-intensity sex toys and are looking for a device that supports a variety of attachments to explore all kinds of fun.  


  • Great selection of attachments
  • App control
  • Attachments included are very beginner-friendly
  • Rotating shaft

  • Quite bulky and heavy
  • Very loud
  • Attachments are made of porous TPE
Motorbunny Original
Vibration modes2
Vibration speeds11
Length12.49 inches
Width13.24 inches
Height10 inches
Weight17.8 lbs
Maximum Weight1000 lbs
MaterialsTPE, Silicone and ABS
Remote ControlsYes - handheld remote and app
RechargeableNo - mains powered
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Our tester’s experience with the Motorbunny Original was quite mixed. The machine’s power is undeniable, offering intense vibrations that can be overwhelming for some. The twirling, rotating setting, while an interesting concept, didn’t deliver as much as she had hoped. The design of the machine is not the most aesthetically pleasing (especially with the flesh-toned attachments), but it’s sturdy and can handle vigorous use. The Motorbunny Original is not a toy for spontaneous use due to its setup requirements and size. It’s also quite loud, which might be a drawback for those needing discretion. However, for people who enjoy high-intensity, powerful sex machines and don’t mind the noise, the Motorbunny could be a worthwhile investment. It’s particularly suitable for those who like to experiment with different attachments and enjoy intense sensations. My biggest critique is that the attachments are made of TPE which is a porous material. While I wouldn’t really recommend TPE as safe for internal use, you could still easily use them with a condom!

5 Fantasy

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine

 The Unicorn

  • Need extremely intense vibrations
  • Want some versatile fun
  • Love the unicorn colors and design
  • Liked the features of The Cowgirl but want a little extra!
  • Don't mind a pretty loud sex machine

The Unicorn

  • Prefer a more subtle, neutral design
  • Aren't able to lift more than 24.5lbs by yourself
  • Weigh over 400lbs
  • Have very little storage room

If you liked learning about all the features of the original Cowgirl but are yearning for something with a bit more pizzaz, I’ve got you covered. The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine is a new and improved version of The Cowgirl that allows you to explore all the best features of the original while enjoying a fun and fantastical twist on the attachments and the design. The gorgeous attachments are made of glittery purple silicone and for both external and internal stimulation. The “tail” of the Unicorn also doubles as a detachable rainbow flogger for adding a little spice to your parnered play time. The 6 vibration patterns will absolutely rattle you, while the rotation feature will whirl you away with up to 1200 rotations per minute! Adjust these settings with the physical remote included or connect the Unicon to the Cowgirl 2.0 app to explore custom patterns and other cool features


  • The same features as The Cowgirl but with a few upgrades
  • The rotation pressure can be adjusted
  • Vibration and rotation can be controlled separately
  • Remote control and app control
  • Both for insertable and external pleasure
  • Includes 2 attachments and a rainbow flogger

  • Very loud
  • Expensive
  • The design may not be for everyone
The Unicorn
Vibration speedsUnlimited
Vibration patterns6 + more with App
LengthMachine: 16.7, Magic Hide: 1.18, Uni Horn: 3.5, Flogger: 19.5, Floor Mat: 31.5 inches
WidthMachine: 15.4, Floor Mat: 35.5 inches
HeightMachine: 10.9 inches
DiameterMagic Hide: 1.37, Uni Horn: 1.5 inches
Weight24.5 lbs
MaterialsSteel, Aluminum, Plastic, Silicone, and Vegan Leather
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote and App Controls
Maximum Weight400 lbs

I personally think the Unicorn Premium Sex Machine is stunning. The design is adorable and I love the glittery attachments and the well-thought out design, complete with a rainbow flogger tail for a little extra fun. This is for all the people out there who want a cutesy steed to ride away on! Our tester found that the Unicorn was extremely loud and incredibly powerful. The vibrations were super intense and the rotation was actually very satisfying. Perfect for anyone who really wants something intense to “break in”. However, you need to be okay with the noise level and have plenty of room for storage.

6 Thrusting

DJ X Motorbunny Buck

  Motorbunny Buck

  • want a thrusting and vibrating sex machine
  • are looking for a small sex machine chair
  • want to able to change attachments
  • love powerful sex machines

Motorbunny Buck

  • are on the budget
  • don't like intense thrusting or vibrations
  • want simpler sex machine chair

The DJ X Motorbunny is a hybrid saddle vibrator and a thrusting machine. It’s strong, powerful, and provides very intense G-spot and P-spot stimulation. This Motorbunny pack includes 6 additional silicone attachments for versatile play. It also features 2 different thrust motions, 11 increments of speed, and 11 intense vibration levels that are controlled via a remote controller or mobile app. The special wedge allows you to mount this sex chair at a 90-degree angle, opening more possibilities for more sex positions.


  • Intense thrusting and vibrations
  • Many attachments included
  • Allows different positions

  • Price
  • Loud at higher settings
Motorbunny Buck
MaterialsAttachment materials: 100% silicone
Vibration modesMultispeed Controller and App-Enabled Patterns
Weight17.8 lbs
Maximum Weight2 people- up to 1000 lbs
Height10 inches
Width11.5 inches
Length13.5 inches
Remote ControlsRemote controller and app

The price of this Buck might scare away some people. However, I think that the quality, durability, and power are worth it. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and quick to clean. The size and shape work with many sex positions, a helpful feature, especially if you want to use it with your partner.


The Tremor Package

 The Tremor

  • like vibrations and rotating shaft
  • like sleek and simple designs
  • are not a fan of thrusting sex machines
  • are on the budget

The Tremor

  • are looking for a thrusting toy
  • don't like vibrations or rotation
  • prefer paddes seats

The Tremor is a sleek, lightweight ride-on sex chair. The vibrations and rotations are controlled with a rock-roll-inspired remote controller that allows you to feel the sensations at your own pace. It features a removable silicone pad that is comfortable to use and easy to clean. The design is simple and fun with a touch of rock’n roll vibe.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple design
  • Not overcomplicated features

  • Can be quite loud
  • Not as comfortable as the padded seats
The Tremor
Vibration speeds10
Weight13.5 lbs
Remote ControlsRemote controller with a cord

Tremor is a great toy for anyone that enjoys strong vibrations and rotation without too complicated features. The remote is very easy to use — the “Rock” control is meant for vibrations and the “Roll” is for rotation. I like the addition the silicone pad, it may not be as comfortable as a cushion, but it’s way easier to maintain.

Squat And Bounce

If you want to experiment with sex machines, but the thrusting and rotating machines are too much for you yet, and you want a simpler sex chair, here is a proposition of a bouncy banging bench. Perfect for any beginners!

LoveBotz Banging Bench

LoveBotz Banging Bench - Squat And Bounce
This banging bench is perfect for riding your favourite dildo. It is super easy to use; you can squat and bounce on a dildo while the handlebar gives you stability. Explore different sex positions, face sitting, riding, or just watch your partner get off! Check out our full review of the LoveBotz Banging Bench here.

Ride and Grind

This section will find cheaper and more beginner-friendly alternatives to sex machine chairs. You can either enjoy the riding & grinding on Liberator cushions for which you will find many different uses!

Ruby Glow Saddle Silicone Grinding Vibrator

Ruby Glow Saddle Silicone Grinding Vibrator - Ride and Grind
Designed to provide clitoral stimulation, this non-penetrative saddle vibrator will be your griding best friend. This vibrator features 2 highly powered motors with 10 different speeds made to give you mind-blowing orgasms! It’s entirely made with silicone, which is non-porous, safe, easy to clean, and silky smooth!

Liberator Wing Toy Mount

Liberator Wing Toy Mount - Ride and Grind
If you and your partner want to discover more unique ways of playing with your favorite sex toys, this mount is a great choice! It features 2 holds, one dedicated to internal stimulation and the second one to provide external stimulation over the entire cushion!

Vibepad Silicone Rechargeable Waterproof Grinding Vibrator with Remote

Vibepad Silicone Rechargeable Waterproof Grinding Vibrator with Remote  - Ride and Grind
The Vibepad is a smooth and soft silicone vibrator with 2 quiet motors, each with 7 different vibration modes designed to give you powerful clitoral stimulation and intense orgasms! Use it solo or with a patner; it’s great for stimulating vulvas, anus, and testicles. It’s also waterproof, so take it to the bathroom for an exciting splashing experience!

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount

Liberator BonBon Toy Mount - Ride and Grind
The Liberator BonBon is perfect if you want to mount your dildo or a vibrator. It’s stable enough to support two bodies, and you can use it with a partner for versatile and intimate play!

How to Make a Sex Machine Chair at Home

If you want to fulfill your riding and grinding fantasies without investing in a real sex machine chair, we have prepared some ideas for you! They don’t involve advanced engineering skills or heavy machinery. It’s simple, easy to make, and 100% safe!

Pillows and Belts

Pillows and Belts - How to Make a Sex Machine Chair at Home
1. Take a pillow, place a regular vibrator on the top, secure it tightly with a belt and ride on! It may not be the most advanced version of a sex machine chair you can sure grind on it! 2. If you are more into thrusting, you can take two stiffer cushions, place a thrusting vibrator (or a dildo) in between, tie it tightly with two belts at both ends and bounce on it like on a real rodeo show.

Chair and a Harness

Chair and a Harness - How to Make a Sex Machine Chair at Home
If none of the chairs you own have the right surface to hold a suction cup, you can use a strap-on harness. Place the dildo in the harness, tie it on the bottom, and you are ready to go! You can ask your partner to hold the back of the chair or place the back facing the wall to make sure you won’t fall.

How to Use a Sex Machine Chair?

There are plenty of ways you can use sex chair machines! You can use them for vaginal, anal, or oral stimulation. You can also live out your fantasy of double penetration with your partner and try new exciting sex positions! Just remember to place your new sex toy on a stable surface, check the settings, take it slowly and use a lot of lube!

Take it slow

Take it slow

Before jumping on your sech machine, remember to get familiar with the settings, so there are no unpleasant surprises from the start. Also, don’t rush; explore all the thrusting and rotating speeds at your own pace.

Use lube

Use lube

You can never go wrong with a big amount of lube. It makes the experience smoother and more sensual but also reduces the risk of any skin irritation. Lube will be your new bestie, especially if you like powerful thrusting motions.



Sex chair machines have so many different settings and features; some of them have a vac-u-lock that allows you to switch between different shafts that can use them for vaginal or anal penetration. Have fun and don’t be afraid to explore new sex positions, and double penetration fantasies.

Clean up

Clean up

Remember to clean your machines before and after every use to avoid any bacteria infiltrating your body. If you want to learn how to clean your toy properly, look at the How to Clean section below.

How to Clean a Sex Machine Chair

Most sex chair machines are not submersible, which means you have to be extra careful about using water around them not to damage any mechanism inside. We recommend using a clean cloth with antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner to wipe it down. Then use a dry clean towel to get rid of any wet spots. When in doubt, read the manufacturer’s guidelines; that’s the best way to ensure its safety and hygiene.


Yes, but it’s really important that you clean them properly. Also, use them wisely, don’t jump into the highest speed settings, take it slow, find right angles, and use a lot of lube.

No, sex machines are great for vaginal penetration, but they can also be used anally or orally. They usually come with other attachments (or can be sold separately) that will provide versatile pleasure for anyone.

If you want to experiment with sex machine chairs on a budget, you can find 2 very simple ideas at the end of this article.

What is a sex machine chair?

A sex machine chair is a machine that consists of a saddle and a machine (usually with a shaft) that uses motors to move. They can make the toy vibrate, rotate or thrust to give very intense pleasure and a more natural feeling, like realistic lovemaking but way more powerful. They can be used for solo sessions if you enjoy hands-free masturbation or with a partner. You can explore double penetration or enjoy the show of your partner's orgasms with a sex machine. Many people think that sex machines are dedicated only to vaginas, but it’s not true. They can also be used anally or orally, and most sex chair machines have a vac-u-lock adaptor that allows you to use plenty of different dildos or anal plugs.

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